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Sovereign2142 t1_ivol14r wrote

There's too much to untangle to give a real answer to this question. Frankly, child of immigrants with degrees from Harvard and UPenn sounds exactly like a candidate that Democrats would typically run. And it is not hard to imagine PA's GOP nominating a Joe-the-Plumber type.

But had that Joe been from New Jersey and insinuated that county clerks should approve abortions, he would have also lost just as bad as Oz did. At the end of the day, the appearances of these candidates didn't really matter, it was their personalities that pushed them over the line or not.


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_ivoq9kd wrote

>GOP nominating a Joe-the-Plumber type

I think you mean fake "Joe the Plumber type". The GOP never actually fields a real working class candidate. It's always just someone who pretends to care about the working class while actively supporting union busting. Oz is just the GOP finally throwing off the mask.