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AnalConnoisseur777 t1_iyqizar wrote

The entire eastern side of PA is adjacent to NJ. You would need to be specific to which area you are traveling to.


Lawmonger t1_iyqivcg wrote

Have you tried looking at a map? Finding out where Starbucks are located?


E_Pluribus_Omnom t1_iyqix1q wrote

New Hope, Easton, Stroudsburg, Washington Crossing, Riegelsville, Milford, Nazareth.


ChemicalPop5255 t1_iyr2eib wrote

New Hope. You can walk across a bridge to Lambertville. Both towns have tons of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.


alphex t1_iyqq0ig wrote

Use a VPN ?


smearylane t1_iytr186 wrote

yeah ↑, unless there's some sort of serious legal liability for the work to be done outside of NJ, just use a NJ VPN server to spoof your location. your employer shouldn't be wasting your time and gas with this


EmergencySundae t1_iyqiy6u wrote

Bucks County. I commute to Princeton, and there are a lot of us that come from Lower Bucks (Yardley, Newtown, etc).


EaglesFan027 t1_iyqtsuz wrote

Can work anywhere in NJ? Any bordering area will be a bit pricey but I’d recommend the Lehigh Valley


martymoran t1_iyqsgkv wrote

do what now


xRarex0nex t1_iyr3bl8 wrote

Ha he's saying he wants to stay close enough to Jersey so he can cross the border to sports gamble, not like online "work" has geolocation trackers


JennItalia269 t1_iyqndsv wrote

Lots of people commute from the poconos to NYC. That involves going through NJ


w00dm4n t1_iyrv75q wrote

if you go to Milford you can be next to NY and NJ


Chaz_Cheeto t1_iyqpk20 wrote

I would say lehigh valley area (Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown). I used to commute from that area into New Jersey for quite some time. Additionally, maybe the Stroudsburg area.


EricDZ t1_iyqoolh wrote

Recommend Easton or New Hope. Easton is like a majorly scaled down Brooklyn. Good bang for buck there too. New Hope is more suburban / upscale.


Mr_Fraunces t1_iyrdnk9 wrote

Live in Bristol and go right over the Burlington-Bristol Bridge or the I-95 bridge.


ImOldGettOffMyLawn t1_iyttrax wrote

Besides the smart-ass answer that everything along the Delaware River is adjacent; I would specifically point out the whole New Hope - Lambertville thing.


Dolphin_Moon t1_iyu42z8 wrote

Grew up in New Hope my whole life. Its a phenomenal town but waaay too pricey now. Aim for upper bucks


ktp806 t1_iyqqat6 wrote

OK I’ll just list counties- Chester Philadelphia bucks NorthHampton Monroe Pike


blinkdmb t1_iyqqnlh wrote

Yardley and Morrisville fit this pretty well. Starbucks in NJ in Lauranceville NJ.