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newworldman1070 t1_iyqfy7z wrote

That’s the former Hickory School in Endeavor, PA.


mrslouchypants t1_iyqsr8j wrote

That's right. I new someone who went to school there. Would have been 1940's.


Joran_Dax t1_iyqblvg wrote

Structurally, it reminds me of an old school. Like from the first half of the 20th century. I have several in my area that look similar to this, built in the 1910s to early 40s. Small elementary schools.


Allemaengel t1_iyqh5ae wrote

Definitely looks like a school from that time period. The school from the Christmas Story movie comes to mind.

A shame it was left to decay because a lot of those building were built remarkably solid and had it been maintained, it could've been converted to other uses.


Jmich96 OP t1_iyqbs2e wrote

I've always thought it looked sort of like an old office building of some sort. I suppose a school may be fitting... though by no means is it a small building. These old Google Maps drive by shots don't do the size justice.


Giric t1_iyqgh40 wrote

I’m a relative newcomer to PA. I moved up about a year ago to work for the US Forest Service. So, take the suggestion for what you will.

Who keeps a record of deeds? I would think either the county or township has a record of who owns what. They might have transfer records for the property, too. That could give you some idea of what it was. There has to be a building permit filled at some point. Local government archives might still have that squirreled away somewhere.

You might be able to see if the church across from it has any records. The local newspaper - I don’t remember which one covers that area - and/or the local library might have an archive that could help.

It does have an early 20th century look to it, as well as has been suggested of school or office building. I don’t know the history of East Hickory and Endeavor enough to make much more of a guess. Automatically, I want to assume it was part of a timber company or oil and gas company.


jralll234 t1_iyr5psv wrote

Deeds are kept at the county level, typically at the courthouse.


thisoldbroad t1_iyrkw4o wrote

The county tax assessor has that info, but a complete street address or parcel number is necessary.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_iyqkuaw wrote

Google says “temporarily closed” but it kind of looks permanently closed. Wouldn’t you agree?


Jmich96 OP t1_iyqau4h wrote

I've talked to some local old timers and I've got nothing more than theories.


worstatit t1_iyqqyav wrote

Wondered that myself. I did notice it has a state keystone logo on it that appears part of its original construction.


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_iyqos4u wrote

It looks like an old manufacturing plant from the 1940s time frame.