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Bobbyroberts123 t1_iz9vwoe wrote

Our public transportation is so/so if you live in an urban area. Go further out in the counties and it is awful. Our expressways are getting somewhat better, but local roads are awful.


boredoflife96 t1_iza1tfc wrote

Local roads suck because municipalities refuse to pay for them. The state didn't create that problem. Most of the state roads have gotten much better the last few years. Pittsburgh needs to bring back its trolley system if it's really going to grow, and Philadelphia needs to quit being shafted by the counties around it to secure proper funding for septa.


RedditMemesSuck t1_izb2pbe wrote

Haha yep 🥲

Living in Greene county is like living in West Virginia+all the negatives of PA, what a deal


DirtyHippyBastard t1_iza2qv7 wrote

But all that money the turnpike commission brings in, and our system is worse than others that don’t charge people $100 to drive across the territory? Color me corrupt, I mean shocked.


joefred111 t1_izat5w2 wrote

Most of that money went to the State Police, which is shitty.


RipTide275 t1_izaabvo wrote

The amount of money lost to corruption is obscene


SmokeChaser426 t1_izbr7br wrote

I pay $ 280 to run the Turnpike in my Big truck, absolutely Brutal. PA also has some of the highest fuel taxes in the country too


Allemaengel t1_iz9wg9j wrote

C-. ????

Try more like an overall D overall.


lexispots t1_iza2gdv wrote

Whomever performed the study and gave roadways a grade of only a C- has never driven the roadways east of Pittsburgh.


Wuz314159 t1_izbbwvg wrote

Maybe they've been to Arkansas and seen that total cluster-fuck?


lexispots t1_izbgqzf wrote

Those roadways are better. I’ve driven in 45 of the 48 mainland states and PA has some of the worst roadways hands down. For crying out loud a pothole swallowed a bus 😳


VanceAstrooooooovic t1_izcdnmc wrote

So what happened to that infrastructure money that got diverted to the SP? $4.2 billion is there no accountability for that?


PienotPi OP t1_izcmn28 wrote

I’d imagine it takes some time to allocate, plan, implement & repair $4.2 worth in resources. February was basically a week ago when it comes to public infrastructure stuff. This moves slooowww


twolfe0 t1_izau6x4 wrote

The state is eligible for around 15 billion in road construction from the infrastructure bill, and from what I've read it's supposed to be for megaprojects to improve quality of life. With that being said, I have my doubts the state will try to fix some of these roads because a lot of them are the way they are because of NIMBYs. In Pittsburgh there are people fighting to ensure that no bypass of the Squirrel Hill Tunnel gets built, and in Philly you have something like the Blue Route(not 76) that goes from 6 lanes to 4 because environmentalist made some sort of stink and the state caved and now there's constant backups. So a lot of our roads suck because they're kept shitty to appease a small amount of people.


SmokeChaser426 t1_izbqtdf wrote

That's what happens when you have a Republicon legislation in the State. Hopefully it will improve with the change over in the majority moving to Democrat Just a thought


SurfinPirate t1_izaxy47 wrote

That C- definitely did not factor in almost being derailed when driving 45 mph and driving into a set of 2" deep buggy tracks.


Wuz314159 t1_izbc3hs wrote

Horse+buggy are so heavy that they cut into asphalt? TIL


OhioJeeper t1_ize3u57 wrote

Not so much that they're that heavy relative to a vehicle but there's a smaller contact patch on the wheels.


red_carpet_hero t1_izbfol9 wrote

Hopefully scored better than Texas, right?


jpgPGH t1_izbvrmp wrote

C’s get degrees!


Flimsy-Lie-1471 t1_iz9qb03 wrote

Two things before everyone starts. It’s been getting better but it takes time. The second thing is these guys are motivated to point out deficiencies so they get more work.


Grumpicake t1_iz9zvem wrote

Even if they’re motivated pointing out deficiencies… that means there’s still deficiencies, right? Like, they can’t just fabricate things that aren’t there.


OhioJeeper t1_ize3nxf wrote

There will always be deficiencies, I think that's the point they're making. The US is weird about grading where anything less than an A is unacceptable.

I'm not really seeing it here but these threads tend to dive into people shitting on the US's infrastructure (which by most rankings is some of the best in the world) because an organization who's job it is to be critical about our infrastructure issues a report that's critical on our infrastructure.

That said this state's infrastructure does fucking blow. Like I grew up in Ohio and thought ours was bad but moving to PA was eye-opening. Thank god our state police are funded though, that's something no other state has figured out how to pay for without dipping into money that's supposed to go to road maintenance /s.


Nukemanrunning t1_iza17ie wrote

Oh yeah, but they maybe incredibly minor.


Grumpicake t1_iza2fh7 wrote

Sure, that’s probably bound to happen, but I would say PA deserves a low grade for infrastructure, no?


Flimsy-Lie-1471 t1_iza4dko wrote

Is your car in perfect condition? Is that minor squeak worth fixing or is it a turn up the radio problem?


Grumpicake t1_izaf7pf wrote

Dude, the roads do not have MINOR problems, you have to be joking.


Flimsy-Lie-1471 t1_izagnga wrote

A lot better than they were. And remember they got so bad because of the stupid no new taxes pledge. Gas tax didn’t go up for so long that the roads fell apart.


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thenewtbaron t1_izefflq wrote

I didn't know that Wolf wrote the budget. Maybe the very republican legislature should probably take responsibility for that.


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FaithlessnessCute204 t1_izfcvd9 wrote

1 the gas tax thing was actually Corbetts deal , he just made it start after he left . 2 for the psp issue wolf proposed alternatives to funding the psp but they get shot down by the repub house and senate, this year they paid more out of the general fund to keep them out of the gas tax funds


thenewtbaron t1_izgmqkr wrote

bet you forgot about Corbett, the republican governor... and the republican legislature upped the gas tax... and then the republican legislature decided not to fund republican counties saying "fuck the police" and decided not to pay for them

yeah bud. This state has had a fully republican legislature for all of the last 30 years save for like four, and a republican congress person for all those 30 years but 4 runs... .but yeah, it has got to be the minority party's fault... can't be the people you keep voting for.


ZongMeHoff t1_izem34i wrote

Remember when Tom Wolf talked up how our gas PA gas tax was supposed to help our infrastructure and road repair but instead a huge percent of it went to the Pennsylvania state police pension fund when it was in no way shape or form to be spent any other way but then it's original intended use. Funny how Tommy just sat back and let that all happen. Oh wait that's right I guess the governor doesn't have any say in anything he just hides in his office his entire term never to be seen by the public


thenewtbaron t1_izgm7ul wrote

Hey bud, if you are against how the republican legislature writes the budget, you should probably stop voting for them.

Yes, that money was to go to that.. until republican strongholds decided they don't want to pay for police protection anymore but wanted to keep being protected by the police... and the republican legislature said, "well, no they don't have to pay for that extra service.

yeah bud.


ZongMeHoff t1_izhh0gu wrote

No act that was the Democratic party. They had a whole protest behind refunding the police while at the same time promising to bail those out who decided to burn down buildings and attack the police. But I guess you forgot all about that..


thenewtbaron t1_izhzb6s wrote

Oh, you don't want to talk about the republican legislature, got it

Hell, you don't even want to talk about pennsylvania, got it.

haha, you don't want to talk about the pennsylvania budget.

You are going to have a hard time in life, little buddy.

The article is talking about the Pennsylvania infrastructure which is about pennsylvania and its budget, which requires the pennsylvania majority in the legislature to pass.

You can try to change the subject all you want but facts are facts and they don't care about your feelings, the republican pennsylvanian congress fucked up the budget and has been fucking up the budget since atleast 2000. You can try to blame any governor you want but the budget is the legislative responsiblity. Or are they all dumb fucks that can't do their job and it is the governor's job to to their jobs?