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tonightitfeels t1_iw5o4he wrote

when it was actually cheap and before Dick became an unhinged lunatic about unions, it was fine. now, if im gonna drink cheap stuff, ill take some Lion's Head from Wilkes-Barre or Miller Lite when im trying to be thrifty.

but it's tough turning down some New Trail, incredible stuff coming out of there. or one of the many amazing breweries we have in PA.


bushwhack227 t1_iw60fv8 wrote

Absolutely. Fuck Yuengling. Fuck Union busters. Fuck anyone who celebrates them.


JawnAdams t1_iw62fia wrote

Haven’t bought one since Dick and company invited Uday and Qusay for a tour in early 2016. Fuck them.


TILiamaTroll t1_iw6lde3 wrote

Even if they had normal people running it, Yuengling is shockingly bad beer.


LawyerUpBayBay t1_iw6q9cc wrote

Lions Head was my go to in college, solid beer


Roxmysox68 t1_iw78vy5 wrote

We used to buy it just because of the fact that it had puzzles under the bottle caps and provided some extra entertainment and i could actually afford it, $13 a case aint bad and it was definitely bearable for that cheap


LawyerUpBayBay t1_iw79at6 wrote

Oh yeah how the hell did I forget about those, drank so much we saw them all 😂


tonightitfeels t1_iw6r9f5 wrote

heck yeah... it wasn't that long ago when I was at King's (couple years ago, pre Rona obviously) but I think we bought a case for $8, maybe $9? a kegger for dirt cheap...

even when i grabbed my most recent case it was only $13... 24 16oz cans, apparently they don't do 12oz cans anymore bc they can Monster on their lines when it's slow so they agreed to transition the lines to 16oz cans permanently. im not complaining.


LawyerUpBayBay t1_iw6ucd4 wrote

I graduated from WCU in 2016, think it was around $12 to $14 for a 24 of bottles so around the same


xenothaulus t1_iw6a7ct wrote

New Trail is amazing. Lionshead is... not.


tonightitfeels t1_iw6phoq wrote

of course lol. im saying if i want some piss pilsner to refresh on a hot day after sweating my ass off after yard work or some beer pong or flip cup with the fam at Christmas, Lion's Head will be my go to. local and union, I'm happy to give them my money.


xenothaulus t1_iw8lx8y wrote

I agree that they seem to be a good company. Hell, they're just down the road from me really. But I'm pretty sure they just suck up water from the Susquehanna, carbonate it, bottle it, and call it beer. It's vile.


qrpc t1_iw5jzm1 wrote

Tröegs has more umlauts (and better beer).


[deleted] OP t1_iw5kmye wrote

Never realized how divided PA is about their own beer? Lol


qrpc t1_iw5pord wrote

This is PA. We fight over our divided loyalty to convenience store chains and beer is way more important than that.


doct0rdo0m t1_iw5zlow wrote

I live in a Sheetz only town but I grew up with Wawa. Wawa for life!


Finrodsrod t1_iw6u081 wrote

Wawa warriors checking in. I am armed with my mighty Gobbler shield.


Wentz_ylvania t1_iw5ytcu wrote

Mad Elf would knock the tits off of an elephant. I’m going home for Christmas and can’t wait to get my hands on it.


WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_iw9io0s wrote

There's a new Mad Elf.

It's amazing


transneptuneobj t1_iw5tav6 wrote

Haven't bought it since 2015. Once they got political I lost interest


Vandersnatch182 t1_iw6481k wrote

Ew just looked it up and they're trump supporters. I liked their beer before I started getting into craft ipas but this makes me never want to support them again. Hate throwing my money to enemies of Americans


Rsubs33 t1_iw70wtl wrote

Also union busters and polluters. Shit company overall


transneptuneobj t1_iw71eq7 wrote

Like it would be one think if they were just Republicans, like..what ever but they're pretty big assholes about it.


MotorFly71 t1_iw5gi6w wrote

So overrated.


Dredly t1_iw5fj5l wrote

you can buy it pretty much everywhere now as far as I know?


HWTechGuy t1_iw5gf30 wrote

I know that they made some kind of deal with Molson-Coors in TX for contract brewing which expanded the footprint greatly. No problem getting it in the southeast, because they have a brewery in Tampa.


professaur91 t1_iw5gwuy wrote

The Tampa brewerys tastes nothing like ours in my opinion anyhow. Pottsville piss water or nothing lol.


beezer210 t1_iw5rxzw wrote

So glad to see someone call it its true name!


HWTechGuy t1_iw5h997 wrote

LOL. Tastes fine to me. I bet the stuff brewed in TX is suspect, however.

I went on the tour before they had the fire. I'm looking forward to going again when they get everything else built that's in the works.


GospelofHammond t1_iw5n746 wrote

I just had one last night at the Texas theatre in Dallas. It was truly terrible and not at all the same.


Dishwashersdream t1_iw70vhz wrote

I was at a conference and they happened to be in the same building as us. They were celebrating closing the deal. Their big push is going to be on Flight. They expect that to be huge going forward.


HWTechGuy t1_iw77ycw wrote

I'm starting to see Flight available on-tap at different places, so I don't doubt that.


[deleted] OP t1_iw5gojp wrote

Not in Chicago


biketent t1_iw6qeeb wrote

chicago is one of the best beer cities in the country, and you are drinking...yuengling light? lol


Wentz_ylvania t1_iw9ivb0 wrote

Sometimes it’s nice to drink something that reminds you of home.


Irish_Blond_1964 t1_iw7udac wrote

It’s funny Yuengling is around miles from Philly and their pale to craft breweries between Pottsville and Philly. To be fair I enjoy their Porter. Hits the spot.


GritwaldGGrittington t1_iw6xci1 wrote

Fuck Yuengling. Asshole company. Don’t carry them at our bar anymore for good reason.


Hopeful_Scholar398 t1_iw6vn41 wrote

Check out Straub out of St.Marys


NeuroguyNC t1_iw7pgdu wrote

Yes! Wish I could get Straub here in N.C.

The tour of their brewery is cool, too. One of the few breweries left that let you get anywhere near the process.


Hopeful_Scholar398 t1_iw951l4 wrote

I've never been but I have to check it out. Where abouts are you in N.C.? My in-laws live down there so I am in the state occasionally. I'd run ya down a case or two if it's not too far outta the way.


NeuroguyNC t1_iw9cjtd wrote

That's okay, but I appreciate the offer. Cheers!


HWTechGuy t1_iw5g7jz wrote

I prefer Flight. I'm drinking my second one of the evening right now.


[deleted] OP t1_iw5gpze wrote



HWTechGuy t1_iw5gz92 wrote

Right back at you!

I used to drink the light lager, but switched to the Flight when it came out. Give it a try if you can get your hands on some.


Thecrawsome t1_iw6sskw wrote

Gives you the runs. The owner is a psychopath


bontakun82 t1_iw6x25e wrote

Yuengling was what I drank when I first turned 21 and thought it was great, now it's disgusting and the people who own the company are shit. If you want better beer that's like that drink yards.


doesnamematters t1_iw6vjkw wrote

good local breweries are easy to find in PA. I haven't had beer from cans for years.


deep_trip t1_iw7jci9 wrote

Its enjoyable seeing so much hate for my hometown hero.


Dreki_konungr t1_iw7sd1w wrote

I remember when I was stationed at fort drum New York I always tried to pick up a see or two when I came home on a weekend


Tempest_Fugit t1_iw93g71 wrote

“Yuengling? Sounds Chinese”

  • Donald Trump, probably

highlandparkpitt t1_iw9544f wrote

Even if some of the worst people weren't running it, it's still a terrible beer


irockunow t1_iw88zkw wrote

ol' Pottsville piss water...


thaboognish t1_iw5rzu9 wrote

Yuengling Light is gross. Just drink regular Yuengling. Squeeze a little lime juice in. It's life-changing.


Finrodsrod t1_iw6u3zq wrote

If your beer needs additives like lime or orange, then it's shit beer.


thaboognish t1_iw7fwjz wrote

hur dur


Finrodsrod t1_iw7k5hy wrote

I mean you do you, man. Don't knock people for drinking light beer when you're also drinking crap though


cordy_crocs t1_iw5wra5 wrote

I always get a yuengling with a lime at the bar def 10/10 I even have my dad hooked on it lol


Royal_Gur_2651 t1_iw6mdib wrote

I quit 5 years ago, but my sister used to bring me back cases of Yuengling.


OutrageForSale t1_iw64bs8 wrote

Yuengling Light 99 is way closer to Mich Ultra than it is Yuengling lager.


lager81 t1_iwn2sf8 wrote

That's why I like it! Fuck Miller and bud light, I'll support PA


KP1616 t1_iw6y6fb wrote

It tasted good when it was Obama’s favorite, it tasted good when they supported Trump and it tastes good now.


JeenyusPOW t1_iw5mzk5 wrote

Nothing like a yuengy light


[deleted] OP t1_iw6vt3l wrote



ballsonthewall t1_iw5lob4 wrote

MAGA + Straub better


RunningOnPunkTime t1_iw5yn5a wrote

Idk what maga has to do with it but I definitely like straub better. It has more flavor


nalgene_wilder t1_iw60duw wrote

Owner is a trump supporting loser


RunningOnPunkTime t1_iw60fyt wrote

The owner of yuengling? Well no skin off my back cause I don't drink it anyways other than the occasional black and tan with my dad lol