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randompaaccount t1_ivq2nn0 wrote

The medical program is laughably easy to get into. Go through the list of qualifying conditions, if you have anything on that list you can get a card.


sixers420 t1_ivqa0go wrote

It is easy, but expensive


Silver-Definition-10 t1_ivqgq32 wrote

Dispenseries have more sales then Walmart now but getting the card does cost a few bucks...


rndljfry t1_ivsud1z wrote

Trulieve gives you the state fee back as a discount every time you renew your card


SoderDrinker t1_ivxeafb wrote

It isn’t as expensive anymore honestly. You can get great stuff. You can regularly get an ounce for under $200 when they have a sale and gram cartridges from $41


sixers420 t1_ivxsdwf wrote

I’m talking about the process to get the card not the actual bud


SoderDrinker t1_ivzib34 wrote

It’s gotten better for sure. You can get it for $50 to the state and $50-$75 to a doctor. I first paid $250 to a doctor 4 years ago so things are getting better


Spud_Rancher t1_ivqa2xx wrote

Donwside is it is still illegal to own firearms and have a card. Hopefully that changes soon on the federal level


tellmeaboutyourcat t1_ivtfepv wrote

My husband won't get a card to treat his anxiety because of this.

He doesn't own a gun, has no plan to ever own a gun and doesn't even like guns. But his dad is a gun enthusiast so he doesn't like the idea of limiting his options.... 🙄


MacMac105 t1_ivq9dvl wrote

I get nervous on plane's your card!

I got mine after a 2 minute doctor consult. The longest part was confirming my identity.