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kellyb1985 t1_iw3bqed wrote

I genuinely wish candidates started signing a compact against signs. They're probably God awful for the environment.


Gohron t1_iw63c0e wrote

They have to be. They don’t appear to be made of degradable materials and there is a large amount of them everywhere.


Inert_Uncle_858 t1_iw2kqb0 wrote

I'm also in Chester county, I drive by a massive "Let's go Brandon" Trump sign every day on the way to work. It's permanent, framed with wood and armored with wire fence on both sides. I don't think it's ever coming down.


lilacsandlightning t1_iw2w2fa wrote

Lol I’ve seen that one. That person put some effort into making that sign. Wish they spent that much effort fixing up their house


cpr4life8 t1_iw3caue wrote

This made me chuckle because I spend so much time in rural areas running my motorcycle and I see that all the time...people put so much time and effort into crafting these political messaging signs meanwhile their houses look like they should be condemned....


arkwald t1_iw4lc7i wrote

Its infantile, really no better than screaming because you are upset.


BoopBoop20 t1_iw4j2bw wrote

Anyone got a paintball gun…? Asking for a friend who may or may not live in Chester county…


Hi_There_Face_Here OP t1_iw2ldgj wrote

Lol. I was more talking about the shitty little plastic ones. Those big wooden ones, although ugly, aren’t going anywhere (also on private property I’d hope).


artificialavocado t1_iw3ehzr wrote

MAGA is basically their religion. “Owning the libs” is the holy sacrament.


Bloody_Smashing t1_iw2x2mo wrote

> I don't think it's ever coming down.

Depends on how far you can toss a Molotov cocktail.


Aes_Should_Die t1_iw3xiit wrote

There is one of those in my parents neighborhood. Like it’s a permanent structure. I thought it was a makeshift winter bus stop for kids at first. The guy must have been told he cannot have abusive language on it because you can tell he covered swear words about Biden with these little metal signs that have some insane diatribe on each


Aes_Should_Die t1_iw3xppw wrote

They must’ve been taught how to do that by Fox, Sinclair, or someone of that ilk.


LittleLowkey t1_iw51ovo wrote

phoenixville? lol we have one on a large lot at an intersection


FreidasBoss t1_iw2cq06 wrote

Varies by township.


MPA_Dad t1_iw4qk89 wrote

Yep, local zoning codes control here. Some have been changing because zoning and code officers who have to enforce the rules have been threatened by people when asked to take down their signs, sadly.


Guntcher1423 t1_iw3c2rr wrote

Maybe the question should be, if they are on public property, can anyone remove them now that the election is over?


cpr4life8 t1_iw3csvk wrote

Yes you can, but there's always the risk that someone who supports that candidate goes off on you for removing it.


Guntcher1423 t1_iw3d0ik wrote

Well, they can't guard all of them along the road. If enough people do this, the few that are left won't matter.


cpr4life8 t1_iw3d4pt wrote

Oh you're absolutely right, I was just thinking it would be my luck that I would pull over to get rid of one and right around that time one of those pickup trucks full of flags would pull up behind my vehicle..... 😬


AlVic40117560_ t1_iw9s46g wrote

If you’re worried about that, just say you’re working for their campaign and picking up their signs. I’ve worked on political campaigns in the past and the day after Election Day is spent picking up signs all day. By the looks of it, not every campaign is run that way. There are still a bunch of signs out. Though it is interesting to notice is about 70% the people that lost, 30% the people that won that are still up. Maybe the losers just gave up after the election.


Speakslinux t1_iw3yytz wrote

Public right of way MUST be removed within 30 days of the electin ending. Private property can keep them forever


SammieCat50 t1_iw58it3 wrote

And stop calling me & stop texting me… it made me not want to vote


PinsAndBeetles t1_iw2iy0r wrote

There is still a huge “Stop the War on Coal, Fire Obama” sign up where I’m at.


BoopBoop20 t1_iw4iwoz wrote

There are still trump/pence signs where I’m at 😤


dackinthebox t1_iw53plr wrote

Someone in my town took down their Mastriano sign, but their trump stuff hasn’t gone anywhere


ggoptimus t1_iw5rvfh wrote

There is still one in my parents front yard.


cpr4life8 t1_iw2lajr wrote

This is for Allegheny County*, so your county may have something similar? Not that it really does any good because nobody around here seems to obey it. Stupid signs stay up on public property for months.

*Courtesy of r/corny_toot


No_Judgment_5940 t1_iw6k9fd wrote

Seems that law doesn't apply to municipal office? (Ie mayor, sheriff, etc). That sounds like a nightmare.


Dredly t1_iw2v1w7 wrote

On private property there is no rules, on public i believe its within 48 hours of the election


No-Professional-1884 t1_iw2jvkk wrote

Is there any laws about this? Seems like in practice they leave them for future civilizations to deal with.


Justanotherangryman t1_iw3xz87 wrote

I’m just tired of seeing signs in general.


Escobarhippo t1_iw2qiml wrote

Anyone near Hanover? There is a person who always has a massive display of signs in their yard year round. Let’s Go Brandon, Impeach Biden, all of the R candidates from this election, a picture of Biden/Harris labeled “Dumb & Dumber.” Last Christmas there was even a Santa with a string of yellow lights “peeing” on a Biden/Harris sign. That didn’t stay up long though.


Hi_There_Face_Here OP t1_iw2scr6 wrote

Yikes. If you ever see them outside their house give them a big thumbs down from me as you drive by lol

But to revert back to the post, I’m pretty sure there are laws against all those yard signs. I’m pretty sure it’s like 4 signs max on a residential lawn. Maybe I’m wrong.


Calan_adan t1_iw3ao4x wrote

That would be a local ordinance thing and it would vary by municipality. Or HOA issue.


cpr4life8 t1_iw3ck5k wrote

I think most people who put up all those political signs are definitely not living in an HOA...I mean they aren't interested in following any rules or laws that they disagree with so just imagine them in an HOA!


_KnightsDelight_ t1_iw3vet2 wrote

If it’s on their own private property they’re free to do as they please.


Ashamed_Literature62 t1_iw2t2qy wrote

Next day after the election I saw Fetterman signs being removed from the side of the roads throughout Lehigh, Berks Counties


Hi_There_Face_Here OP t1_iw2tfdx wrote

Of course the Winner’s signs come down. This guy I saw yesterday was putting fresh Mastriano signs down in an empty area (where signs used to be). So lame. Maybe Mastriano didn’t concede yet?


PinsAndBeetles t1_iw2zu6f wrote

He has not conceded. It’s not over yet. With enough prayer, rejoicing in the lord, and singing of hymns (whilst wearing “F**k Biden shirts) he could still pull it off! Victory is his for the taking, now raise your Confederate flag and kneel in prayer.


realhighstonerguy t1_iw3r70x wrote

I've tried talking to these people. Despite Shapiro winning by more than 700,000 votes, they demand an audit. Also they like to peddle "Mastriano won more real votes!" (as in more people votes for him in person.)


Hi_There_Face_Here OP t1_iw37k8c wrote

You had me there in the first two sentences. I’ll send my thoughts and prayers to Mastriano’s team


PinsAndBeetles t1_iw3aa80 wrote

Good because if he doesn’t win that would mean it wasn’t god’s will and we all know that just can’t be! The lord doesn’t make mistakes.


BoopBoop20 t1_iw4jang wrote

That fuckface even put a Bible verse on his signage. John 8:36 if I’m not mistaken. I looked it up and it makes absolutely no sense..


Diarygirl t1_iw2uajk wrote

I noticed new Mastriano signs yesterday. It's really strange.


lanfear2020 t1_iw2y81m wrote

He has not conceded


SafetyNoodle t1_iw34nzt wrote

Never will most likely


GaseousGiant t1_iw36qub wrote

He’s going to show up in DC for the swearing in 🤣


Aes_Should_Die t1_iw3zr2a wrote

That would be even stranger if he went to DC to get sworn in a PA Governor


GaseousGiant t1_iwfiksb wrote

His crew kept promising him he would be “America’s Governor”.


themollusk t1_iw50bkl wrote

Antisemite acknowledging that a Jewish person win? Never 'gon happen.


Yelloeisok t1_iw3s2e8 wrote

The asshats where I live nailed Mastriano and Trump signs into trees along Rt 30 between Latrobe and Ligonier. Not sure what size truck they stand on to do it , but they are out of reach. Like they don’t litter regular garbage enough, they have to nail them to trees.


MyFartsSparkle t1_iw3a1pp wrote

I just saw a Desantis sign today. That’s a new one for around here.


BoopBoop20 t1_iw4inp5 wrote

I honestly will stop at any road intersection after the election is over and take any and all signs, regardless of whose name is on it, throw it in my truck, take it home and dispose of it properly. I’m sick of looking at these signs for months on end without anyone giving two shits about the earth it’s destroying. These signs aren’t even biodegradable! Most are plastic!

The only thing I will not do is go onto people’s private property because then it’s a felony and I’m not going to jail or getting a fine or possibly a gun pulled on me just because I don’t want to look at a sign on my drive home anymore.


CapcomBowling t1_iw2vgys wrote

Chester county here too. I’m still seeing signs littering the side of the roads unfortunately.


discogeek t1_iw3vrvf wrote

You'd need to check with whatever township it's in. Like here's East Bradford's policy.

If it's on public property you could always report your neighbor for littering; take a picture or it'd be a he-said-she-said situation though and probably would only end up in hard feelings for both of you and police grumbling about it being something they can't do anything about without hard proof.


Aes_Should_Die t1_iw3x7sk wrote

Most places it’s usually that you have to get them off the public lands within a few days to a week after the election. Removing one from your yard May come down to neighborhood rules. But yeah, I am tired of seeing nonstop Trump signs for 6 years on Cambria/Somerset Counties.


rolinclover t1_iw3yn3g wrote

Upper Southampton PA you must remove signs within 10 days of election


Emotional_Rock4208 t1_iw5f0zr wrote

I nearly took out a median full of Mastriano/oz signs the other day. Realized at the last second that I love my car too much.


Hi_There_Face_Here OP t1_iw5ft75 wrote

It’s the thought that counts. I can almost hear them thud thud thud thud thud


Interesting-Pie-9726 t1_iw4gef3 wrote

Is a political sign enough to ruin your day? Just ignore it. Or go take it down yourself.


bontakun82 t1_iw6v2xt wrote

Did you yell "haha loser" at them?


Aemort t1_iwa896d wrote

By the way, if you turn the Oz signs 90 degrees counter-clockwise, they say something else...


MassMacro t1_iwcmrgh wrote

I spoke with a Chesco election volunteer the other night. He said that signs need to be removed within 30 days of the election.


hufarted-me t1_iw3oghi wrote

Municipalities are terrified of 1A litigation, so they’ll try desperately hard to avoid enforcement of their very-constitutional sign ordinances. I had convo about it with a solicitor a couple of years ago. He agreed that the ordinance governing temporary signs was enforceable against political signs that stay out too long or are too big, but that it would be up to me to file a writ of mandamus if I wanted them to enforce it. The politically mixed panel of supervisors were unanimous about not wanting it enforced against political signs.


Grungewarhol t1_iw43og4 wrote

Everytime I drive to malvern i see mad mastriano signs lol 😂


Signal-Maize309 t1_iw48qx7 wrote

The signs are private property, on public land. Just deal with it.


Hi_There_Face_Here OP t1_iw4caa5 wrote

They’re plastic trash, on the side of the street, in my neighborhood. So, I’d prefer they were done away with sometime soon since ya know, the elections are over.

There are regulations around them, I’m sure they’ll be gone soon.


Signal-Maize309 t1_iw4s1x4 wrote

They’ll be collected, I’m sure. However, they’re up legally, so just deal with it. If you want them, go for it.


[deleted] t1_iw69ua7 wrote



Signal-Maize309 t1_iw6d2wm wrote

Property owned by private parties. It’s a misdemeanor in PA to remove the signs. The owners of the signs have 30 days after an election to remove them from public lands before the state removes them and fines who placed them.


[deleted] t1_iw6d6zs wrote



Signal-Maize309 t1_iw6eoqq wrote

Omg….you’re reaching. First of all, personal property is property owned by ONE person. So no, personal property is not the correct term. Those signs are private property owned by groups supporting the candidates.


[deleted] t1_iw6eqfw wrote



Signal-Maize309 t1_iw6mgne wrote

WTH are you taking about?? A yard sign isn’t land. No one is equating it to land. Private property encompasses many things. A copyright is private property, and just bc it’s private property doesn’t mean it’s related in any way to land, other than they’re both examples of private property.


Phillysean23 t1_iw498sd wrote

“I'm triggered by a plastic sign, how can I sue?” are you also bothered by Shapiro/Fetterman signs?


Hi_There_Face_Here OP t1_iw4bx7i wrote

Sue??? Lmao I just want the trash off the grass dude. And yes. All signs should be gone, don’t like them up before the election, I like them less now.


Phillysean23 t1_iw7hbgr wrote

Judging from the downvotes and comments it just seems you're only bothered by the name, not the sign 🤣


Hi_There_Face_Here OP t1_iw7kf42 wrote

You understand I have but one down vote right? And I just explained to you that I don’t like all plastic signs regardless of name. And yet you still make up your own answer to fit your BS.