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Unique-Public-8594 t1_iy10jw7 wrote

This article says the fire broke out on the porch. 2:30a. Does not say whether it was arson.

You’ve got 13 dogs and 13 people inside what, according to Zillow, was a roughly 1,500 sf house.


friskimykitty t1_iy13l6l wrote

I was just thinking about this the other day. There’s something suspicious about this fire. That’s the same square footage as my house and I can’t imagine 13 people and 13 dogs living or staying in it with two bedrooms and one bathroom.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_iy141yc wrote

Exactly. It isn’t like they stopped by to visit or the dogs were outside. They were all in there in the middle of the night, right?


friskimykitty t1_iy14ace wrote

Although I think a few were supposedly visiting, I agree they were all in the house at the time of the fire.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_iy110h6 wrote

Right. But no cause made official yet. I think that’s what OP was asking, right?


Nemacolin OP t1_iy2yiuf wrote

Yes. It is a major investigation, the largest mass-casualty event in the area in decades. Strange there is so little in the months since.

If anyone hears anything, I would appreciate a heads-up.

Thanks to you all.