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I didn't know that Wolf wrote the budget. Maybe the very republican legislature should probably take responsibility for that.


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1 the gas tax thing was actually Corbetts deal , he just made it start after he left . 2 for the psp issue wolf proposed alternatives to funding the psp but they get shot down by the repub house and senate, this year they paid more out of the general fund to keep them out of the gas tax funds


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bet you forgot about Corbett, the republican governor... and the republican legislature upped the gas tax... and then the republican legislature decided not to fund republican counties saying "fuck the police" and decided not to pay for them

yeah bud. This state has had a fully republican legislature for all of the last 30 years save for like four, and a republican congress person for all those 30 years but 4 runs... .but yeah, it has got to be the minority party's fault... can't be the people you keep voting for.


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Remember when Tom Wolf talked up how our gas PA gas tax was supposed to help our infrastructure and road repair but instead a huge percent of it went to the Pennsylvania state police pension fund when it was in no way shape or form to be spent any other way but then it's original intended use. Funny how Tommy just sat back and let that all happen. Oh wait that's right I guess the governor doesn't have any say in anything he just hides in his office his entire term never to be seen by the public


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Hey bud, if you are against how the republican legislature writes the budget, you should probably stop voting for them.

Yes, that money was to go to that.. until republican strongholds decided they don't want to pay for police protection anymore but wanted to keep being protected by the police... and the republican legislature said, "well, no they don't have to pay for that extra service.

yeah bud.


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No act that was the Democratic party. They had a whole protest behind refunding the police while at the same time promising to bail those out who decided to burn down buildings and attack the police. But I guess you forgot all about that..


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Oh, you don't want to talk about the republican legislature, got it

Hell, you don't even want to talk about pennsylvania, got it.

haha, you don't want to talk about the pennsylvania budget.

You are going to have a hard time in life, little buddy.

The article is talking about the Pennsylvania infrastructure which is about pennsylvania and its budget, which requires the pennsylvania majority in the legislature to pass.

You can try to change the subject all you want but facts are facts and they don't care about your feelings, the republican pennsylvanian congress fucked up the budget and has been fucking up the budget since atleast 2000. You can try to blame any governor you want but the budget is the legislative responsiblity. Or are they all dumb fucks that can't do their job and it is the governor's job to to their jobs?