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-js23 t1_iyhgb44 wrote

It’s a bit north, but people claim The Inn at Jim Thorpe is, along with the old Carbon Country jailhouse with the mysterious handprint and all.


nardlz t1_iyh3iy3 wrote

There's Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly but I don't think you can stay overnight


BramDeccapod t1_iyha5rc wrote

Byberry Hospital

good luck


BramDeccapod t1_iyha8c1 wrote

Also, would prolly in involve some B&E in case you’re wondering


BFreeFranklin t1_iyhe8gi wrote

No such thing


dsheris t1_iyls690 wrote

Many feelings were hurt by this comment.


transneptuneobj t1_iyhg34g wrote

Right like if ghosts existed we wouldn't be watching shows where they come up empty handed on history channel.

It's crazy how many people believe in ghosts and all of them believe cause they had some experience and they believe that there is no way that they could have been mistaken.


zerooze t1_iyhjxip wrote

I find it weird with how much we know in this day and age that people still believe in ghosts.


PPQue6 t1_iyj2vg3 wrote

RIght!? This shit makes me eye roll so fucking hard...


Vrizzi1221 OP t1_iykegfu wrote

Lol. Why even take the time to comment?


BFreeFranklin t1_iyrxxqr wrote

Why take the time to post?


Vrizzi1221 OP t1_iytl4wb wrote

Because I’m looking for suggestions for locations my friends can hang out and have fun together. You are Weird. Get some friends, touch grass, and get laid. It will change your life.


LostInTime_1895 t1_iykckit wrote

New Hope has a number of haunted sites. I think there are some hotels or B&B's that have specific rooms popular with ghost hunters.


Vrizzi1221 OP t1_iykedl9 wrote

Do you know of any specifically?


LostInTime_1895 t1_iykl9dh wrote

Logan Inn is one that I recall. You can probably Google to find the room. Went on a ghost walk some years back and there were multiple locations with haunting stories.

The whole town is very touristy and has a very eclectic appeal. Biker bar, crystals shop, and a range of things in between. I'd guess they really do up Christmas if you are into that.


[deleted] t1_iyh3drf wrote



RedStar9117 t1_iyh8diz wrote

I live in Gettysburg. All the ghost stories have been made up since ghost tours became a thing here in the late 90s.


No-Reporter3692 t1_iyhdvhx wrote

As opposed to the not made up ghost stories elsewhere…


RedStar9117 t1_iyionn5 wrote

I don't believe any ghost stories but ghosts became a tourist thing about 30 years ago here and nonone really mentioned haunted stuff before thst


SourHoagie t1_iyhchlt wrote

Devils House on Cossart Rd


DocJ73 t1_iyhn3nd wrote

Raymyers Hollow sp? In York


hiroshimasfoot t1_iynmz7i wrote

Stottsville Inn in Parksburg PA. I've been told by friends that work there and people that have stayed that it's haunted, but I don't know myself. You can stay overnight.

Here is their website


worldaudioz t1_j22uf5d wrote

Sellingsgrove PA, Susquehanna University (Sebert Hall) . There is also a mason church in the middle of town in sellingsgrove, I seen a old woman walk out of a side door and starred at me with dark circles around her eyes. She waved me to come toward her I turned and kept walking (I was on the other side of the street) I looked back she was gone. I also sat by the water at sunset and as the sun was going down I seen something gliding through the water at an incredibly fast pace. It didn’t stop it, kept gliding and gliding. The chick I was w/ was bugged out she wanted to walk away from the water. The town in general has a strange feeling.


thisoldbroad t1_iyip87c wrote

How far can you spit? Pennsylvania has haunts that have yet to be discovered.


Bella-D-Doggo t1_iyj1q2d wrote

I mean certain parts of Philly will make you a ghost is you go at 3am.