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zorionek0 t1_iwzu83p wrote

Great picture, looks like an album cover.

To wax poetic, this is our future: rails and reactors. We need nuclear and green energy, and we need fast, efficient, and clean rail transport across PA.


itasteminty t1_ix1uawe wrote

That's actually a coal fired power plant, the stacks are off to the right side. Many newer coal fired plants use cooling towers to reduce the volume of water they have to process. They are considering changing this plant from coal to natural gas.


RedStar9117 t1_ix0ndi1 wrote

I got married near the TMI semi melt down was only the 2nd biggest disaster in Derry township


TGIIR t1_ix1gcby wrote



greensecondsofpanic t1_ix1den2 wrote

Which Derry Township? I live right next to Hershey and I don't recognize this, so I'm thinking the one in Western PA?

Edit: Looked it up and there's apparently FOUR Derry Townships in PA πŸ’€ the more you know


WhiskeyandScars t1_ix1ose7 wrote

Yeah, I was super confused. I was trying to figure out where the hell in that area you'd get a picture like this. πŸ˜…


dc551589 OP t1_ix1i08a wrote

Wow! I just went from my geotag. Just checked it. This one is just north of Washingtonville on route 54!


IamSauerKraut t1_ix1qrby wrote

Must be western cuz the only tracks to TMI with a possible view like that are in Londonderry Township along the river... but the smokestack at the right is too close to be the one on Brunner Island in York County.


Yelloeisok t1_ix18sf9 wrote

I didn’t know that PA has two Derry Townships? The only one I know is in SW PA and borders Latrobe & New Alexandria


dc551589 OP t1_ix1i3zl wrote

So someone else commented that they looked it up and there are 4 apparently haha! This one is north of Washingtonville on route 54. I got it from the geotag!


IamSauerKraut t1_ix1qusb wrote

Hershey is a village in Derry Township, Dauphin County. You've been to HersheyPark Happy, right?