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DelcoWolv t1_ixfefet wrote

To me, this is a chart of “how good is CPS in your state?”


SomeDisplayName t1_ixfp3n8 wrote

Ye I'm surprised PA was at the bottom. We've got some interesting communities. I wonder how many cases go unreported.


Suspicious_Brain1970 t1_ixg2cc0 wrote

My thoughts exactly!! I wondered if it’s underreporting.


PoiLethe t1_ixgs845 wrote

Probably underreported and not enough nhs employees to take care of anything less than extreme neglect and physical abuse.


Clean-Bird3449 t1_ixhhi0s wrote

Idk. My sister has a shit neighbor that keeps calling CPS and they seem to have no trouble coming over and investigating even though there's nothing to investigate.

So seems like their capable. And this is in Pittsburgh.


[deleted] t1_ixjlf6j wrote

They didn't give a shit about me as a kid... but that does not absolve your sister of being an abusive parent.


TheNerdNamedChuck t1_ixgbcsg wrote

me (under 18) and everyone I know who's been abused (under 18 as well) has gone without reporting it. I'm in pa. there aren't really any resources for us it seems


Yen-sama t1_ixgih3l wrote

Yeah, exactly this. Also in PA. My dad beat the crap out of my brother and I all the time growing up. Nobody around us ever gave a fuck

I'm going to be in therapy and on meds for the rest of my life and my brother has a whole suitcase of issues he refuses to unpack. But yeah, sure, we "turned out just fine"


MaybeMaeMaybeNot t1_ixhicqo wrote

yeah there's definitely something wrong with those PA numbers. A number of my friends got beat as kids, a bunch of mine & my brothers' friends stayed with us when their parents kicked them out under 18. A bunch of parents neglected their kids and basically didn't raise them at ALL (i'm not counting parents who just had to work a lot here, but there was a lot of that going on as well). And Lord help you if you're the child of an abusive cop, that's all I'm gunna say there. No one reports cause it doesn't do anything. The system broadly doesn't care about abused people. All my love to anyone working in CPS and trying though, that's gotta be one hard uphill battle to fight every day.


Yen-sama t1_ixhjfmm wrote

No one also reports it because they don't see abuse as abuse, and if you're the abused kid crying out for help, the adults tell you it's not abuse and they had it much worse growing up and stop being "bad" (I have ADHD and was unmedicated my entire childhood), and threatened with worse abuse. "I'll show you abuse."

And this wasn't just my family. I know it's anecdotal, but many of my peers had this same experience and unfortunately many of them have normalized it with the same mentality of "It's not abuse. It's discipline." And "I turned out just fine." Except they didn't. But the cycle continues anyway*

Edit: for the record, I don't know anyone now who beats their kids but I do know a lot of people who are of the mindset that beating kids is healthy and should be brought back, many of these people are childless and hopefully it stays that way. If I see or hear of abuse happening, I won't hesitate to report it


Clean-Bird3449 t1_ixihc85 wrote

If people aren't reporting, the problem isn't the number, the problem is people aren't reporting.

Can't register an abuse when no one says anything (obviously not victim shaming) also can't help when people aren't asking for it.


marysuewashere t1_ixijogl wrote

We grew up believing the authorities and foster care were scarier than the abuse we knew. PA is rough on kids.


Yen-sama t1_ixikseh wrote

"If you don't behave, I'm calling the cops." Was also a common threat.


SomeDisplayName t1_ixh8g45 wrote

I'm sorry you went thru that. I wish I had an easy answer on how we get resources. Funding education and social services is top of mind, but I honestly don't have a solution


Or0b0ur0s t1_ixhg1mg wrote

Winner. Almost every single person I know is a victim of child abuse or neglect, and only one ever had any encounters with CPS.

German stoicism and Latin-American sense of privacy, I guess, make the lie out of this. No way is child abuse remotely uncommon here, unless you're limiting it to outright injurious beating or sexual assault.

People in PA wonder why everyone they meet seems to behave like a jerk... how our parents treated us is likely why. Well, that and the relentless crushing poverty of ultra-high taxes, ultra-sparse services, ultra-low wages and shockingly high prices.


SomeDisplayName t1_ixhht7l wrote

It's depressing, but making awareness of these issues may help change those cultural norms... Or at least get funding for better public services


marysuewashere t1_ixijz46 wrote

And growing up breathing mill air didn't help us any.


Or0b0ur0s t1_ixjr6z1 wrote

I guarantee you that (for today's middle-aged adults, kids of the 70s & 80s) the secondhand tobacco smoke will be a much bigger determining factor in our geriatric health.

That said, I was talking about behavior, which, AFAIK, isn't influenced by air pollution.


Idatrvlr t1_ixgmsxk wrote

Alot or they're not listing them. Working in a school,just one rural school we probably make 30+ alone each year and most of the time nothing happens so I'd guess this isn't accurate statewide. Even prosecuted cases seem like they'd be higher


jz20rok t1_ixg8me5 wrote

I was both surprised that PA was at the bottom AND that our child population is high and that number is still low. Props to our CPS.


dreexel_dragoon t1_ixgyx5u wrote

Our rates of reported abuse are statistically super low, which means our CPS is likely doing a terrible job at providing resources and reporting cases. I imagine that the rural parts of the state have near zero reporting and the inner cities are underreporting on purpose or some combination of the two.


Clean-Bird3449 t1_ixhi3l1 wrote

I think it's fair to say it's under reported in every state 🙄🙄🙄 So that's not a knock on PA. And anecdotal evidence doesn't devalue the stats.


TheTemplarSaint t1_ixhdix3 wrote

Yeah, that’s not take away at all. It means that abuse is pretty massively underreported.


SammieCat50 t1_ixhr81w wrote

A ton…. I went to a pediatric trauma conference 20 yrs at Temple that I’m still traumatized by ….. the speaker said at 1 point sometimes better to keep the child with the abuser instead of foster care…. & this was after a slide show of a 3 yr old girls wounds from being her skin being degloved- she was being potty trained - when she wet herself she got her ass dipped in a pot of boiling water & when her skin on her but was gone they started dipping her feet….that conference was traumatic to sit through , I still have nightmares about it


SomeDisplayName t1_ixhrnfc wrote

I can't, nor really want to imagine some of the horrors. I wish people weren't trash garbage, especially to family


ohmygoditsdip t1_ixh78x7 wrote

What do you mean by interesting communities? I’m confused


SomeDisplayName t1_ixh88mf wrote

Pennsylvania is purple and there are some pretty traditional/conservative areas. Interesting in Amish, not suggesting abuse is rampant there, but not exactly the most open community to shun abuse if I had to guess.


mcs0301 t1_ixfkh5t wrote

Glad to see I'm not the only one who immediately thought this.


1solate t1_ixgeynz wrote

The numbers are so wildly different in every state I think that's the only thing that could explain it. A whole order of magnitude difference between states raise some questions.


somberblurb t1_ixfmai8 wrote

Could go in either direction. Good CPS either generates a lot of abuse cases or deters a lot of abuse cases.


Odd_Description_2295 t1_ixfofle wrote

This is anecdotal, so grain of salt, but ive lived in several states. And this one has the best resources for kids. Im not sure if thats related at all tho


dreexel_dragoon t1_ixgzdll wrote

PA CPS resources vary wildly community to community. In nicer burbs like those in Bucs, Montco, and Delco there's plenty of access and good response. Out in rural counties there's next to nothing, and the communities are super conservative so reporting is definitely discouraged culturally. Inner cities have the opposite problem where poverty is so rampant there are not enough resources to go around.


enn_sixty_four t1_ixfkzjj wrote

Fucking thank you. this post should be removed for being stupid as fuck... "LOL WAWA AND UNDERREPORTED CHILD ABUSE/SHIFTLESS CPS BUT HEY WAWA RIGHT?"


_Woodrow_ t1_ixg5tvm wrote

we have low reported child abuse numbers


JAK3CAL t1_ixfr5ux wrote

My wife was a social worker; first thought. Shit was going down in NWPA (looking at your Corry, PA)


shawnwingsit t1_ixfu9va wrote

I grew up in Mercer and that's how I feel about the whole county.


Snorezore t1_ixgxbqh wrote

My friend works in PA CPS and can confirm they are understaffed, underpaid, and poorly managed. There is a constant shortage of foster parents as well.


JBizznass t1_ixhg14p wrote

I commented this separately but I figured I also respond to you with my personal experience with the incompetence of CPS in Philly:

Example: my neighbor was a hooker who worked out of the house while her child screamed and banged on her door. I could also here her beat the kid and she let drug addicts stay in the house with her. But according to DHS this was all perfectly acceptable since there was food in the house when they visited. FFS.


OneHumanPeOple t1_ixhgsbj wrote

No. New laws were enacted after two major events. The Jerry Sandusky shit and the Catholic pedo shit. It used to be that parents could volunteer in schools and now everyone that is near children or the elderly has to do an FBI background check.

Also, mandatory reporting laws were updated so now if you are even just peer tutoring or other volunteer work, you become a mandatory reporter and have to take a short class and report even the suspicion of abuse.

I don’t think these numbers reflect what’s happening in the Amish community at all though. They have special exceptions for basically everything.


use_more_lube t1_ixfj7lx wrote

What the fuck is happening in Maine?

OH - they actually have CPS and people who care


look_ima_frog t1_ixfm8cp wrote

I was wondering the same thing, something about the cold and depression seems to a bad combo.


AgentDaxis t1_ixft0t3 wrote

They also have a lot of meth addicted parents who do actually commit a lot of child abuse.


Calm_Captain_3541 t1_ixfxu8q wrote

Seen a lot of the country and I can’t disagree more. Probably seen less meth use in Maine than anywhere in the US. What I have seen in Maine is tight communities where the neighbors all know each other, which is why I think so many more cases are reported.


_jeremybearimy_ t1_ixhen6j wrote

This makes sense as most of the top states in this list are more isolated and community based like that


Tnkgirl357 t1_ixi4l1k wrote

I grew up in Maine, not a lot of meth around. Heroin is more the big thing up there.


BadDesignMakesMeSad t1_ixjlnpv wrote

Was going to say that too. It’s largely opioids that we struggle with in New England.


2SticksPureRage t1_ixhm5mh wrote

We’ve had a string of child deaths up here too since COVID started at least. Like at least 3 a year, so sad.


SamShephardsMustache t1_ixfawsp wrote

That's cause cys in this state is a fucking disgrace and rarely takes action upon credible complaints.


Dredly t1_ixfg4fv wrote

was thinking the same thing... its been shit for decades unless anyone actually believes that there were 4,582 abuse cases in the ENTIRE state... I'm guessing if you dig into the data only like Philadelphia is reporting or something.


just like bullying... school districts with 500+ students reporting 0 bullying... yeah okay...


aenteus t1_ixfhghy wrote

Looks like a few human services ppl on this thread… yeah CPS in PA is shite.


wh0_RU t1_ixfpoos wrote

Worked for a sub contractor for children and youth... Can confirm CYS is atrocious. So bad I went BACK to school for something completely unrelated.


Buttface_Miscreant_ t1_ixguvyd wrote

Yup. Hate to be another wet blanket here but numbers per state aren’t that helpful in a state this large. The better statistics come from more focused areas. For example, most large cities in America are closer to: 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually assaulted before they turn 18.


fenuxjde t1_ixfczql wrote

Having made dozens of childline calls over the years, I find this data highly suspect.


OptmstcExstntlst t1_ixfp2b4 wrote

It's easy to have low child abuse numbers when you have counties like Luzerne just deleting records. Also helps if agencies call allegations unfounded even if the adult has admitted to the accusation because the agency doesn't get involved in cases where the child is 14 and up. I worked with the child population and have pictures of human bite marks in places a child could never do to themselves, boot prints from being kicked, and way beyond that have all come back unfounded. PA doesn't have less child abuse; we have worse child protective services agencies.


emmessess t1_ixflk6y wrote

I made one once. They followed up with me three months later...


Limp-Adhesiveness453 t1_ixfb6i2 wrote

Damn PA and VA aren't reporting anything. Wonder if it's negligence or if its reported differently?


PoiLethe t1_ixgsqfx wrote

They are getting really hard-core with teaching school staff, and probably other mandatory reporters what to look for and basic knowledge on abuse and different forms of it etc. Have to pass little online quizzes with a certain percentage to be certified and continue working with kids.


pittsburghfun t1_ixfhqai wrote

Allegheny county is down 100 caseworkers, they are doing what they can. Caseloads go up and more people quit


msip313 t1_ixflxry wrote

County pay in PA is notoriously low. Can’t attract / retain talent when your employees are underpaid. For many, the pay for a caseworker position just ain’t worth the stress.


BadDesignMakesMeSad t1_ixjmdkm wrote

I’m not surprised that a state that doesn’t like funding government services is having trouble with this. Adequate funding is necessary for your services to be functional.


OptmstcExstntlst t1_ixfpg5i wrote

And the state believes a good disciplinary procedure for CYS is to put on hiring freezes... Which only has the effect of higher caseloads and gaps in the system turning into Grand Canyons in the system for kids to fall through.


ReezyRebellion037 t1_ixffux0 wrote

Yeah tell that to the poor boy who died locked in a feces filled room in Harrisburg a few years back.


SamShephardsMustache t1_ixfgdi4 wrote

It was in anneville. His name was max, and all cys did was a limp dick check at the house and left when told max was at his grandma's.


M00d_indigo t1_ixfmy2m wrote

To be fair they are insanely inderstaffed and overtaked. Makes it all hut impossible to do your job well as CPS.


PoiLethe t1_ixgsin9 wrote

Main reason I went through so many therapists as a teen was because they'd stay to get some starter experience and then leave to a state that wasn't as understaffed. This place definitely needs it the most. For parents and kids. And not family therapy. Separate therapists to begin with, who are allowed to talk to each other.


uhyeaokay t1_ixha9iz wrote

My mom just left her job at CYS In Harrisburg for a state job and they were severely understaffed. Literally people quitting every week. She didn’t want to leave but her case loads were insane


tmaenadw t1_ixg4ab9 wrote

Oh, but they built a playground and named it after him. That’ll fix it.


NerdyRedneck45 t1_ixfhkcj wrote

Yeah as someone who does a lot of mandated reporter training with youth programs… I’m suspicious of this. I’ve had some real obvious cases completely ignored. As a teacher I had one that I still think about every day and it makes me fuming mad that they didn’t do anything about it.


Odd_Description_2295 t1_ixfozjz wrote

Thats crazy. I know all teachers are mandated reporters, abd can actually get in trouble for NOT posting suspicious things.


ornery-fizz t1_ixfbx5j wrote

I mean. Jerry Sandusky was JUST a few minutes ago.


vogelsyn t1_ixfdoi3 wrote

cash 4 kids was PA. thx abraxis.


Yen-sama t1_ixgjnri wrote

Cash 4 Kids was in my neck of the woods and when I was a teenager. Those kids easily could have been anyone I knew. Makes me angry


Rheum42 t1_ixfk8rn wrote

Yeah, as a social worker I call bullshit. If anything, people are really shitty about reporting and DHS is shitty about following up


assistant_redditor t1_ixflsnw wrote



Basileus_Ioannes t1_ixh9h9z wrote

Exactly. Why even go to Wawa? I've been to one and they incubate their hot dogs like they're chicken eggs or something. I'm like "WTF?!?". Sheetz is clearly the superior place to go.


vogelsyn t1_ixfdmwf wrote

some go to sheetz, and don't report it. hmm.


lank81 t1_ixfn59m wrote

I think you misspelled Sheetz


IrrumaboMalum t1_ixfnag0 wrote

Sheetz > Wawa


Movingon924 t1_ixfnvib wrote



angelinafuckingmarie t1_ixfni60 wrote

Considering all the people who are mandated reporters in this state, this is is a joke. Just like CPS in PA is.


Griswa t1_ixfqtsd wrote

Sheetz would like to have a word with you.


shawnwingsit t1_ixfu2ql wrote

You spelled "Sheetz" wrong but otherwise, yes.


ElenorWoods t1_ixfj99z wrote

Lol that’s reported. I’ve lived near some horrible situations.


He_s_One_Shot t1_ixftkdf wrote

Funny how that number went down after we busted the Catholic Church and locked up Sandusky. Sheetz is better


Ok_Yard_4646 t1_ixframy wrote

You mean reported child abuse.


Thecrawsome t1_ixfsvqp wrote

Devil's advocate: Maybe some states are just better at hiding it?


Graceless_Lady t1_ixggak7 wrote

Less hiding, more ignoring. Also, laws about what constitutes abuse vary between states SO MUCH.


Joran_Dax t1_ixftj98 wrote

Keep in mind, these are cases per 100k population in the state. We have approximately the same number of cases as Maine. The differences is, Maine has 1/10th the population we do.

And lets be honest, in cases like this, one incident is one too many.


bigkodack t1_ixfsxzc wrote

Damn, if only someone told my parents that this is a state of low child abuse.


skyth2k1 t1_ixfvycs wrote

Considering the only persons I have ever known that had been raped by family members as kids were from pa, this is the epitome of how raw data can potentially mean the complete wrong thing.


JesusOfBeer t1_ixhigzy wrote

Another similar stat is the disparity of funding schools… PA has some of the best public school districts neighboring some of the worst school districts. It’s intentional policy which is mostly led by PA’s GOP. PA’s great depending where you were randomly born, if you’re unlucky it’s a fucking travesty


Kindly_Region t1_ixfh0gf wrote

Tf is going on in Maine?


aenteus t1_ixfhk02 wrote

Long, cold winters. I’m not laughing.


Kindly_Region t1_ixfhuwe wrote

Well that explains Alaska, I guess having your kids inside because it's cold and dark 24/7 would be bothersome


downsly46 t1_ixfn3xd wrote

Alaska seems like a very dangerous place. If the wildlife doesn’t kill you, the people will. It’s near the top on a lot of violent crime statistics


IrrumaboMalum t1_ixfuzuz wrote

Keep in mind that depending on the source of the violent crime statistics, suicide may or may not be included in that tally. Which can skew the results heavily to one side or the other, especially since areas of low population that have like 6 months out of the year in near total darkness.


Correct-Med5992 t1_ixfwt4y wrote

Reported child abuse cases*


winged_fruitcake t1_ixg0lba wrote

Lol, what a crock. Born and raised in NEPA, I think well over half my classmates were abused, battered, or neglected.


Jerryjb63 t1_ixg1bs6 wrote

Makes me think there might be an issue with under reporting here.


-js23 t1_ixg32yb wrote

If feel like this is similar to how China eliminated poverty, just lower the poverty line and stop reporting it….


HahaWeee t1_ixh3je2 wrote

I'm genuinely curious here. Do these stats include the Amish? They can be very abusive and its rarely reported


sockbref t1_ixh44b3 wrote

Don’t worry guys. If we all work together we can get these numbers up where they belong.


zeemonster424 t1_ixh6xv1 wrote

Okay well, that doesn’t make me feel so bad then doing all the paperwork for clearances to work with children (part of my job is getting people these).

PA has a LOT of things you have to do. Not sure how that compares to other states.


aust_b t1_ixhgmk8 wrote

In PA child welfare reports are separated into CPS (Child Protective Services) and GPS (General Protective Services). From data I have had to pull for right to know requests for our county CYS, this is most likely only showing CPS referrals/reports and not both CPS/GPS hence the lower number per 100k persons.


25Bam_vixx t1_ixfhcyj wrote

WTH Maine, you not even big state


the-poopiest-diaper t1_ixfl1g3 wrote

I was was doing house work in New Hope today and the clients were super nice. I went to McDonald’s and everyone was nice. I went to get gas and there was a pretty girl who was also super nice despite how tired and probably smelly I was

I like New Hope


Ghstfce t1_ixfljvv wrote

WTAF, Maine?!!?


nickjh96 t1_ixfolbd wrote

Ok i was not expecting Maine and Alaska to be the top 2. I was also expecting Ohio to be much higher.


LetsDoAndSayWeDid t1_ixfpbfo wrote

Not much to do in Maine other than beating the shit out of your kids I guess.


pittsburghfun t1_ixfw7oo wrote

This doesn’t define what cases mean. Is it the # of cases reported, the # of cases indicated Or founded? The law makes it difficult to indicate cases as they can be overturned so easily upon appeal. Victim doesn’t show- case is dismissed. Appeals court, not criminal. So for example a case is indicated with A 17 year old victim. The perp appeals, the 17 year old ( who may be 25 years old at appeal time, doesn’t show. Automatically unfounded. 3 year old victim, parents don’t respond or don’t want the child to have to testify, case is unfounded. Not everything is cys fault


Fordiman t1_ixfzv7j wrote

We're doing great relative to other states, but 178 / 100k is still a lot.


HogwartsKate t1_ixg1qrn wrote

And thats just in the “T”


OttomanTwerk t1_ixg20e9 wrote

Except Wawa is sprinting away from new projects in the state and OP's title would get an F from a middle school teacher.


Steven_Snippert t1_ixg20fl wrote

I'm gonna guess our child protective services are terrible and most people in PA have no clue what Wawa is.


tmaenadw t1_ixg42cq wrote

Considering that in my county a child died because no one knew he existed, and his parents starved him to death, I’m tempted to think that number is “lowest reported cases”, not really lowest cases.


TheBestBoyEverAgain t1_ixgb6kx wrote



atrextohugandkiss t1_ixggaof wrote

I think this is garbage all across the board - underreporting, yes, for whatever reasons, and the smaller the state and smaller the communities…that’s usually what people need to be wary of. I hate to say it, but small places, big secrets. Most cases of sexual assault/abuse on children are not random and are committed by people known by the victim.


ExplodingIngots t1_ixgn7qb wrote

Or they ain’t doin their jobs right. Look at the declamp case and other cases.


GirlWhoLovesPenguins t1_ixh1vdm wrote

CPS told my parents to put a better lock on my door when I was being abused by my brother. I had to remove myself from the home at 13. PA had a ton of hidden and unreported cases.


JankyJokester t1_ixh3p4d wrote

I beat the statistic by getting beat! Nice.


Hardwarethewolf OP t1_ixh4ta5 wrote

Thanks to everyone for informing me on how bad cps is here. I never knew this was an issue


Dogedabose32 t1_ixh864a wrote

you also have to remember hitch bot got torn and beat as soon as it set foot in pennsylvania


iCaprii t1_ixhd617 wrote

Just like Wawa isn’t in all cities of PA - neither is CPS. This chart is a joke 😐


imamunster123 t1_ixhe163 wrote

Penn State protecting Sandusky should be enough for you to realize this chart doesn't mean anything.

P.S. Wawa sucks


RustedRelics t1_ixhf9zh wrote

Matched only by our low minimum wage.


JBizznass t1_ixhfuxj wrote

I can’t help but think those child abuse numbers are artificially low because of how incredibly incompetent DHS / CPS is in Philadelphia.

Example: my neighbor was a hooker who worked out of the house while her child screamed and banged on her door. I could also here her beat the kid and she let drug addicts stay in the house with her. But according to DHS this was all perfectly acceptable since there was food in the house when they visited. FFS.


underscore5000 t1_ixhgduv wrote

Ah yes wawa...the hoagies with the stale rolls and the tasteless food.


_Kid_Vicious_ t1_ixhgs67 wrote

So that's why all of the Steven King boks are set in Maine


kitt_aunne t1_ixhh8ck wrote

This is only for reported cases. Damn near everyone I know has had some serious neglect/abuse as a child that was never investigated or anything else.


AlternativeDramatic t1_ixhjqzu wrote

Let's not pretend "cases" reflects actual child abuse numbers. CYS just takes a dozen reports to open a case in PA so people stop calling.


ch061 t1_ixhlofk wrote

Why is Maine so high?


Kelzybaby4U t1_ixhnxu0 wrote

So who came up with these numbers?? Did FACT CHECKERS look into this or is it just Facebook posts that they will respond with the outcome on this article...


Manchu4-9INF t1_ixhuw70 wrote

Low child abuse because it’s not reported. 😂


tjrissi t1_ixi492k wrote

Blasphemy! Sheetz is superior!


schwaapilz t1_ixi7f7z wrote

I see your Wawa and raise you a Sheetz.


WentworthMillersBO t1_ixib4wx wrote

The states the closest to Canada has the highest child abuse numbers. What are they doing up therw


dragonfly_for_life t1_ixipjgp wrote

I don’t buy it. I worked as a provider in emergency departments for 26 years and reported child abuse more times than I can remember. I even sent someone to jail. These numbers are truly under reported.


jillianpikora t1_ixirj5g wrote

I'm a reporter in PA I highly doubt this.


ThanosSnapsSlimJims t1_ixiso57 wrote

As a former Wawa employee, I hope that OP knows that our state has Circle K.


cadydudwut t1_ixj5ux5 wrote

Pennsylvania also has atrocious CPS and a medieval idea of what constitutes child abuse.


dartsshroomboom t1_ixj9b5g wrote

I’m reality it’s just so common here most people don’t realize the abuse


mainelinerzzzzz t1_ixgf9t1 wrote

PA has the most under reported cases of child abuse in the country.


Connect-Expression-8 t1_ixgwpf4 wrote

Because P.A. is full of freakazoid pedophile democrats who cover shit up. And who gives a shit about Wawa when we have Sheetz.


EchoWhiskey1 t1_ixh5lti wrote

With a corrupt legal system in PA, more than a few judges and DAs routed kids to juvie. Mass, large scale child abuse. Child abuse by the system, but it's OK, until you get caught.


jamisonian123 t1_ixhar0a wrote

Those numbers are low because CPS in PA is a complete joke. Everybody knows that


bigmdisa t1_ixfb71p wrote

Wawa needs to come to southwestern pa