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ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_ivpelh0 wrote

In PA, nothing can happen unless the GOP goes along with it. They have the PA house and senate. If they say no, that means no. It’s entirely up to them, just like it was with wolf in charge. Having fetterman in the senate is good at a federal level, but we’re still shit out of luck on a state level unless the GOP realizes it’s not 1950 anymore.


Prepare_Your_Angus t1_ivppt7j wrote

Plus the last time it was brought up didn't conservative lawmakers start crying about it? Lmao


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_ivpqsjp wrote

The GOP speaker of the house cried when the medical bill passed, even though the GOP were the ones who passed it lmao. He’s thankful gone now.


Mijbr090490 t1_ivpy0ec wrote

Mike "pass me a tissue" Turzai


the_mandateofheaven OP t1_ivq88ed wrote

Mike “gave kids cancer” Turzai, is now working for an energy company… he approved a pipeline knowing it would give kids cancer… you can’t make villains like this up.

One word… yuck.


themollusk t1_ivt7emf wrote

Republicans cried about it, and the PSP released a statement pleading for everyone to please consider their revenue stream.


vaxinate t1_ivqg3z0 wrote

Time to start working out those optimism muscles


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_ivqgb8x wrote

That is very helpful, but it still can’t happen without the reps since they have the senate. Having the house should allow the dems to place a lot more pressure on the reps though, which may help get something through.


Finrodsrod t1_ivqgx7e wrote

Yeah, but now the Dems in the House can pass a bill forward and point directly at the Reps in the Senate saying THEY are the ones holding back the law.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_ivqi58o wrote

Yeah, that’s basically what I said. But it doesn’t really change much. They’ve pushed forward multiple weed bills that republicans killed. Sure, they never passed out of the house, but the message is the same—“republicans killed this weed bill.”

I’m glad they took the house. It’s fantastic. I’m just being realistic in that nothing will happen weed wise until the GOP changes their mind. Just the way it is at the moment. Their base doesn’t care about weed enough to change their vote over it no either way, so they can ignore it all they want if they choose to.

Personally, I think it’s only a matter of time until they cave for the money. But the decision is ultimately up to them at this point, or the voters if we vote them all out.


Finrodsrod t1_ivqjhxh wrote

> Their base doesn’t care about weed enough to change their vote over it no either way

I dunno, man. Rednecks love their weed.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_ivqkbod wrote

I didn’t say they don’t. I just said they don’t care enough about it enough to change their vote, which is true. They’re still going to vote for the reps because of guns, culture war bullshit, immigration, SoCiALiSm, etc.


vaxinate t1_ivs7pfc wrote

I think Democrats taking the house dramatically speeds up the timeline.

Democratic reps will have more leverage since they can effectively block anything Republicans want to do with control of the Gov’s seat and House. The majority of our neighboring states will have legal cannabis within the next 18 months or sooner, giving a huge percentage of residents access in neighboring states. If Democrats pass a bill through the house with bipartisan support (they will definitely find at least a few GOP votes since there are a few on record supporting it), and the governor says he’s going to sign it, it seems like the Republicans in the Senate will look pretty stupid if they refuse and let all that revenue go to other states.

You’re right though, It does ultimately come down to how much GOP state reps are willing to hold their breath, do nothing and hope for a more positive election cycle in 2024. I am new to the state and don’t know exactly how petty republicans in the state senate are, but given how this election shaped up, that seems like a bold move. 66% of PA voters want it passed.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_ivsmmbh wrote

I agree, but remember that’s been the case for quite some time. The majority of people wanted it, the governor pushed, dems pushed it, and they still didn’t budge. I like to be optimistic, and I like to keep reality in mind as well.


vaxinate t1_ivu71ry wrote

Yeah I’m more or less with you. It’s always good to be realistic. It’s still going to be an uphill battle, but I still think the changes I pointed out put a light at the end of the tunnel that was nonexistent or at least tough to see before.

One more point though: the current MMJ program was passed through our GOP run legislature in 2016, so saying things haven’t budged at all under GOP control doesn’t feel totally accurate. It seems like they will move this sort of legislation when the right amount of pressure is applied.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_ivu7m1h wrote

I’m just talking about recreational. They’ve had multiple opportunities, even bills from within their own party, and they refuse.

The speaker of the house cried on the floor when the medical bill was passed, so they didn’t even have the whole party’s support then either. And they only passed that because the program is a blatant corporate cash grab. When they do inevitably decide to legalize rec, it’ll also be a corporate cash grab lol. It is inevitable though.


vaxinate t1_ivuantc wrote

Yeah idk. The two don’t exist in their own vacuum. I think the 2016 bill is a pretty good sign that the GOP’s obstinance on rec cannabis won’t hold for too long under pressure, but who tf knows what that means in time units at this point.

We’re basically on the same page just at different points on the optimism/pessimism gradient.


Finrodsrod t1_ivqgqgs wrote

Update: Dems may flip the PA House.


SnooRevelations9889 t1_ivqxlo0 wrote


pwnedkiller t1_ivrlnyu wrote

I really think a lot of blame but not all is to be put on Trump. The R party was bad before but he came along and just squeezed the ever loving shit out of them and the worst of the worst came out. Now people are finally waking up and starting to let their voice be heard. I also believe it’s a lot of younger Americans in a long time actually taking a stand and voting.

Abortion was the final nail in the coffin for republicans. They wanted to ban it and they got it but I don’t think they anticipated the consequences.


Reynard1981 t1_ivryiuz wrote

Lol nope


Finrodsrod t1_ivvc9gd wrote

What's it like living on a different plane of reality?


Reynard1981 t1_ivvjxdi wrote

You tell me, liberal democrats have been doing that for more than 16 years.


No-Setting9690 t1_ivq9xqb wrote

Silly us to think our gov't would represent what the majority wants.


themollusk t1_ivt79r6 wrote

They're going to have to bend sooner or later. With Maryland legalizing out on Tuesday, roughly 3/4 of PA now borders a legal state. The lost tax revenue is going to be into the gajillions.


Rheum42 t1_ivrh66p wrote

We need a lot of assholes to die out


KFBR392_KFBR392_ t1_ivsb38f wrote

If they say no then the answer is obviously no. The thing is, they’re not gonna say no, they’d never say no…. Because of the implication


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_ivsmi9a wrote

They’ve already said no, multiple times. There is no implication for them to care about. Their base is not going to change their vote either way. Everyone already knows they’re against it.


himynaameisjoe t1_ivpw8bs wrote

It has to happen soon. I was in Easton a few weeks back and literally walked across a bridge, into NJ into a dispensary. We’re letting millions of tax dollars just flow into our neighboring states. Fuck partisan bullshit, both sides of the scale like money, and weed is where the money is at.


Odd_Shirt_3556 t1_ivq96tz wrote

They make billions on alcohol... The PLCB is the largest purchaser of alcohol in the US. It's an uphill battle.


himynaameisjoe t1_ivqa3yz wrote

Perfect! Sell it there idc 😂 “Fine Wine, Good Spirts and Dank Bud” they’ll have to triple every state employee in everyone of those places. 😅


Twisted_alien t1_ivqcico wrote

For a lot of reasons that I'd rather not get into this would be a terrible idea..


himynaameisjoe t1_ivqdl6c wrote

Although… the more I think about… the more I can’t really see any huge issues with it 🤷🏼‍♂️ Already state run ✅ Already used to having purchasers over 21 with ID verification ✅ Tons of Locations already established ✅

I don’t know, doesn’t seem horrible. Plus if they’re doing ID verification before entering, we cut down on underage alcohol sales too. Curious what negatives there could actually be, besides obvious crowding issues.


mbz321 t1_ivqlri9 wrote

Agree, it seems like a win-win. Ofc it will be taxed like crazy, but prices are already real high for rec in NJ by private dispensaries


himynaameisjoe t1_ivqlyyg wrote

Dude the NJ prices are nuts! Even compared to PA medical prices 😂


punchyouinthewiener t1_ivqjn6y wrote

And now Maryland just approved recreational via ballot measure. And the US House is poised to hold a hearing next week to work on ending federal marijuana prohibition. PA needs to read the tea leaves on this and stop leaving money on the table.


himynaameisjoe t1_ivqk07p wrote

Christ I didn’t see anything about Maryland. 🤦🏼‍♂️ yeah like what are you waiting for? Us to all get felonies for crossing state lines? Jesus.


Rheum42 t1_ivrhd7i wrote

Exactly. In the Southeast and people literally have 3 legal states they can go to, while PA twiddle it's fingers


Ko-StanZa t1_ivrejdh wrote

Not just weed but crystal and H need to be legal too. Lots of tainted trash I’ve seen come through here with the drugs being legal they can be produced safely and ethically and sold at certain dispensaries. The amount of fentanyl and filthy crystal that has been pouring in from across the boarder is disgusting we are literally feeding the cartel and Americans lives are being lost for it.


fan4stick t1_ivpfvh5 wrote

The state legislature is still majority republican so it's not gonna happen anytime soon


Miss_Ann_Thrope55 t1_ivpmqa9 wrote

Apparently the Dems are in striking distance of flipping the house. Still counting ballots.


vaxinate t1_ivqh1mf wrote

As of this afternoon the PA House DCC is claiming they’ve clinched the majority


ravenx92 t1_ivr6oiq wrote

Does it matter? Can they pass anything with two out of three?


Eisernes t1_ivrghfe wrote

No, but if the house advances the bill and the senate kills it, there is a clear boogie man to point the finger at.


vaxinate t1_ivs5n99 wrote

Not exactly, but It at least creates a situation where the democratic reps In the house and Gov elect Shapiro can hold bills the republicans in the senate want to pass hostage as leverage to negotiate.


rndljfry t1_ivsub56 wrote

Well at least the Republicans won’t be able to put their anti-abortion amaendments on the ballot in May!


[deleted] t1_ivq86t8 wrote



Jolmer24 t1_ivq8my9 wrote the title. This is clearly about the Pennsylvania State House


WooderFountain t1_ivra003 wrote

And reverse ALL criminal sentences for weed possession.


hobbykitjr t1_ivtag63 wrote

> reverse

Instead of a fine, we GIVE you money!



Odd_Description_2295 t1_ivpd53i wrote

Well the ga is still largely republican. So im not sure if the bill that comes through will be adequate or not.

For example, they need to strengthen medical patients protections.

This has to be first priority.

Next, there is no way republicans will allow homegrown.

But having a cannabis friendly us senator is a big deal


IamSauerKraut t1_ivpforp wrote

Half of the state house already arrives to "work" either stoned or drunk so not sure if party affiliation is relevant to this issue.


axeville t1_ivprqrx wrote

Maryland farmers gonna farm it.
Ohio farmers already farming it. NJ NY VA etc.

When the PA farmers realize the value per acre they will demand it. It's really hard to grow at scale (like tobacco level scale) but it's being researched. You might not like the price of food when weed is grown at scale.


Doug4Prison t1_ivptvjb wrote

Wouldn't growing it outdoors be less than idea since it is wind pollinated and all it would take is 1 male plant from some asshole upwind to ruin a whole crop? I'm by far not a weed or farming expert I'm just a home gamer gardener.


axeville t1_ivq6ypf wrote

That's the genetic engineering that is taking place in various labs. Plant biology is booming thx to crispr and meat replacement industry.

Also crops are insured before planting and commodities exchanges allow futures pricing to control the price variance/ crop risk. All that infrastructure will happen also as part of the scaling. Hemp itself is a byproduct more valuable than cotton as a fiber so the gross value of a plant is higher. But at a $1 a seed the risk of planting acres uncontrolled is too high. But it was once a huge crop in pa for industrial hemp. Even wo the oil aspect of cbd and THC.


randompaaccount t1_ivq2nn0 wrote

The medical program is laughably easy to get into. Go through the list of qualifying conditions, if you have anything on that list you can get a card.


sixers420 t1_ivqa0go wrote

It is easy, but expensive


Silver-Definition-10 t1_ivqgq32 wrote

Dispenseries have more sales then Walmart now but getting the card does cost a few bucks...


rndljfry t1_ivsud1z wrote

Trulieve gives you the state fee back as a discount every time you renew your card


SoderDrinker t1_ivxeafb wrote

It isn’t as expensive anymore honestly. You can get great stuff. You can regularly get an ounce for under $200 when they have a sale and gram cartridges from $41


sixers420 t1_ivxsdwf wrote

I’m talking about the process to get the card not the actual bud


SoderDrinker t1_ivzib34 wrote

It’s gotten better for sure. You can get it for $50 to the state and $50-$75 to a doctor. I first paid $250 to a doctor 4 years ago so things are getting better


Spud_Rancher t1_ivqa2xx wrote

Donwside is it is still illegal to own firearms and have a card. Hopefully that changes soon on the federal level


tellmeaboutyourcat t1_ivtfepv wrote

My husband won't get a card to treat his anxiety because of this.

He doesn't own a gun, has no plan to ever own a gun and doesn't even like guns. But his dad is a gun enthusiast so he doesn't like the idea of limiting his options.... 🙄


MacMac105 t1_ivq9dvl wrote

I get nervous on plane's your card!

I got mine after a 2 minute doctor consult. The longest part was confirming my identity.


ActualPopularMonster t1_ivqwucj wrote

>Real talk… can we make recreational weed legal now?

It's what Ben Franklin would've wanted! Along with hookers and booze!


Rheum42 t1_ivrh40p wrote

Come on, y'all. Please.

Farmers in the state can be given subsidies which can stimulate local economy. The money can be used to improve the myriad of issues in this state, like education. Maybe we could start tackling the opioid crisis? Or the money can just keep going to other states...


SnooRevelations9889 t1_ivqzha0 wrote

It's a good question without a simple answer.

Fetterman's victory, with his strong performance across the state, sends a strong message that his legal weed platform is a winner.

Shapiro is a Fetterman ally, so expect him to look favorably on Fetterman's signature issue.

If the Democrats win the state house (it looks like they will) that shakes things up a lot in Harrisburg.

Lawmakers generally want to keep getting elected, so considering everything above, Republican state senators may decide this is an issue that their views can “evolve” on to appeal to the voters they lost this cycle.

But they might moderate on some other issue instead.

But we can help make it happen.

Contact your state senator and statehouse rep, and let them know you want weed legalized.

Even if your representative don't need convincing, they can show their colleagues data on how much their constituents are demanding action on this.


tellmeaboutyourcat t1_ivtfuf4 wrote

> Republican state senators may decide this is an issue that their views can “evolve” on

I've never seen a Republican evolve, but I suppose there's a first time for everything....


SnooRevelations9889 t1_ivu2y1l wrote

Evolution only happens is response to a changing environment.

If they think they don't have to change to survive politically, they won't.

This week's election results are a pleasant surprise to Democrats, but to Republicans, they are a stinging rebuke — out of the clear, blue sky. Some are realizing that, if they want to keep getting the free steak, liquor, and companionship from lobbyists three nights a week, they're going to need to adapt.


BureaucraticHotboi t1_ivrqdaz wrote

I’m pro legalization but I want it to be contingent on amnesty for people in prisons for possession and record expungement as well as making room for those people to profit from it. That’s justice, it’s been disheartening to see how poorly other states have rolled it out in that regard. Though coming down to the bottom line it’s better to do it than not


unenlightenedgoblin t1_ivs17am wrote

We’re more behind the times than checks notes Missouri on this issue


Designer_Scallion718 t1_ivsu84v wrote

What I want, more than anything, is home grow! SB 1024 will be voted on soon, and will it pass?


cosmolegato t1_ivtbe46 wrote

I can't even let myself believe that home grow is a legit possibility...they can't pass 1024 soon enough.


That_GUY_2660 t1_ivr469l wrote

Well if anyone was going to do it it wil be Shapiro…


Ghstfce t1_ivr62d7 wrote

Honestly, with MD just passing it on the ballot and NJ already doing it, I'd expect PA to follow suit soon. I don't personally care for it, but it's honestly just stupid at this point to be all "Quaker" about it anymore.


DDS_Crentist t1_ivptq3l wrote

If anyone can pull off a faded Ben Franklin in drag it’s Senator Fetterman first day in office


PatientNice t1_ivpzogr wrote

As long as the R heading the committee continues to believe it is the gateway drug to harder stuff he’ll never release it for a vote. As I mentioned in another post, what do Rs do FOR you? Nothing apparently, and they want all the weed tax money to go to NJ and MD. They will dog whistle their base about high taxes while they throw that one money away. As for gateway drug, do they think beer leads to whiskey drinking? Crazy, yet economically stupid.


mongusa011 t1_ivqgtpu wrote

That’s the Ben Franklin statue at U of Penn


RobbersTwo t1_ivqzav1 wrote

This has too happen. Come on politicians, give the people what they want.


almost40fuckit t1_ivr1cdp wrote

We can…but expect it to get bastardized for six months to a year with inflated prices and gimmicky bs like NJ stores seem to have. I’m all for it…but I wanna stay with the dispensary I go to, not go to a gas station style store to pick it up. Like if we’re gonna do it let’s do it right and FAIR. Not every damn thing needs to be a get rich scheme!


facelesstoo1 t1_ivrcupz wrote

Let's see it! Better now then never why arrest people over a plant God put on earth !


25Bam_vixx t1_ivrz2vr wrote

Have you not learn from putting a hat on status and losing World Series lol


SendAstronomy t1_ivsjef7 wrote

It's what Ben Franklin would have wanted.


eSJayPee t1_ivth45o wrote

I'm not a user but would love to see it pass. If there is a tremendous upside in tax revenue, maybe sales or income tax can be lowered a tad.

Let's get this through!


Unusual-Might-471 t1_ivu599m wrote

Only matter of time get people locked for pot out of jail throw charges out lock up real crimals like trump and family and also trump crooked friends to.


Reynard1981 t1_ivryh07 wrote

Something tells me that weed is all OP voted for.


Phillysean23 t1_ivqhwoq wrote

Don't you get they'll never do so. They'll just dangle this carrot in front of voters every November. House and senate majority with democratic president and still not legal. What's that tell you


BrushAndFlossErryday t1_ivqo8gz wrote

In theory I want this (I don't partake, personally), but I also visited Las Vegas earlier this year and the WHOLE place stunk horribly of weed with no respite whatsoever. So that kind of made me rethink.


c0lin268 t1_ivr7i9k wrote

Bro u went to Vegas of all places obv that place is a shit show. I think if u look at other reasonable places where its legal now like NJ, NY, Virginia ull realize it doesn’t effect peoples daily lives. People are going to smoke whether its legal or not especially when almost all the states you border have it legalized. It’s honestly just a wasted opportunity to make extra tax money off it at this point.


tellmeaboutyourcat t1_ivtgbwf wrote

Las Vegas is well known for allowing smoking everywhere. The casino floors constantly reek of smoke. You could not possibly find a less similar city to compare.


Eisernes t1_ivrgvnw wrote

I went to Boston for a work trip and that was my experience there. Everywhere I went stank like weed. Doesn’t bother me but it was kind of rediculous.


SAR_and_Shitposts t1_ivqskkz wrote

They should legalize it, but maybe restrict it to designated areas.


tellmeaboutyourcat t1_ivtg5ou wrote

You all realize that legalizing it will include non-smoke options, right? And you still wouldn't be able to just smoke a joint everywhere... Just like you can't smoke cigarettes everywhere. Use some basic logic.