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tubesweaterguru t1_iyac5oy wrote

> This law makes significant changes to existing law that will ultimately increase the protection of all drivers by keeping repeat offenders from continuing to operate a vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol after being charged with a DUI

The problem is if someone is willing to drive without a license (or on suspended) anyway, it doesn’t actually stop that.

Please note, I’m fine with the actual changes. It’s just that people would be surprised how many DUIs are already people driving without a valid license.


Pineapple_Herder t1_iyarf2n wrote

Yup. My dad had his license pulled when I was eleven? Didn't technically get it back til I was 23, I think?

Drove plenty of times in between and drunk/high for several trips.

These laws while good intended will not really stop it.


Super_C_Complex t1_iycfegr wrote

I mean they can't drive if they die in jail. Which in some cases is where this is going.