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rhinoclaus t1_iwxfjri wrote

They have so many other problems to focus on. Why bother with this???


Wickersaltlamp t1_iwxu7ih wrote

Imagine thinking people can only solve one problem at a time.


Electr_O_Purist t1_iwxn1ld wrote

I’m so tired of this lazy red herring. You’re like one of these same slack jawed knuckle draggers who think we can’t accept any immigrants because some people are homeless. You realize all you’re doing is exposing your own ignorance here, right? You must see that.

Don’t worry. Everybody else does.


rhinoclaus t1_iwy53g3 wrote

Yes, definitely a knuckle dragger. This is a stupid, waste of time law. People will drive 10 minutes to a different location just outside of town to get it done. I’d much rather energy for enforcement goes to things that matter. I’m all for progress, but not for passing useless laws that won’t actually change anything.


aboutsider t1_iwyupij wrote

Maybe the legislature should try whining on the internet, like you. I'm sure that'll change something!


thesonofdarwin t1_iwzlxuy wrote

So your stance is that you can only care about and/or fix one thing at a time. Why are you so focused on this event then? Don't you have issues in your own life that you should be focusing on? One at a time, because of that limited capacity you seem to have. Don't waste it talking about this.


CltAltAcctDel t1_iwxn5ux wrote

People are capable of doing multiple things. You don’t have to solve ever large scale problem prior to solving small problems.

That said I’m agnostic on cat declawing.


Electr_O_Purist t1_iwxnkch wrote

That’s because you know fuck all about it.


CltAltAcctDel t1_iwz6soq wrote

Correct. I don’t have a cat and no nothing about the sides of the debate nor do I care to know. Thus my agnostic position