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randompittuser t1_iwdhsz4 wrote

That dude it definitely gay, and he was raised to hate himself for it. I have more hope for the younger generations.


SnooRevelations9889 t1_iwdgsmz wrote

One of the school board elections in 2019 for this school board was decided by two votes.

Offices for PA school board are up for election on November 7, 2023.

Candidates step forward, they will need to start working their campaign in February 2023. They could use help, and any American can do it.


IamSauerKraut t1_iwdpe79 wrote

The key school board races across PA this year is really at the primary where the parties select their candidates. Candidates can cross-file. The Dems need to have enough good candidates cross-filed to negate whatever whackjobs the GQP gets to run under its banner.


SnooRevelations9889 t1_iwdv1wd wrote

This is true. Some open secrets people need to know:

(Edits in bold.)

Republicans always have DINO's (people registered Democratic but firmly on the side of the local Republican committee) to sign petitions and get their Republican judicial and school board candidates on the Democratic primary ballot.

Having Republican candidates on the Democratic Primary ballot really adds pressure to Democratic candidates, who (reasonably or otherwise) will stress out about losing the Democratic primary to their opponent. It does make local Dems scramble, and if there aren't effective Democratic poll greeters, our opponents are more than happy to (scrupulously or otherwise) guide Democratic voters to their preferred candidates.

If the Republicans can get a local Democratic candidate removed from the primary ballot on some technicality, in my experience, they will do so.

Then expect fliers going around saying that their right wing whacko candidate is "the only candidate on the Democratic ballot." This language WILL trick many voters into thinking they are a Democrat. That's more work for the local Democrats to educate voters out of that.

What can you do?

You can provide support to your local candidate. Driving them around when they knock doors is a huge help. Having a neighborhood get-together at your home to introduce the candidate is fantastic. Even just texting them to tell them they are awesome will help. And financial contributions at this level go a long way.

Another, easier thing you can do is to register Republican, or keep your registration that way, and reach out to your local party (google <county name> county democrats) and let them know you want to sign cross-filed candidate petitions.

This evens the field a bit, putting pressure on the Republican Party to defend their seats in the primary (or if they don't, we can win them, which gives us a large advantage in November).

Petition signing will be in February. Once this year's election is squared away, you will be able to find the dates here:


susinpgh t1_iwewpat wrote

JFC. It's all about power for these people.


rageinthecage810 t1_iwe5sui wrote

Soooo your saying its rigged?


SnooRevelations9889 t1_iwf1gfe wrote

Not sure where you got that.

I'm explaining what it takes to win. It's not a friendly backyard game, not even at the local level.


orangesfwr t1_iwdkaxf wrote

Which are you referencing? Because if you mean Karen Smith she has since switched parties and is a vocal advocate for inclusion.

We do need to flip both the chair and vice chair who are both up for reelection.


kifn2 t1_iwde4nj wrote

Remember when news headlines were coherent? Pepperidge Farms remembers.


malogan82 t1_iwdjg00 wrote

I read that headline at least three times trying to decipher the meaning before I gave up


IamSauerKraut t1_iwdqbd7 wrote

I knew it meant McSwain right away. The onlly reason he was the US Attorney in Philly is because he stuck his head so high and hard up benedict donald's backside that the brown ring still stains his nose. He is anti-public school and has no business being involved in any investigation involving a public school. By mentioning his name, the school board is telegraphing their desire to have a sham investigation.

If he becomes involved, the outcome is predictable.


heili t1_iwl818s wrote

Even after reading the article, the headline is convoluted and confusing.


ChrisTheHurricane t1_iwe1elr wrote

"We have investigated ourselves and found we have done nothing wrong."


SendAstronomy t1_iwfg6g8 wrote

Republicans love to bully children.

They found out they can't bully voters.


IntoTheMirror t1_iwenjtu wrote

I need to make the Boomer Death Clock my PC browser’s homepage.