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greensecondsofpanic t1_ix1den2 wrote

Which Derry Township? I live right next to Hershey and I don't recognize this, so I'm thinking the one in Western PA?

Edit: Looked it up and there's apparently FOUR Derry Townships in PA 💀 the more you know


WhiskeyandScars t1_ix1ose7 wrote

Yeah, I was super confused. I was trying to figure out where the hell in that area you'd get a picture like this. 😅


dc551589 OP t1_ix1i08a wrote

Wow! I just went from my geotag. Just checked it. This one is just north of Washingtonville on route 54!


IamSauerKraut t1_ix1qrby wrote

Must be western cuz the only tracks to TMI with a possible view like that are in Londonderry Township along the river... but the smokestack at the right is too close to be the one on Brunner Island in York County.