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IamSauerKraut t1_iymueqf wrote

Not a comet.

Could be space junk entering the atmosphere.


What_About_Pickels t1_iymqzzp wrote

Well I can assure you it was not a comet, as we would all be dead if it were.


devilspeaksintongues t1_iymsgh4 wrote

Even a small one? It could have just been passing maybe? As soon as I get of work I'm gonna do research about comets and asteroids, as now in very intrigued šŸ˜€šŸ˜€


ackmon t1_iynts4a wrote

Probably meant a meteor not a comet.


jballs2213 t1_iyn832j wrote

On my way to work in Williamsport saw what I call a shooting star


Nattherealest_95 t1_iyni3b2 wrote

Ive been seeing anomalous things in the sky literally everyday now- especially in Hbg. Idk if others have noticed but they look like huge drones with bright lights. And over the mountain they go back and fourth all night.


hiroshimasfoot t1_iynkk3h wrote

Omg.i thought I was the only one. But they have really erratic travel patterns, at least when I see them. I really like astronomy, and I've been going out on clear nights to practice spotting constellations. Started noticing "stars" that weren't supposed to be there. Then they went from idle, to moving, to idle again, then just disappeared all together. Thought I might've been going crazy recently lol.


swissmtndog398 t1_iyocvd6 wrote

Was this up towards Perry County? I'm up there and will have to keep an eye out.


Nattherealest_95 t1_iyojhdr wrote

Iā€™m sure you would see them out there but I am more toward Harrisburg in the city and Dauphin (here they always scoping out the mountains around cause dauphin is a valley). Also seen em often in Mechanicsburg/Camp Hill!


Dry_Presence7112 t1_iynksnm wrote

I saw several last night, falling "stars" with sparking tails. Pretty cool