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DelcoWolv t1_iwitx2j wrote

Not a shitpost: give them a block in North Philly and tell them it’s theirs if they fix it up. We used to have 2 million people in the city, we have the room.


Super_C_Complex t1_iwj5hl0 wrote

I think that's a great idea.

But Republicans would oppose it because "we need to take care of our own first." But then would oppose doing it for people here they'd vote against it as socialism.


ActualPopularMonster t1_iwjaeea wrote

"I know, let's turn it into luxury apartments, or a 55-and-over community!"


snoopdrucky t1_iwlbzi8 wrote

Sounds like the Harrisburg city planners. No affordable housing anywhere. Just retirement homes and Ryan homes that cost 300k+


ActualPopularMonster t1_iwlihtw wrote

Lancaster County has this issue. Very little affordable housing for those who grew up here - but a butt load of "luxury" bullshit and "55+".


carrigan_quinn t1_iwluytg wrote

Chester County is the same way, so we ran to Lancaster lol

Not much better out here, but the houses and taxes were astronomically less money than Chester


MomsSpecialFriend t1_iwllmns wrote

Some of the “affordable housing projects” the housing finance agency is granting money to is shockingly unaffordable. I guess anyone building $1200 1bdr apartments can get free money from programs meant to house the poor.


Rod___father t1_iwllo60 wrote

I wish around me they just built like 5 housing developments. All starting at 460k


430Richard t1_iwmnyyk wrote

But Republicans have no say in Philadelphia.


Super_C_Complex t1_iwmtkk0 wrote

If the Republicans ever got back control of the state legislature they'd absolutely make legislation barring this


BadDesignMakesMeSad t1_iwldkwa wrote

This is a great idea but it would take a substantial amount of money for tools, materials, and inspections for a lot of those areas to get fixed up. At this point, who knows if many of those buildings are even in a fixable condition at this point. Also we would need to pay them for their labor because they also need to eat and I doubt we’d get the state or the feds to that so it would have to come from the city that already can barely pay for the services that it has. Also, just handing people property is possible through the land bank but a lot of the properties are still privately owned, meaning you’d need to buy out the owners.

On paper, it’s a really good idea but logistically it’s quite complicated


boredoflife96 t1_iwoh414 wrote

We'll just be needing those congressional seats back after the next census.


Hunkmunculus t1_iwksn6e wrote

Uh what? There’s already so many immigrant families with no options sadly but to live among squalor and drug addicts. They’re already doing this but without some hair brained plot


RunningOnPunkTime t1_iwl5zkv wrote

That's a great way to condemn migrants to living in squalor when they don't have the resources to "fix it up"


Starpork t1_iwldf6q wrote

I think it'd be fun if instead of expanding border security like Abbot wants, the Biden administration just directed FEMA dollars to northern cities instead to set these migrants up.


RunningOnPunkTime t1_iwli6y3 wrote

I think that's an awesome idea. These we should absolutely try to do what we can to ensure these migrants are able to succeed


Woodyee101 t1_iwljgnf wrote

It would be more cost effective to just shut down the southern border and have migrants come in legally. I understand the shitty politics of flooding the county so illegals vote dem but this is going to cause a catastrophic humanitarian issue across the US


MomsSpecialFriend t1_iwlluez wrote

You do realize that showing up at the border is a totally legal way to come into this country?


Starpork t1_iwlpk81 wrote

Dude go talk to farmers about where your food comes if you think it's actually about manufacturing democratic votes. Or look at actual Latino voting trends


Woodyee101 t1_iwls4or wrote

Are there lots of farms in Philly and NYC?


Starpork t1_iwltebt wrote

Sorry, I thought you were talking about shutting down the southern border because you didn't understand where all our farmworkers come from and didn't know illegal immigrants can't vote.


SamuelLCompassion t1_iwiqluv wrote

It'll be nice for them to get upgraded to a state with a functioning power grid. Is he planning to open up this offer to documented citizens of Texas who want a better shot at surviving the winter?


bit99 t1_iwiyco2 wrote

They are welcome here in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection


psufan34 t1_iwitnso wrote

Absolute piece of human garbage. I cannot imagine how deranged someone must be to use vulnerable people for political gain.


zerooze t1_iwjhwhb wrote

He's a bigot and doesn't seem them as people.


Another-random-acct t1_iwnc24e wrote

Is it though? Or is it just democracy. The people of Texas have said they don’t want to take care of a large immigrant population. The people of Philadelphia have said they do.

Isn’t everyone just getting what they want?


susinpgh t1_iwnlm83 wrote

Texas is receiveing Federal aid to support border towns impacted by undocumented immigrants. If they are moving these people off their plate, they should return the funding.


Another-random-acct t1_iwnso1s wrote

Fair enough. They just get fed money for shipping then Philly gets the rest. Sounds like everyone would be happy.


boredoflife96 t1_iwoi7k9 wrote

Everyone but the people that are being forcibly trafficked to Philadelphia.


Another-random-acct t1_iwoob3l wrote

I thought they wanted a better life in America? And shouldn’t they get a better life in a more immigrant friendly state?


boredoflife96 t1_iwpp7gr wrote

Ideally yes, but that is their decision to make not ours.


Diarygirl t1_iwpx70q wrote

Why don't they send back the federal funding they get for that purpose then?


ActualPopularMonster t1_iwjavwj wrote

What, you're not gonna send them to Lancaster!? We LOVE refugees! Bring on the immigrants!! And some of the Churches around here will happily help them out.

Edit: I forgot to add that Greg Abbott is a little piss baby.


PinsAndBeetles t1_iwjrqr8 wrote

What’s that again? I thought I heard you say that Greg Abbott is a little piss baby, but I’m not sure. Can you repeat it a little louder please?


ActualPopularMonster t1_iwl4704 wrote

I'm so sorry, here, let me repeat that a little louder...



axeville t1_iwly3uh wrote

Lancaster needs Venezuelan cuisine! Bring your recipes. Mennonite Central Committee will bootstrap your kitchen. (Also a Miami/Latin synth dance club 💃🏻 but that's not in MCC wheelhouse. I'll settle for a kitchen that is open past 9 m-f and on Sundays).


h3mip3nultim4te t1_iwj59cs wrote

Sounds great. We’ll take ‘em in Pittsburgh too!


steadycoffeeflow t1_iwjp18g wrote

I mean, first of all, these people aren't "illegal" and are working with nonprofits to integrate into the country. But there's consistently been people on the right labeling them as "illegal invaders" which you can even see in the comment section here.

Secondly, way to go Abbott! I mean, he's a huge piece of shit and thinks humans make great political pawns, and nothing quite says "Presidential Ballot Candidate" than making enemies with every other state, but it's assisting migrants to get to places where people are accepting of them and are more likely to provide sympathy and aid due to their circumstances.

Isn't this all kind of motivating people to come here though? Nevermind the narrative since Biden's admin has caught more border crossings, but if I had to choose to go either to a country where I'd be provided transportation to other cities who would be more welcoming on the state's dime or a country who would detain and then send me away with less than what I had when arriving? HUGE draw to the former option.

Kind of a nose cutting to spite the face sort of play for anyone supporting this under the guise of "Yeah! NOW those "Sanctuary Cities" will know what it's like!"


raredad t1_iwizr4a wrote

Should send some people from K and A as a response.


jasons_jukebox t1_iwl5mg9 wrote

Surely, Republicans are following in the path of the leader, Jesus Christ. ha ha ha


Top_File_8547 t1_iwlpyq4 wrote

Strange how Jesus pretty much says whatever you want him to say.


jasons_jukebox t1_iwmfp9o wrote

Crazy huh? I'm not convinced any of these right leaning folks have ever read the Gospels.


Garbage_will_not t1_iwlfjzd wrote

We should seriously stop giving Texas our tax money via federal aide.


browneyedgirlpie t1_iwm4bzk wrote

Abbott must be really butt sore about Doug and Oz. Any new news about the people shipped to Martha's Vineyard getting special consideration for citizenship because they were victims of trafficking?


Hunkmunculus t1_iwksowh wrote

Hope they feel welcome and make it their home


CQU617 t1_iwlm1nm wrote

and we will send Texas a few denizens of K&A.


wagsman t1_iwm3s0s wrote

Shapiro should truck fracking runoff down to Texas and dump it into their water supply; two can play this game.


[deleted] t1_iwjn117 wrote



Alternative-Flan2869 t1_iwkd9bv wrote

Mastriano lost - otherwise it would be a round trip.


[deleted] t1_iwkx6w2 wrote



Another-random-acct t1_iwncfce wrote

Totally normal to want to bus millions of people to somewhere they dont want to go over politics.

There was a dude in the 1930s you’d get along with great.


Emotional-Lie1392 t1_iwlty42 wrote

I’m gonna put this on the wait and see scale… while I decide over staying warm this winter or feeding my family.


webauteur t1_iwo5sxv wrote

Bus them to Williamsport so I can practice my Spanish. Jamás aprenderemos español si no lo practicamos.


SeaPoem717 t1_iwjki9e wrote

No Redditors, I regret to inform you that millions of illegal immigrants invading from shithole countries isn’t a good thing.


Illustrious_Air_1438 t1_iwk8xq3 wrote

They are seeking asylum legally.


SeaPoem717 t1_iwkpcd6 wrote

No they are not lmao 😂


LordKaraka12 t1_iwlj3nd wrote

They would be if they had a chance but Abbott is illegally shipping them across the country and setting them up with random court dates thousands of miles away. How can you defend this? It’s inhumane


[deleted] t1_iwkv9w2 wrote

Remember when people said this about the Irish, Italians, and eastern and southern Europeans.


boredoflife96 t1_iwoiq1f wrote

The United States has been accepting millions of immigrants since it started existing. They come from everywhere. Fuck off with your xenophobia.


Diarygirl t1_iwpwur7 wrote

I would be so embarrassed to admit I'm a Trump supporter in 2022.


redditornot6648 t1_iwkd7fw wrote

Aren't we letting enough foreigners in PA? Erie is flooded with them. We got so many Middle Eastern refugees. It's nuts when you go to places like Walmart when half the store doesn't speak English when before Obama this was never an issue. I mean there's no jobs in this town and we keep letting these immigrants in.


yazzy886 t1_iwkray4 wrote

Well, learn some Pakistani then, make some new friends. Stop being scared of culture and embrace it. Educate yourself about immigration and the American economy, It’s 2022 ffs.


Zmoser1794 t1_iwl22zx wrote

Soooooooo deny American culture to make Pakistani culture feel normal in 2022 America? I'm pretty sure throughout all of America history, all immigrants got shit on until they blended their culture with our culture. We are a melting pot for a reason.


AnthroNJ t1_iwlxkd8 wrote

What is “American culture”


Zmoser1794 t1_iwly8wi wrote

It's pretty much Western culture as a whole because it blended so hard that I'm not entirely sure where it stops. Our lives as a whole in America are so next level going to places that don't have running water feels like it's crazy and shouldn't exist in 2022. Then you have Hollywood and McDonald's and other franchises that took over so much mom and pop shops it's aggravating and upsetting at the same time, but people still go to Walmart because it's what Americans do. Car culture and living the dream as they say.


Icweiner412 t1_iwlmr4x wrote

I like the idea that you recognize that America is a melting pot then turn around and act like the introduction of new cultures is some kind of imposition. No one cares if you're racist. That's not a good reason not to let people immigrate here as they've always done. Over time,these new cultures will be integrated into our existing one. Immigrations is our strength,it's what makes our country great,and its no thanks to people like you


Zmoser1794 t1_iwlwzjq wrote

I literally said the exact same thing you did fascist. Immigration will always be a part of America, and once that's recognized as American culture, the better you bigot.


PhillAholic t1_ix243l6 wrote

You didn’t though? You’re complaining about Pakistani culture for some reason. No one knows what you’re talking about. People come here and live their lives. People who move here as adults don’t usually fully assimilate, but each generation after typically does.


ArchaeoJones t1_iwndmia wrote

There is no such thing as "American culture" unless you are speaking about Native Americans.

We are a country of blended ideologies and cultures. We don't have a culture.

You're talking about American racism. Everything not "us" is "evil" and "should be stomped out"


Zmoser1794 t1_iwnx4wa wrote

If you left America tomorrow and went to Europe, they wouldn't call you white or black or brown or any other color in the rainbow. They would call you an American, and that is the truth. Get your head out of the bigot gutter and travel a bit. The blended ideology and culture is American culture. You puddle.


ArchaeoJones t1_iwo4q8m wrote

Cute. Ass backwards wrong, but still cute.

Yes, when I went to Italy, they called me American, because that's where I was from. (Also to be fair, my pronunciation of the language wasn't the best as I learned from my grandparents, and they have a very northern Italian local dialect that doesn't work everywhere) Much like anyone from France, Germany, etc, would be called where they're from.

That would be because culture isn't about the place you're born, you absolute donkey. It's shared customs, beliefs, art, etc. We barely have that, because we choose to think of ourselves as (insert epithet)-American. That could be something as small as a regional epithet such as state, medium scale as directional (Southern, northeastern, western), or larger scale such as adding another country (Italian-American, Irish-American, etc). We are a young country. A few scant hundreds of years old. Culture is developed over a macro scale of time, not micro.

Also, what you are harping on about in your original diatribe, is cultural suppression, not adaptation or amalgamation. Lets take your one comment;

>all immigrants got shit on until they blended their culture with our culture.

This line of thinking here is racist as fuck, because you seem to think that shit stopped when someone became "Americanized" enough. Sorry to burst your bubble pal, but that dog don't hunt. Easiest way to point that shit out is post Pearl Harbor, post 9/11 or during COVID.


Zmoser1794 t1_iwpa1es wrote

Okay, so let me get this straight. I'm racist because I believe in the fact that we , as people of America, have a shared cultural experience. We all have had family come here at one point in time to look for a better life. They came here and learned the language, got the job or started the family business, and started living the "American Dream." You're saying since we lable things (insert-epithet) American that you're okay with always segregating and we are never going to be one people as a whole. I'm pretty sure that makes you racist for not seeing other people at the same level that you are because your separate "culture" is better or different than whatever other American version someone else has. I have never said I do not welcome immigration into this great country, and I never said to suppress or segregate a people as a whole. Get your fascist thinking out of here and start seeing people as people. I can't believe people like you are so racist and backward.


ArchaeoJones t1_iwpsg9q wrote

No kid, you're a racist because you seem to think that all anyone has to do to be accepted into American Exceptionalism is subdue their cultural identity and "blend in".

That's not how this country has ever worked. And calling me "bigot" or "fascist" for calling you out on it doesn't help your case any. I even quoted you, so if you're going to meltdown on anyone, maybe look in the mirror and confront your own shit first.

This country is not all star-spangled awesome, nore should it ever be treated that way. We are a blend of ideas and cultures. Not wholly one, but from many, homogenized into something that works. But we should never forget what this country has done to the people in it.

So maybe start acting like a member of that instead of forcing others to fit as a member of your narrative.


Zmoser1794 t1_iwpvddi wrote

You know you're right. Thank you for this conversation, and I'll keep on growing as a person. American heritage and idealism are not black or white, and I'll keep this in mind for future reference.


Elegant_Campaign_896 t1_iwlnfq5 wrote

You don't speak for Erie. Immigrants are welcome here.


redditornot6648 t1_iwlqg84 wrote

yeah the useful ones like doctors. not these useless Syrian refugees stealing places to live


KyleRichXV t1_iwm1xez wrote

You do realize your bigotry makes you an absolutely disgusting person, right?


redditornot6648 t1_iwm2d6i wrote

You call it bigotry, I call it caring about Americans.

If me caring about Americans and fixing America's problems more than foreigners makes me disgusting then so be it.


KyleRichXV t1_iwm2le4 wrote

You’re literally saying “America first” so yeah, you’re a terrible person. Caring about Americans and caring about refugees/immigrants aren’t mutually exclusive.


redditornot6648 t1_iwm2pvb wrote

Yes they are. We have serious problems that need fixed. We can't be the saviors of the world.


boredoflife96 t1_iwoj3rb wrote

The entire history of our country suggests that you are incorrect. We've been letting in millions of immigrants since the country started. It hasn't failed us yet.


Rheum42 t1_iwltqj1 wrote

New things are pretty scary, huh?


redditornot6648 t1_iwm07l6 wrote

No, what's aggravating is that this city has a major homeless problem and tons of people very much struggling in housing that is not up to the standard it should be and we are giving immigrants government subsidized rentals that are significantly better than the average living conditions of poor people in this city.

Our own city is broken we don't need to bring the broken and useless people from other countries here.


Tahlwyn t1_iwm2sj2 wrote

right so you should be angry and hateful towards *checks notes* refugees, and not the people in power who are making the decisions?


Rheum42 t1_iwm5dqu wrote

Some very impressive mental gymnastics