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orangesfwr t1_iws9ldp wrote

Thanks Dougie! Couldn't have done it without you!


UVJunglist t1_iwspsoo wrote

Was almost certainly a factor. I still worry about the strategy of democrats promoting the far right during primaries to make for easier general elections, but it seems to have worked out this time.


five_eight t1_iwsshz6 wrote

Republican primary voters are way more excited about owning the libs than selecting candidates who have mass appeal during the general.


UVJunglist t1_iwsta7s wrote

True, but Republican voters still want to win elections, and guys like Dougie just don't win in swing states.


avo_cado t1_iwstdfi wrote

Not the kind of republican who votes in the primary


Manowaffle t1_iwvmpsw wrote

If it keeps them happy, I will happily go to all their events, set up a chair on stage, and just scoff indignantly at everything they say. I’ll be so triggered. I’ll even dye my hair blue if that helps. As long as they keep nominating losers.


five_eight t1_iwvp7o7 wrote

Lol! That all sounds easier and more pleasant than trying to talk to them.


Jicama_Minimum t1_iwst87u wrote

I posted this exactly before and was met with claims that Dems hadn’t done much to help him. I tried doing my own research and couldn’t find many concrete facts on what exactly was done to support Mastriano. There are several article headlines making the claim, but the articles themselves do not back the claim up (at least the ones I could find). I abhor this strategy if it is true, but I can’t find any evidence that says what was done exactly or how much influence it had. If anyone knows I’d love to find out.


thenewtbaron t1_iwt2qs9 wrote

Shapiro bought ads that talked about Mastriano. None of the ads actually promoted Mastriano as the best choice. They were aimed at pointing out that Mastriano was a trumper, was at the jan 6th riot and generally pointing out his extreme points of view.

it was a strike to get those other republicans against him, or more centralist to stay home.

Mastriano was up 20% over his closest primary opponent but that left dougie only at around 40%. That means 60% of the republicans voted for someone else, possibly even against Mastriano.

If Shapiro could spent less than a million, or even less than half a million and could sway that much of the party to Mastriano... he really should change jobs, because people would pay MILLIONS to be able to swing a primary that hard.


Now, to look at the numbers that doug pulled vs Josh, it was 2.2 million vs 3 million

If we looked at the presidental election trump vs biden, 3.3 million vs 3.5 million

It looks like a bit less voted for shapiro than biden but more than a million fewer votes went to mastriano vs trump...

If we looked at the presidential election of trump vs clinton, Shapiro got a bit more than hillary but mastriano got about 800k fewer votes than when trump won.


RockyTheFlyingSaucer t1_iwsycpq wrote this article says Shapiro spent 400k to help lift mastriano in the primary

Long term this is a terrible idea. Resources should be used to support your message not radicalize the base of the opposition, Hilary tried a similar strategy with trump


burritoace t1_iwu7jy4 wrote

This article is wildly misleading. They were attack ads, not promotional and not directed at GOP voters. This whole stupid story is manufactured.


BugMan717 t1_iwugqw6 wrote

The absurdity of politics now means that attack ads and promotional ads are the same ad just for different sides. I know the attack ads for Fetterman we're highlighting things I want haha.


burritoace t1_iwuiwqe wrote

Even still, the intended audiences are pretty different so I don't think it's hard to tell what each side is going for


DoctorSteve t1_iwv03v9 wrote

I said this all the time. Any attack ad against a Republican looks like a Republican ad. "This candidate will ban abortion". How does that sound?


tyrael459 t1_iwu74qk wrote

I agree. “It’s easier to light a candle than curse the darkness.”


burritoace t1_iwu7fo4 wrote

There are lots of headlines and no actual evidence. The ads mentioned here were basic attack ads.


rndljfry t1_iwug9uo wrote

They paid for ads that said "Trump supports Mastriano!"


Sprinkles_Hopeful t1_iwv45uv wrote

Perhaps Republicans in Pennsylvania crossing over to vote for Josh Shapiro was a huge Factor


GraffitiTavern t1_iwt3te3 wrote

Yeah it also helped get Trump in the first place, so still worried. Honestly this is from Republicans in the state house not doing anything beneficial for us in a decade as much as anything. Still remember when their meddling in education funding almost shut down my school senior year.


Mijbr090490 t1_iwsbjms wrote

First time in 30 years. Slim majority but it sends a message.


glberns t1_iwskl4u wrote

Does more than send a message.

This is how the PA Constitution is ammended:

  1. Legislatures pass the amendment once.

  2. Legislatures pass again in the next session.

  3. Voters approve via ballot measure (Legislature chooses ballot wording).

Republicans passed an anti-choice constitutional amendment this term. If they kept the House, they'd pass it again, and then it goes on our ballot.

Democrat control of the house saves women's lives.


wagsman t1_iwstop6 wrote

They should pass an amendment protecting the right to choose, then next session do it again and put it to the voters during a general election, the 2024 one if they can.


InsaneAss t1_iwugaiy wrote

Republicans still control the senate. That wouldn’t happen.


Away-Living5278 t1_iwsla98 wrote

I'm so freaking happy this isn't going on the ballot


OnasIII t1_iwsysma wrote

This! Me too!

I was following the last two races all week and was sooo happy to see this tonight!


themollusk t1_iwt5o4b wrote

Plus they also passed the first go around of making mail in voting unconstitutional.

In addition to actually saving women's lives, flipping the state house will also help save democracy in the state.


UncomfortablyNumb43 t1_iwsdjov wrote

I thought it was 12 years.


EveryLivingLine t1_iwsdz07 wrote

I thought it was also 30 something but just saw an article today that said Dems had control in 2010.


discogeek t1_iwshw04 wrote

2010 was when they lost it. 30 years since they held both chambers, but GOP still has the state Senate.


PatientNice t1_iwsehqa wrote

Nationally, Republicans take the House and one of the first things they say they will do is investigate Hunter Biden? No wonder they seem intent on losing. When will they do something for us?

Maybe we’ll see recreational marijuana in PA now!


joefred111 t1_iwsh1ac wrote

>one of the first things they say they will do is investigate Hunter Biden

Don't forget, they'll try to scrounge up some reason to try to impeach Biden, too.

That being said, article is about the PA State Legislature.


Loki240SX t1_iwujnrf wrote

Likely that's the step after the Hunter investigations. Through olympic-level mental gymnastics, they will implicate Joe in some BS they claim Hunter did.


Its-me-big-dee t1_iwsr4a9 wrote

Why isn’t odd to more people that a branch of the govt. wants to investigate a civilian that never held a govt. job?


JoeK1337 t1_iwvd1n4 wrote

The son of a government employee that does business transactions on Air Force 2? The son that shares bank accounts with his father Joe Biden, the VP of USA? Yeah that civilian.


PopeMaIone t1_iwvgcuh wrote

I highly doubt there's hard proof Hunter Biden chartered Air Force 2 for his personal business dealings. Of course it's also not illegal for a son to share a bank account with his father or for a father to fly on the same airplane as his son.

Face the facts, President Biden will never be convicted and removed from office by the Senate for anything the right-wing nutters try to throw at him in the House including impeachment. It will only boost Joe's approval ratings, particularly if he's impeached, when he's ultimately acquitted.


Revolutionary-Swim28 t1_iwsi9jx wrote

If weed gets legal here I will be so happy. I have bad anxiety and it’s causing problems in all of my connections with others


Calint t1_iwsl1eg wrote

Medical Marijuana is legal in PA. Just ask your doctor for a prescription.


Itsshrovetuesday t1_iwsocey wrote

It's not that easy in PA. It's kind of a bureaucratic cluster fuck to get medical MJ here to be honest.

Only doctors with medical mj certification can prescribed it. If your doc doesn't have that cert you have to see one who does and usually you wind up paying out of pocket for the consult because most of those docs don't take insurance. Typically can run between 175 to 200 bucks and then another 50 bucks for the medical card itself.

Recreational would just be so awesome for everyone (except maybe those consult groups making absolute bank off MJ appointments)


chaqalaqalaqa t1_iwsso70 wrote

It’s actually really easy to get one for anxiety.


dackinthebox t1_iwwdujn wrote

Sure, if you do all of the things the comment you’re replying to said. It’s still a pain in the ass, and definitely isn’t “easy” for everyone.


Calint t1_iwspjln wrote

So $250 a year to get medications that you need? I am def all for rec marijuana, but if someone needs it for medical reasons that doesn't seem so bad.


BeatsMeByDre t1_iwss6wc wrote

That's just the doctor. Then the card and then you actually have the buy the ridiculously overpriced stuff.


Jicama_Minimum t1_iwstjxa wrote

How much is like an 1/8th? I haven’t bought any for like ten years so it may have inflated naturally anyways but back then an 1/8th of good stuff was around $50


InsaneAss t1_iwuh0jq wrote

You can look at online menus with prices for pretty much any dispensary. Here’s one example:

Plenty of 1/8s available in the 30s. Or even 1/4s in the 50s.


Jicama_Minimum t1_iwuh7q0 wrote

So why is comment OP saying the stuff is rediculously overpriced? Have street prices fallen? Seems like those prices are good to me


BugMan717 t1_iwuhjco wrote

Cause they don't know what they are talking about. Sounds like they checked into it when they first legalized medical in PA when it was hard to get and expensive and never looked again.


InsaneAss t1_iwuhdxq wrote

The prices have actually fallen a lot over the last two years. They were pretty bad for a while before more competition could open. That person was probably going by old info.


dankocybinchungi t1_iwtifsf wrote

My brother went to recently, it's $75 for an appointment and it's over the phone. You literally just have to say you have anxiety. However i've had it since around 2018 or so when it first started because I have autism and that was WAY more strict and I actually had to go in person and fax my medical records to them and everything so i'm kinda jealous lol.


ANAHOLEIDGAF t1_iwt1h9t wrote

Literally a 2 minute phone call and the cost of a bag of weed for peace of mind and CYA.


_Shrimply-Pibbles_ t1_iwuddip wrote

It’s the easiest thing possible. Can do it on your phone in about 10 minutes. I can’t overstate how ridiculously simple it is.


Itsshrovetuesday t1_iwv8dq0 wrote

Sure it's not hard but I wouldn't necessarily say it's super easy either.

the things I have to do to get med MJ in PA

  1. get medical records from primary doctor showing eligible condition/diagnosis.
  2. sign up on the PA medical marijuana website and pay $50 to get a patient number so I could schedule a 5 minute phone call with a certified MJ doctor
  3. pay $175 to a certified MJ doctor to read the documents my primary doctor provided and say "yep, sounds like you need weed"
  4. wait for MJ doc to validate the script on PA medical MJ website
  5. wait 1 month for medical MJ card

Things I have to do to get MJ in CA

  1. be 21
  2. go to weed store

It's a bureaucratic nightmare. Recreational MJ would certainly remove pretty much all that bureaucracy.


_Shrimply-Pibbles_ t1_iwvaa2f wrote

I registered, got approved and was waiting for my card to ship within 30 minutes without leaving my house. No records needed. If that’s not super easy I dunno what to tell ya.


Itsshrovetuesday t1_iwvfcfr wrote

did you just recently get approved? You're not kidding, that's pretty fast. nothing at all what I experienced.


_Shrimply-Pibbles_ t1_iwvfrsx wrote

Not recently but know people who have. Similar experiences. They went through veriheal.


Itsshrovetuesday t1_iwvga6l wrote

nice - well I'm glad to hear that perhaps some of the red tape bureaucracy has eased a bit. Got mine back in 2020 so maybe covid played a role in my experience. Just felt like it took forever, was hard to identify who was actually a legit consultant, card took several weeks to get to me once approved.

Glad to hear that perhaps that isn't the norm for patients today.


indisposed3000 t1_iwwqgj5 wrote

I got my card in March 2022. Registered online, scheduled a phone appt online for later that day w/an approved doc, anxiety diagnosis made based on online registration with Dr. and 5 minute call, no supporting medical records required. I believe it took 6 days from Dr’s appt to receive my card in the mail. I think card was $50 and appt was $150?


Mr_Worldwide79 t1_iwuet4t wrote

This is inaccurate. Head over to r/PaMedicalMarijuana

Can get a certification over the phone for $75 and a 1-2 minute appointment.


Itsshrovetuesday t1_iwv56ob wrote

it's not inaccurate because it's what I had to do. I imagine the appointments are cheaper now because the market is a little more saturated with doctors who have received that medical marijuana cert. Prior to it being wide spread there was a bit of a mark-up for those appointments. I paid $175 for my appointment in 2020, plus $50 for the card itself.

The whole process is a chafe. You have to sign up on the PA med MJ site to get your patient number, you need to get your documents from your primary care Dr. (or referring dr. who diagnosed you), provide that to the consult MJ dr. (which yes, you can do on a 2 min phone call which I guess is the most convenient part of this process) Those consult drs. don't diagnose you, they just confirm the diagnosis your referring dr. made is one that can be treated in PA with med MJ. Then you wait about a month to get your card after approved. Then repeat every year.

Recreational weed is far more convenient than all that nonsense.


DoodManBro t1_iwvpwry wrote

You are correct on the costs but I went from scheduling an online session to having my card in the mail in about a week. It's very easy


ConkHeDoesIt t1_iwwlpn1 wrote

It's super easy to get a card. I don't have mine anymore because I stopped using it, but I just used the service "veri heal" and got one pretty quick. The conversation with the prescriber was over the phone and lasted probably less than 2 minutes. It's incredibly user friendly.


klauskervin t1_iwv9p35 wrote

While medical marijuana in PA is great the cost is prohibitive for what is supposed to be regular use medicine. Especially concentrates.


FrenchBread147 t1_iwuzazb wrote

I'm very confused. Cannabis use is linked to increased anxiety.


IamSauerKraut t1_iwsgphd wrote

This is the PA sub, not the US House or about Hunter Biden.


PatientNice t1_iwskhlb wrote

Hence my comment about recreational weed in PA. Or did you not get that far?


IamSauerKraut t1_iwslbvv wrote

Considering the state senate is controlled by the GQP, I did not consider it.


PatientNice t1_iwsn89i wrote

But now legislation can be passed in the house and sent to the senate. If they ignore or vote it down, they will be exposed for what they are - do nothings.


My_WorkReddit2021 t1_iwvnags wrote

Check it out, this person still thinks conservatives want elected officials who govern.

We are well past that. The Republicans in the PA state Senate could personally beat the Hershey Park kiss to death on primetime and not lose votes. Conservatives are rats who celebrate cruelty.


ScienceWasLove t1_iwu24im wrote

Dems had all three branches. For two years. No national movement on marijuana.

Maybe the red counties in PA will finally see some progress like our blue cites. My town needs an open air drug market, car jackings, more crime, and herds of roaming quads/dirt bikes in the streets.


PatientNice t1_iwu5xp5 wrote

I don’t live in Philly and if you think there’s no crime in between Pittsburgh and Philly, you live in a wonderful bubble.


brohammer5 t1_iwu8386 wrote

It takes 60 Senate votes to pass federal legislation. Dems couldn't actually do anything substantial on federal legalization because they only had 50 D senators.


PopeMaIone t1_iwvhe87 wrote

The reason the Dems had unified power is because the Republicans did nothing when they had unified government under Trump except try to kick the sick off their healthcare and give tax cuts to the rich. Maybe the blue counties will finally see the same progress as the red counties. Rotted teeth so you don't have to worry about dental/healthcare, rampant poverty to land you on the government dole and run down 4th hand trailers so you can live off your small welfare check without having to find supplemental income from work. Lastly, if only the blue counties had the crime rate of red counties they could simply be put out of their misery altogether. Progress.


SamShephardsMustache t1_iws41m5 wrote

Finally. Republicans couldn't run water without a manual and a democrat telling them how.


axeville t1_iws7eg2 wrote

They shout a lot. Don't get much done.


SamShephardsMustache t1_iws7jg0 wrote

Republicans? They don't get anything done. Obstruct and insult. That's it.


fenuxjde t1_iwsc9dp wrote

You forgot tax breaks for the rich, voter restrictions, and conspiracy theories!


Or0b0ur0s t1_iwsj8vd wrote

Plenty of corruption & their own pay raises. And Gerrymandering. They're really quite busy, just not at the business of government or the interests of anyone but their megadonors.


MuckRaker83 t1_iwselny wrote

Their whole platform is that government is useless. It's a lot easier when you're there, making sure it is useless


AbsentEmpire t1_iwss2do wrote

Good news. This should mean that the GOP effort to pass changes to the state constitution for an abortion ban, or changing the election for the state supreme court from general to district are dead for now, which is a great relief.


ShammaJunk t1_iwsbezn wrote

Does this mean full democrat control of Pa?


UncomfortablyNumb43 t1_iwsds7g wrote

No, Republicans are still in control of the PA Senate. But…with the governorship and one house of Congress, they can put pressure on the Senate.


IamSauerKraut t1_iwsgu74 wrote

PA does not have the "house of Congress." You conflate the two.


KMjolnir t1_iwsoz7n wrote

Congress is used to refer collectively to the House of Representatives and the Senate, which are separately referred to as the "two houses". If they control the House of Reps, that is one house of Congress. It is entirely correct.


Literally from a dictionary: "Congress: a national legislative body, especially that of the US. The US Congress, which meets at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., was established by the Constitution of 1787 and is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives."


IamSauerKraut t1_iwszbl3 wrote

Common use does not refer to a state's house of reps as "Congress." That phrase is almost exclusively used to refer to the federal legislature, in particular to the House of Representatives.


KMjolnir t1_iwt82bc wrote

True, it's usual referred to as the PA Assembly. However "almost exclusively" is not the same as exclusively, so by your own words it is sometimes referred to as that. Ergo, they are correct even if it isn't often called that.


IamSauerKraut t1_iwt9rzr wrote

>True, it's usual referred to as the PA Assembly.

The remainder is presumptive and gratuitous.


KMjolnir t1_iwta5a7 wrote

If you dislike my interpretation of the earlierc arguments, that's fine. If you have issues with the words I refer to, you can take it up with Miriam & Webster on the definition or Reddit user u/IamSauerKraut for simply adding fuel to the fire and being, we'll put this politely, misguided in their understanding.


IamSauerKraut t1_iwtc4s4 wrote

>If you dislike my interpretation of the earlierc arguments, that's fine.

You start out well but then go off the rails with verbosity. sad.


UncomfortablyNumb43 t1_iwsnccj wrote

They have the PA State House and the PA State Senate…


IamSauerKraut t1_iwso8um wrote

>with the governorship and one house of Congress, they can put pressure on the Senate.

Your words.


ButterscotchFrosty85 t1_iwsrful wrote

You've done nothing but be super negative through this thread. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.


IamSauerKraut t1_iwszqgl wrote

I tend towards the factual. I've had enough of "alternative facts."


ButterscotchFrosty85 t1_iwt0zx6 wrote

You should tend towards self awareness


IamSauerKraut t1_iwt9lwg wrote

gratuitous commentary appears to be your strong point.


ButterscotchFrosty85 t1_iwu6htw wrote

And being a prick is yours

Edit: Thanks for reporting me as a self harm risk. You really are pathetic.


UncomfortablyNumb43 t1_iwxcr69 wrote

You do realize that an ASSEMBLY and a CONGRESS are synonymous, right? You are simply being a fucking douchebag pretending that there is a difference.


IamSauerKraut t1_iwxe07l wrote

oooooo... now you've hurt my feelings.



UncomfortablyNumb43 t1_iwtya3x wrote

Actually, you tend towards the pompous by playing dumb semantics games…but you do you.


huzernayme t1_iwsow7o wrote

It would be a correct usage if it wasn't capitalized. A congress is any gathering of reps from anywhere.


susinpgh t1_iwsdvmp wrote

No, the state senate is still Republican majority.


Extreme_Qwerty t1_iwsb0te wrote

Eh. I'm not expecting much from the Democratic Caucus in the Legislature.

LOTS of them voted for the so-called pension reform bill (Act 5 of 2017) which sticks younger state workers in a hybrid pension/401k retirement program, but does nothing to address the state's massive public pension liability.

Democrats who screw over young people -- which seems to be how America operates these days -- are garbage.


UncomfortablyNumb43 t1_iwsdykl wrote

Yep…I am a State worker under the old pension plan(retiring in August). I was completely against it.


Extreme_Qwerty t1_iwse8ue wrote

What's with the downvotes? You WANT Democrats to throw younger workers under the bus?


UVJunglist t1_iwsqh4p wrote

This sub generally down votes anything critical of democrats. Doesn't really matter if the criticism has merit or not.


Glute_Thighwalker t1_iwthnw6 wrote

How would they go about addressing the current liability? That money has all been promised to state workers, and they agreed to that as a condition of taking the job in the first place. It’s locked in. Can’t they only really affect it for future hires?


Extreme_Qwerty t1_iwv3um6 wrote

>How would they go about addressing the current liability?

They would CUT pensions and healthcare.

Promises aren't contracts. Nothing is 'locked in'.

The former state senate majority leader, Bob Mellow, recieves $20,000 a MONTH for his state pension. That's just ridiculous.


Glute_Thighwalker t1_iwwa0yb wrote

I’m a federal worker in large part because of the pension. If they cut it out of nowhere, my retirement planning and saving strategy over the last 15 years would be shot to hell. You can’t do that to people. I imagine we’d strike if they cut our pension benefits.


Extreme_Qwerty t1_iwxbvw5 wrote

I don't know how to break it to you, but an increasing number of Americans funding your pension and Social Security will have NEITHER available for them when they retire.

They don't give a fuck if yours is cut.

I fully expect to spend my retirement years living in a homeless shelter. If I'm lucky.

The number of Americans who struggle to obtain food and housing is on the rise, and the fastest growing demographic of homeless is senior citizens, many of whom get only Social Security.

You'll be lucky to get a portion of your pension and other retirement benefits.


NewYork_607 t1_iwsiq1o wrote

Good. Pennsylvania needs to stay blue. The rest of the confederate hillbillies can go to West Virginia or Ohio lol


AbsentEmpire t1_iwsseti wrote

This doesn't keep PA blue, it only keeps the GOP from gerrymandering it red for now. PA is still very much a purple state that is up for grabs.


NewYork_607 t1_iwsv1xg wrote

Texas and Florida keeps sending us immigrants. Those immigrants most likely will vote blue… fuck purple… I want this state solid blue. I lived in a republican state for years… pure nightmare!


AbsentEmpire t1_iwv2vdz wrote

The immigrants they are sending are not citizens, they can't vote.


NewYork_607 t1_iwv7evv wrote

My parents were immigrants for literally a short period of time. They voted for Obama. They got their citizenship so fast.


AbsentEmpire t1_iwv7zxe wrote

The majority of people they're sending up from the south are here under asylum requests, they're not getting citizenship anytime soon.


NewYork_607 t1_iwvhvwh wrote

My parents were asylum seekers too. We got our papers fast. The government won't tell you that, so you won't freak-out. ;)


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwt48qh wrote

The immigrants are what making PA worse. Turning this state into a dump and higher crime rates. Families who actually want a future are moving out of those areas to safer conservative areas. Of course they will vote blue, because democrats give them free handouts in exchange for votes and power. Look at cities like Wilkes Barre, Allentown, Reading, Hazleton. Those cities used to be beautiful until lately…


Zenith2017 t1_iwtajlt wrote

Immigrants are less likely than natural born citizens to commit crimes, and it's not close


Greeny427 t1_iwtlx0z wrote

Weird you say people are moving to “safer conservative areas” when statistically red states have higher crime rates… keep living in your bubble though.


NewYork_607 t1_iwumva4 wrote

Red states have higher crime, terrible education, health issues and poverty. Seriously, just Google the election map of the USA and Google obesity / crime map and you’ll see the red states are riddled with crime.


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwunnnt wrote

I’m still confused why people are bringing up red states🤣 literally has nothing to do with blue cities in PA, you guys just keep dodging my comments


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwubvdo wrote

But conservative cities, aren’t


steelceasar t1_iwuhbyi wrote

8 of the top ten highest crime cities are in republican run states. The crime narrative is largely fear mongering peddled to the rural and suburban populations who don't frequently travel to urban areas.


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwui4rj wrote

I literally just said cities, not states. Nobody is even talking about other states. This is a PA sub. Local government has more influence on cities than state does. Take a look at whose leading the most dangerous cities in the world now.


steelceasar t1_iwujo0k wrote

You did, and your opinion is objectively wrong. You can make whatever rabidly xenophobic points you want when you cherry pick the details.


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwuk78l wrote

> You did

When? I was talking about cities and the state of PA only this entire time…you are the only one who brought up other states when it was irrelevant.


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwuk21c wrote

🤣of course you resort to calling me xenophobic. That’s all liberals result to. Idgaf, nothing i said was xenophobic, racist, homephobic, or whatever the 50 million other comebacks you guys have when somebody has a different opinion than you. Go into a big city in PA and you’ll see for yourself.


steelceasar t1_iwul3n9 wrote

You literally wrote this in a comment in this chain,

"The immigrants are what making PA worse. Turning this state into a dump and higher crime rates." That is xenophobic you clown.


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwumq0o wrote

Yes, so what does that have to do with other states tho? You still aren’t making sense


Zenith2017 t1_iwumdft wrote

A lot of what you said in this thread is just verifiably false. You clearly don't base your opinions on scientifically gathered evidence.


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwumux4 wrote

It’s funny how people attack me that I have no evidence since I’m conservative, but you don’t want to point out that the original comment has no evidence, but that comment was liberal so that’s ok I guess🤣


Zenith2017 t1_iwun3xm wrote

People "attack you" because you're wrong and you don't care that you're probably wrong.

The commenter above you already provided a citation, if somewhat loosely edit: and someone else's mistake doesn't excuse your own. I thought yours was the party of personal responsibility, so why are you blaming other people for your ignorance? It's 2022 and you have full access to the world's accumulated knowledge, and you don't care enough to use it. Easier to listen to Tucker and Alex, right?


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwungkw wrote

You don’t always need facts tho when you literally see it happening. Smaller cities in PA were beautiful and safer cities until recently. Drug use, crime, and gangs are rapid. The cities are garbage.


steelceasar t1_iwunof3 wrote

>You don’t always need facts tho

This pretty much sums up you opinion doesn't it?


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwuo4g9 wrote

> Easier to listen to Tucker and Alex, right?

Cringe assumption, it’s 2022 right? Find something new. Talk to me like a grown man, but I guess I shouldn’t assume that either


steelceasar t1_iwur3wx wrote

I think you responded to the wrong poster I never alleged what right wing pundit drip feeds you ideas. And based on your comments there is no evidence that you are not a child.


YCantWeJustGetAlong_ t1_iwunvcx wrote

So I need a fact for every single thing? That’s ridiculous lol. You don’t need facts to know that a city/state is worse than it used to be. You literally just have to experience it like I did. Plain and simple.


susinpgh t1_iwupvxy wrote

You do if you want to lay the blame on any one population.


Zenith2017 t1_iwupofa wrote

So how do you reconcile the situation where your personal experiences here are in direct opposition with what studies say? (Edit: you ignore it! Classic conservative move)

Do you think there's a possibility that your perception of safety in cities isn't the same as the actual state of safety in cities? Just looking at media these days - and this is a knock on left and right media both - they report and sensationalize violence and crime at a much higher level than in decades past. Do you think that could affect your perceptions while not being aligned with the truth?

I appreciate lived experience but one person's anecdotes can't reasonably represent the full scope of an issue as complex as crime across our nation.


AbsentEmpire t1_iwv3a7q wrote

Hard disagree, the Hispanic migrants to Philly are some of the hardest working people people in the city, truly going after the dream.


alissa914 t1_iwtad9h wrote

Give me that legal recreational weed!!


IamSauerKraut t1_iwsglab wrote

Freedom now returns to its regular spelling.

Dumb russ-hole Diamond surely is crying. Drowning his tears at the Rotunda.


WaxDream t1_iwtrpa2 wrote

Good! Now get on codifying Roe while you can! I want to see action!


GamerAndGrower t1_iwu3zzb wrote

Now legalize recreational cannabis before it’s too late.


bewasemdos t1_iwv4joa wrote

Perhaps now we'll get the 2000 state stimulus as promised. I don't know why us poor middle age people with grown and out of the house.. or what about only the over 60, disability or spouse is dead...we're do we find the help that all of us need???


Fun-Brush-3091 t1_iwvj1bj wrote

U mean liberals ? No such thing as dems anymore


Manowaffle t1_iwvmhq5 wrote

Can we have protected bike lanes now?


North_Paw t1_iwv9zd5 wrote

Raise the minimum wage to $25


dblock36 t1_iwslc7o wrote

There goes Krasner’s impeachment


thatsnotfunnyatall_ t1_iwtde5k wrote

You can comb the hospital for more stroke patients to serve your great state !


genicide182 t1_iwunica wrote

Outside of the fact that this is the Pennsylvania House, It has nothing to do with the US Senate.... When someone has a stroke, as a society should we just take them out back and shoot them in the fucking head? Is that how you feel?


thatsnotfunnyatall_ t1_iwuoa2k wrote

No, but they shouldn’t be making decisions for anyone. Let alone the entire nation. Hope you guys are proud of having a pawn for NY and Cali !


genicide182 t1_iwust6f wrote

You know. I get what you are trying to say, but it is super weak minded and actually pathetic. There are many CEOs, officials, and even just normal ass people who have had strokes and go on to lead a normal and productive life. Your "they shouldn’t be making decisions for anyone" comment translates to "they are worthless in our society now".

I am assuming that you are not from PA with the way you are saying "you guys are proud" which makes me question why you are even in this sub. But furthermore, I am a big fan of NY and Cali policy, so if Betterman is going to be a "pawn" (read: voting along side those policies) for those states and reps, GOOD!


thatsnotfunnyatall_ t1_iww4bo8 wrote

Guess you haven’t been to LA or SF ? Cities are melting under shit policies.


genicide182 t1_iww4vg9 wrote

I've been to LA, yes. SF, no. New York, too many times. I'd love to know what issues they are having that aren't present across this country, including Philadelphia.


sp00nix t1_iwv1js0 wrote

Maybe if the Republicans could produce someone who could stand up to a "brain dead" stroke victim....


lilpufferfish t1_iwu6znu wrote

This is great news! I hope they get us back in masks as soon as possible. I feel very unsafe and panicky when people don't wear them.


steelceasar t1_iwuk1ov wrote

Why are you so obsessed with masks? Are your feelings still that hurt?


lilpufferfish t1_iwxekur wrote

Has nothing to do with Covid, I just don't want to look at your fucked up teeth.


N2TheBlu t1_iwst5qi wrote

Enjoy your hyperinflation and heating oil shortages!


Aezon22 t1_iwt74kg wrote

If you can give us a reasonably coherent paragraph to explain why you think we are facing these economic issues, we might listen.


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ElderlyKratos t1_iwun24l wrote

Or political system. The Republicans still have the state Senate.


N2TheBlu t1_iwuty1a wrote

Please tell us how we’re not experiencing hyperinflation.


popisfizzy t1_iwv54ii wrote

Inflation was substantially worse in the 70s, and even then it was nowhere near what hyperinflation is. The dollar isn't going to be the common currency of international trade if there's hyperinflation, it's not going to be close to trading at that value of other stable currencies like the euro when there's hyperinflation. People would be trying like crazy to convert the USD into a stable currency, but in the US the dollar is still absolutely everywhere.

Stop letting the talking heads tell you what to be scared of, and stop repeating that shit like a parrot


N2TheBlu t1_iwwz89f wrote

So because things were worse at some point in the past, that makes the bad things OK now?


popisfizzy t1_iwxmlao wrote

That is a non-sequitur with no relation to what you were previously claiming. If it was worse in the 70s than now and it still wasn't hyperinflation in the 70s, then it is not hyperinflation now. Stop throwing around words you think make you sound like a big brain boy just because someone scared you into thinking the word was applicable when it wasn't.


N2TheBlu t1_iwzv5nd wrote

That wasn’t my claim, it was yours.


Illustrious_Air_1438 t1_iwzyryh wrote

Hyperinflation is when the monthly inflation rate exceeds 50%, or the yearly inflation rate exceeds 12874.63%. The current inflation is a problem, but it's certainly not hyperinflation.


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N2TheBlu t1_iwuu2t1 wrote

And your reality runs on unicorn farts. Good luck this winter! Buy some Sterno to heat your canned stew!


Remarkable-Design-96 t1_iwswban wrote

They don't get it. But remember abortion is legal (which I'm ok with) so it's a big deal that affects less than 1%of the population...We're screwed on most of the other issues but they "won".We lose.