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AtBat3 t1_iz32qec wrote

Judging by the dumb comments, this probably shouldn’t have been posted in this sub.


Spud_Rancher t1_iz32gqw wrote

I love that this in PA subreddit

Wawa > Sheetz

Downvotez to the left bitchez


enakj t1_iz3m7is wrote

For a fraction of a second, I read the headline as Tina Turner and that whoa, what?!


thunderGunXprezz t1_iz2f8mo wrote

I will never understand how these teams make enough money to pay these salaries. The stadiums are half empty for 80% of the season and nobody watches commercials. I just don't get it. I don't know why they get the TV contacts they do. It makes no sense at all.


ftwin t1_iz2vhu5 wrote

TV deals and their owners are billionaires


thunderGunXprezz t1_iz3bl7x wrote

Correct. But I guess my point is, neither of those 2 entities ever do anything that loses money. Owners don't own teams for the love of the game, they do it for profit. I just don't understand why anyone actually pays for this shit. I mean, I'll watch a high school or college baseball game, but I'm not gonna pay more than $25 a ticket to go watch an MLB game in the middle of June. Especially when I'd spend another $100+ on parking, food, drinks etc. And apparently not many other people do either. So again, I don't understand why they get the TV deals in the first place. Nobody cares about literally 3/4 the season.


ftwin t1_iz3btay wrote

Well that’s just not true. There are a lot of baseball fans out there. Also that contract is over 11 years so it’s not really that crazy YoY.


Joe18067 t1_iz48yfg wrote

And yet they require governments to cough up money to upgrade their minor league stadiums or lose their franchises. Corporate welfare at its finest.


IncomeNo6468 t1_iz312qx wrote

“This is a mistake”, says a Philly fan


ktappe t1_iz3unse wrote

Everyone I know is happy, as are all the commentators. What isn't there to like about this? Phils stole him away from the archrival Braves who were also vying to sign him.


MacMac105 t1_iz1xpad wrote

If you're chronically inept at drafting and developing your own players you gotta spend money.


ktappe t1_iz3uhxc wrote

3rd baseman Alec Bohm was drafted by the Phillies and came up thru the Phillies farm system. There are likely others but that's the one that immediately came to mind upon reading your post.


MacMac105 t1_iz4jy48 wrote

There are 5 homegrown impact guys out of 25.

Shwarber, Harper, Segura, Realmuto, Castellanos, Wheeler are all FAs. That's basically the heart of the team right there.

They haven't developed an outfielder since Burrel for Christ's sake.