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ChrisTheHurricane t1_iyiio30 wrote

Fuck these people. Their antics are eroding trust in democracy.


porscheblack t1_iykc5j3 wrote

To be fair, the fact that their vote counts the same as mine also erodes trust in democracy.


raredad t1_iyiij01 wrote

To be this brainwashed is amazing. Mental health is a major issue in these groups.


Caution999 t1_iyki2np wrote

What is a woman?


ackmon t1_iykm2kg wrote

Don't you know what a dictionary is?


Dr_Worm88 t1_iykm7k1 wrote

You know the best part of everything involved in this statement just how obvious a bad-faith ploy it is.


Caution999 t1_iykoyug wrote

Glad you can't answer the question. I wonder which side is actually suffering from mental health issues. Good day.


Dr_Worm88 t1_iykpjjy wrote

First you didn’t ask me the question.

Second it’s not that simple especially in the context it was originally asked.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume you hasn’t watched the hearing and didn’t listen to why that question was in bad faith.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iykn6gt wrote

Is a middle aged or elderly mother who has a hysterectomy (about 35-40% have them unfortunately) a woman? Does a woman have to have ovaries and a uterus? What do you consider women who have hysterectomies?


Caution999 t1_iykp65s wrote

Being born as a human female with the potential to create offspring in the future. There ya go. Not that hard. It doesn't mean that someone who has health issues isn't a woman.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iykrb5g wrote

Plenty of women are born infertile with no potential to create offspring in the future. Are they still women? And what about the additional hundreds of thousands of babies who are born each year in the US with extra sex chromosomes? There ya go. Not that hard. They’re women if they identify that way.

Why would you or anyone care how someone identifies? To quote George Thurgood (yep, I’m old), “It don’t confron’ me (long as I get my money next Friday).”


Caution999 t1_iykrlxl wrote

How would you describe a true friend? Is it someone who will give you the tough truth - even if they know it will hurt you slightly in the moment - for the greater good in the longterm? Or is a true friend someone who just says "YES HONEY YOU DO YOU!" every time they ask you a question?

Anyway, for whatever 0.0000003% thing you want to throw at me like some kind of got ya moment - let's just stick to the Chromosomes then.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iykssom wrote

You’re privy to “the truth”? And the rest of us aren’t? Well, aren’t you special.

Have a little humility and stop trying to control other people. Meanwhile, you’ll lose this argument because most people don’t have your control needs.


[deleted] t1_iykvcr8 wrote



MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iykz354 wrote

Surgically transitioning before age 18 is a separate issue with admitted potential to do harm. And it’s exceptionally rare. No, you feel entitled to control other people’s choices and identities.

“Leftist,” huh? Lol. Nope. A civil libertarian. Remember that?

What exactly is the “one hell of a fight” going to be about? Again, lol.


Caution999 t1_iykzm6a wrote

I feel like puberty shapes a lot of what we will become and isn't an enemy of humans.

"one hell of a fight" = simple information warfare, engaging in debate.

I don't care what grown adults do to their bodies as long as it's legal. I do care about protecting innocent, children, sure. sue me.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iyl02tv wrote

Well, we probably mostly agree then. Wait. Did we just potentially reach an agreement as a result of a Reddit conversation? Awesome! Hey, maybe Americans don’t fit neatly into political categories? Well 🖖 …


Caution999 t1_iyl1sqv wrote

You’re right. I did come in with a chip on my shoulder when I shouldn’t have. My apologies.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iyomfap wrote

No worries!

We (Americans) should convene a national town hall. It would be wild here and there, but I’d say overall we could get a lot done on things like immigration, abortion, LGBTQ rights and so on. Most people are decent, sensible and reasonable, even if many are prone to believing conspiracy theories regarding “stolen elections” and the like.


poopfeast t1_iyl3qjc wrote

It’s their lives, douchebag. Nobody is preventing you from ruining yours.


brk1 t1_iykwpmt wrote

Leave your mom’s basement and maybe you’ll find out.


Flimsy-Lie-1471 t1_iym7x3a wrote

oh my, I just looked at this whack jobs post history <cringe> Pretty sure he is amongst the group with mental health issues in the comment above.


IamSauerKraut t1_iyk71go wrote

Liz Diehl should be disqualified from ever again holding elected office, especially judge of elections.


Er3bus13 t1_iyj4bax wrote

Don't these cost them money? If not it should. Make them pay for their stupidity


IamSauerKraut t1_iyk77ga wrote

There is a filing fee, which is easily split amongst the three filers for each court petition. But the filers are likely financed by another person or an entity. Champerty, anyone?


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iyicq93 wrote

Two far-right groups, Right for Bucks & Audit the Vote, collaborated in an endeavor to recruit individuals to file petitions in Bucks. The Bucks County Board of Elections said this is delaying the certification of votes locally.


Sprinkles_Hopeful t1_iyk3pr7 wrote

The election is over it's certified they need to take their little bucket and shovel and go home


IamSauerKraut t1_iyk7xzz wrote

I wonder if there is a way to reach those two groups and force their participation... at their cost.


_melsky t1_iykdzed wrote

Audit the Vote PA has a Facebook page. They were claiming it was stolen before anything was even called. (I removed the hyperlink but website can be acessed Googling the same name.) Toni Shuppe CEO


WonderingHermit t1_iyl8ams wrote

McAfee labeled this link as suspicious.


_melsky t1_iymt9hm wrote

I went to it on my phone and it wasn't flagged. I have McAfee on my laptop and that flags a lot of sites.

On their main page they are soliciting folks to pay a subscription of $5 a month for the cause.


WonderingHermit t1_iyna2uh wrote

mine says the site has potentially unwanted programs (or PUPS)


_melsky t1_iyoohvs wrote

I removed the hyperlink. I read the info on PUPs but it says you get those by DLing which you don't DL anything when you go into the site.


WonderingHermit t1_iyoytwg wrote

I don't know I just got an orange circle next to the link, I didn't click on the link.


WafflesTheMoose t1_iyj9i99 wrote

Just call them what they are! They're antisemites! They voted for one, they can call themselves one!


No-Setting9690 t1_iyja0zz wrote

I think if you petition this shit with zero proof for any logical reason, you should lose your citizenship.
There are times when it's needed, and it's should be done, but this is clearly only done to delay the results that everyone knows will not change.


Sprinkles_Hopeful t1_iyk321i wrote

Blah blah. It's like watching an old movie that you saw 20 times and you hate it


ktappe t1_iyjsdad wrote

Poor losers strike again.


crazypants9 t1_iyka2ld wrote

They would fuck themselves blind to own the Libs. They are poisoned. Decades of Rush and AM hate radio and nonstop Fox propaganda. Trump spoke and they bought the entire boatload of hate and deceit. Think of what would be great for Putin. Sounds a lot like the Republican Party platform. If Biden lost, Ukraine would be toast.


U-GO-GURL- t1_iykgh7h wrote

Its not a stolen election if it only happens when you lose.


No-Rub-7252 t1_iykjuh6 wrote

And they say the other side are sheep’s


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iykmlgl wrote

I live in Bucks. How the hell did RINO-ish GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick win handily in both 2020 and 2022, while Trump and Trumpists lost bigly on the very same ballots to Dems? Could it be that a solid majority of Bucks voters are fucking done with the sick cult of MAGA and their election-denying bullshit?


egJohn t1_iyivpom wrote

there's a line in fight club "self improvement is masturbation"

i don't know what you'd call this but I'm feeling like there's a parallel.


w00dm4n t1_iyl4604 wrote

when did we turn into Arizona and Georgia?


MartianActual t1_iykrty3 wrote

They should have to pay every dime its costing for this. whoever signs the request for recount should be financially responsible and they should be audited to ensure it is not being paid for by anyone affiliated with a campaign or political party.

On the bright side, each time they pull this bullshit a bunch of independents say fuck voting for a Republican.


sx70forlifexx t1_iykibjh wrote

Lmao all we're written in crayon 🖍️


sunplaysbass t1_iyl64od wrote

The courts are increasingly shitting on the frivolous lawsuits


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_iymxr9b wrote

They need to remove the lead pipe water plumbing this area immediately.


brk1 t1_iykvd0k wrote



EgocentricEmu t1_iyl2auw wrote

Oh the morons are making my area look bad again, sick!


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_iymyhtk wrote

If the election count in their area is not certified, does that mean their fascist area votes are not counted, making them lose by even more votes? Or is that just in some states, not PA?


[deleted] t1_iyjr20x wrote



ktappe t1_iyjsshl wrote

So speech impediments mean someone is a "vegetable", eh? You're being as deplorable as your party.


[deleted] t1_iyjvl9m wrote



jballs2213 t1_iyk0i1g wrote

His cognitive ability will improve. Unfortunately, yours will not.


Phillysean23 t1_iyjwta6 wrote

I mean it's weird. Kris Letang suffered a stroke but did Pennsylvania vote him for senator? No. Doctors said he should be focused on recovering before worrying an out playing hockey


yeags86 t1_iyjzi56 wrote

Letang wasn’t running for political office. And hockey is completely different from politics. What a shit take.


Phillysean23 t1_iykh3gg wrote

Rule 4


yeags86 t1_iykisrm wrote

Might want to read that rule again.


Phillysean23 t1_iykjjt5 wrote

Yup intentionally starting a fight.


yeags86 t1_iyklopo wrote

When I see a spade, I call it a spade. When I see a shit take, I call it a shit take. I’m not starting a fight by telling you that your comparison is absolutely meaningless and has no merit. I’m simply expressing that the comparison you made has no logic whatsoever to it.


Phillysean23 t1_iyks3e7 wrote

“When I see a spade I call it a spade.” Sounds like someone’s a little racist.


Hopeful_Scholar398 t1_iynj5zu wrote

Someone said spade and you thought "racial slur"?


Phillysean23 t1_iynjr4j wrote

Been busy trolling this sub lately?


ScottEATF t1_iykwql8 wrote

It's almost like playing a sport and being a politician are different things.


Phillysean23 t1_iykwvgy wrote

I mean I would want a person that represents people to be somewhat coherent


Fluid-Wrongdoer6120 t1_iyjvmu5 wrote

so blatant yet not provable in a court of law? how strange.


[deleted] t1_iyjws59 wrote



freshoilandstone t1_iyk2b0c wrote

Republican-appointed judges, Republican-controlled legislatures in WI, PA. MI, and AZ, 61 cases of election fraud presented, 61 losses.

If your point is that the entire political system is corrupt then, sure, it always has been. It is everywhere in the world at every level. So what's new? If your point is Republicans are paragons of virtue and evil Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election from the Republican god trump I don't know what to tell you except you're brainwashed out of your mind. trump is as reviled internationally as is Putin and to refuse to believe the majority of your fellow citizens chose to vote for the other guy is reality denial.


[deleted] t1_iyk3yt4 wrote



sensistarfish t1_iyk78wg wrote

Cry about it.


RipTide275 t1_iyk8n77 wrote

Whole country is crying every time they pump gas or buy groceries. Luckily I’m wealthy, the rest of you are fucked by Biden


ItsjustJim621 t1_iykf5fq wrote

Except Biden didn’t raise gas prices or grocery prices you dolt


RipTide275 t1_iykhgul wrote

You sound bitter. Do you need a handout or something ?


ItsjustJim621 t1_iykhplf wrote

I’m not bitter.

What did Biden do to raise gas prices? Or grocery prices?

Just apply logic here: Biden’s approval rating was below 50%….why would he do something that would be unpopular to further hurt his approval rating?


RipTide275 t1_iyki4oq wrote

Because he’s a fucking moron. When you create more regulations in businesses that increases costs which gets passed to consumers. Also govt spending is inflationary, so sending billions of taxpayer dollars overseas along with other massive spending causes inflation. That’s your Econ lesson for today kid. Get lost now


ItsjustJim621 t1_iykig15 wrote

So corporate greed has nothing to do with it?

Early November of 2010, a barrel of oil was roughly $86/barrel and gas was around $3/gallon.

Early November 2022, a barrel of oil was roughly $85/barrel and gas is close to $4/gallon.

There’s your Econ lesson for the day which renders your talking point useless. Get fucked, boomer


RipTide275 t1_iykjc6z wrote

Thanks for making my point, read again exactly what I just posted. Those regulatory costs are being passed on by the companies. Goodnight little soy boy. Ask mommy for more allowance


jballs2213 t1_iykpxx9 wrote

He’s the SoY bOY but you’re deleting all your comments lol.


RipTide275 t1_iykrzlg wrote

Not me brother,must be some liberal moderator that likes to suppress conservative opinions


ItsjustJim621 t1_iyksgsg wrote

So you just admitted that everything you said was opinion, not fact. Got it.


jballs2213 t1_iyksfgl wrote

Your opinions are stupid. I’ve also never felt more offended by the use of brother lol.


RipTide275 t1_iyku617 wrote

You’re very easily offended. What are your pronouns?


jballs2213 t1_iyky3qp wrote

I don’t have pronouns,but I also don’t get upset by people that do. Funny you call us the snowflakes but PRoNouNs ArE SCarY!!!


yeags86 t1_iykkd7a wrote

The amount sent to Ukraine is nothing compared to PPP and the stimulus checks which (expect one stimulus check) happened under Trump. The guy who promised to eliminate the federal debt and ended up adding significantly to it.

You don’t know fuck all about economics, just what talking head economics have to say. Here’s a hint - those talking heads want your money and will lie to you in order to get it.


RipTide275 t1_iykkxpd wrote

Trumps still living in your head. Rent free.


yeags86 t1_iykm57p wrote

Brilliant argument to refute my points.

Have you not done “your own research”?


Hopeful_Scholar398 t1_iynjmo6 wrote

Wealthy, eh? Than I'm sure you love all the socialist programs that benefit you?


RipTide275 t1_iynk6nz wrote

I paid $110,000 in federal income taxes last year. I’m pretty sure I’m paying in a lot more than I get out. I’m not complaining about it, not really sure what your point is


Hopeful_Scholar398 t1_iyqgvez wrote

I definitely didn't ask but, that's OK. You clearly need a friend to talk to.


Fluid-Wrongdoer6120 t1_iym5kw1 wrote

"I'm wealthy", but spend most of my time commenting on Reddit. Sounds likely. If true, who are you mooching off of...wife? Mommy & daddy? Big inheritance?

Also didn't realize that Biden is president of the world, considering that high gas and grocery prices are a worldwide phenomenon


yeags86 t1_iyjzyd3 wrote

Like when Rudy said that they have plenty of theories, but no evidence? Yeah. That’ll get your case thrown out.


Diarygirl t1_iyk0dtj wrote

Lol that's not even a plausible lie. Which Fox News personality is still pushing this nonsense?


yeags86 t1_iyjz4ia wrote

Just because Trump told you there was cheating doesn’t mean there was. Republicans are playing their supporters like fiddles. Only the most gullible believe the stolen election bullshit. Problem is, there are far too many gullible people.


kellyb1985 t1_iyk5j56 wrote

So what you're proposing is a massive conspiracy involving hundreds of thousands of people across four or five separate states without a shred of proof. cool