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cutiecat565 t1_izcpbf3 wrote

I'm ok with someone else taking York.


samisbeast t1_izd13mf wrote

york is really a next level shit hole

source: im from york


McCooms t1_izd566p wrote

I know someone from York. She says a lot of the problems come from the people fleeing Baltimore to York, and how it contrasts oddly with the “I’m from PA but fly a confederate flag” crowd.


89GTAWS6 t1_ize3l14 wrote

I'd be willing to bet that 80% of the residents of southern York County are 1 generation or less moved here from Baltimore (and consequently doubled the school taxes for everyone, which they constantly bitch about now). So awesome having an older modest home where you pay $1500 in property taxes and an additional $4500 in school tax annually, where it was about a third of that 15 years ago.


mcs0301 t1_izebz4t wrote

I bought a home several years ago. Anything I saw in York County I immediately crossed off my list due to the taxes.


Avante-Gardenerd t1_izdxyzv wrote

That's funny. In Delaware we say that a lot of the problem is Pennsylvanians fleeing Pennsylvania.


Antique_Pianist_2507 t1_izf221c wrote

Only spent a lil time in York when I lived in PA but here in GA Macon and/or Rome sort of give me York vibes


Brilliant-Set3119 t1_izcw48i wrote

New to these parts. What happened to York?

It was depressing to stop by even for really good pizza by local standards


cutiecat565 t1_izcx3v3 wrote

On the map. It would go back to being a part of Deleware is the states switched back to original boundaries.


internetonsetadd t1_izdj2p2 wrote

Food scene here is more crime scene. Mexitaly's chimichanga, for instance: what if we put burrito ingredients in something that eats like a bread bowl? It's also gotta be said York people, Roburrito's sucks. It's well put together but flavorless. Cracker Barrel levels of bland. Jalapenos in Shrewsbury is legit though. There's some good stuff but wading through the bad is a true displeasure.


Super_C_Complex t1_izdox1v wrote

I'm sorry. But that's all Mexican places that aren't the legit Mexican places. The holes in the wall are where it's at. You're acting like Qdoba should be gourmet.

And the food scene in York is not bad at all. In the city you have the left bank, Roosevelts, and the central market.

In the rest of the county you have so many options.


ho_merjpimpson t1_izegi5e wrote

yeah. dude reads like someone who grew up there and is so desperate to get out that they are blinded to what the area offers by what they think other areas offer more of...

ive lived in about 7 different states, from big cities to small towns, and york has a pretty impressive food/downtown scene. ive been to a few shows out that way when i lived in philly, and every time we went out there, we were impressed by the food options. like. no shit, its not philly. but for its size its not devoid of culture.

i also lived in reading for a while... pretty much the heart of authentic mexican food in the region... and roburrito is fucking legit. ohh... im sorry. they dont have $1 tacos de cachete. turns out you can have mexican joints that arent authentic. its called variety.

(i also dont want to blow the guys mind and tell him that their are also authentic mexican places down there.)


internetonsetadd t1_izg1zcz wrote

I grew up in Montco and Philly. I've lived in York County for a few years. I love it here, but I've learned I can't count on reviews to find good food. I'm not particularly picky, my take isn't a foodie's perspective at all. A lot of what I've tried simply wasn't good. That doesn't mean there isn't good food here.

The modern burrito originated in San Francisco, so I wasn't looking for "authentic" Mexican, just a good burrito. Roburrito's isn't it.


AlVic40117560_ t1_ize0xw2 wrote

I will never understand the Roburritos hype. Granted, if you’re from York it’s probably top tier compared to your other food options.


CouldBeBetterForever t1_izexk6v wrote

I'm not even sure why they would want it. I say let them have it before they change their mind.


qrpc t1_izcnzge wrote

We already kicked Connecticut's ass in a war. Delaware better not get cocky.


marc_nado t1_izd69ad wrote

I’m sorry I have to ask… but we did what?


Shadow_of_wwar t1_izd77v9 wrote


Saltine_Machine t1_izdzyah wrote

Learned something today. Thank you


pittdan77 t1_izfqwrh wrote

I kind of want us to revive calling ourselves Pennamites.


ohnomoto450 t1_izgezgr wrote

Live in the affected area. Had honors history and military history classes. Still never heard of this. The public school system failed me.


ArlingtonHeights t1_ize2iiq wrote

Careful tho. Delaware’s got Corn Pop. Corn pop’s a bad dude. He runs a bunch of bad boys. Might not be as easy as beating Connecticut’s ass.


Allemaengel t1_izdtg1e wrote

Bring it. The invading Delawareans will fall into our potholes.

Gets rid of the invaders and fills in the holes that PennDOT won't. Two problems solved, lol.


Antique_Pianist_2507 t1_izeft94 wrote

Born and raised Delmarva. Moved to PA and learned to drive. Destroyed my first car’s axle on a pothole. Invading Delaware soldiers will 100% have logistical supply issues due to impassable PA roads, which the locals learned to navigate and will continue to commute over during the conflict.


Allemaengel t1_izf2ovo wrote

The First State's first (and last) Special Military Operation.


ISwearImKarl t1_izfzyfr wrote

Had to go to Philly some time ago.. Bro, I think it's I495, but that shit was a roller coaster.

It really hurt to see a highway like that... PA backroads? Whatever. They're basically speed bumps. But there's no reason that interstate should be so fucked.


Antique_Pianist_2507 t1_izg0ipn wrote

Some states just DGAF y'know? PA is one of them. I have heard people blame it on the winter/summer cycle with salt thrown in. I paid like 5-6% more in taxes living in PA but it didn't help with the roads.


ISwearImKarl t1_izg0vc2 wrote

Growing up, I always heard "it's a commonwealth" as a defense.

Besides the roads, I love PA. I wish I could live there again. One day, maybe.


twin-shadows t1_izeim83 wrote

The deer will wander into their lane as they invade!


Antique_Pianist_2507 t1_izf2qkh wrote

PA deer are a different breed. I had bucks jump on my hood and like squirrels they always make the wrong decision on where to go.

They will make the DE-soldiers suffer greatly


GraffitiTavern t1_izfyj7o wrote

Only legit school lockdown I had was one time a few deer literally jumped through the school window and was running around for an hour while we had to stay locked in the classrooms


ohnomoto450 t1_izgdv3j wrote

Damn. They locked my school down just because a couple cows from across the street got loose and were grazing on the playground.


ISwearImKarl t1_izg08se wrote

Bro Marylanders think this is "country". They talk about how bad the deer are. They know nothing about deer. North western PA had plenty. I'd see them daily. I'm lucky to spot any around once a month.


Antique_Pianist_2507 t1_izg0wkh wrote

Dude we moved to GA and the town we lived in first barely had any deer. Then we moved a couple towns over, got more land. Now we see 5+ a day on the property. Even though they are the same type as up north, they just don't act as crazy as the ones in PA. In 7 years here I haven't had a close call with a deer, but in PA it was 2-3 a week with a full on impact twice.


ISwearImKarl t1_izg5h6x wrote

Never hit a deer, not even in PA. I remember back after I graduated, I was driving this shitty truck to work. It would stall out while driving 70mph. I had to turn it off and back on while driving. Lights would turn off and everything. Plus, it was winter so we had them North western PA snow falls. The deer would always jump in front of me while driving that road, and once while I stalled out.


SSFx93 t1_izcncyh wrote

Plot twist, the northern section of Delaware was Pennsylvania at first.


upghr5187 t1_izdqugz wrote

All of Delaware was Pennsylvania


Saltine_Machine t1_izdrq9r wrote

Yea, but we didn't want those people.


Blexcr0id t1_izds4gq wrote

As Wayne Campbell once said "Hi, I'm in...Delaware...".


BasilHaydensBitch t1_izeb0m9 wrote

And as Milton VanHorn once said “I’m going to visit a screen door factory!”


Jaylon_Wennings t1_izeiltj wrote

Delawarean here, actually you did. I think you wanted the 3 Delaware counties for access to ports and rights to the Delaware river, but the citizens of Delaware felt they had already established a culture and didn’t want to be a part of PA.


Mor_Tearach t1_ize1p88 wrote

We have to be careful though. Wasn't Pittsburgh part of West Virginia? Don't wanna stir things up. I mean. Steelers.


randomnighmare t1_ize806b wrote

Virginia claimed that it was there and Jefferson when he was Virginia's governor sent some of his militia into PA. They were captured and a note was found from Jefferson that ended, "destroy this message".

What to be careful though is NY. They maybe a bit salty losing Erie.


Mor_Tearach t1_izgvfga wrote

NOW I have to go read more, thank you! Love going down history rabbit holes.

Oh no, not Erie! It won't go quietly though, too many Steeler fans.


und88 t1_izeevy0 wrote

I'm good with trading erie for delaware


Jaylon_Wennings t1_izeiqqi wrote

That’s logistically silly. Having erie is a huge bonus for trade, shipping, and access to fresh water


Mor_Tearach t1_izgvxuo wrote

I know you received some down votes, reversing one for the laugh out loud, outraging my poor husband, Erie grad.


heili t1_izeol1s wrote

Parts of it were Virginia until an agreement in 1779 that extended the Mason-Dixon line to a fixed point 5 degrees west of the Delaware River and drew Pennsylvania's western border as a true north-south straight line rather than a tracing of the course of the Delaware. This was done to compensate Pennsylvania for territory that it ceded between the Mason-Dixon line and the 39th parallel.


Mor_Tearach t1_izgv0zg wrote

Thank you! I could ( and should ) have looked it up, very good to hear the right history.


cn45 t1_ize0s26 wrote

The three lower counties! What once was shall return !


UnKnOwN769 t1_izcthp7 wrote

We could just annex Delaware and nobody would even notice


Opossum-Fucker-1863 t1_izd9dgr wrote

Delaware is historical Pennsylvania clay


the_dorf t1_izduzuc wrote

White and Red creek varieties too


ratmoustache t1_izdv5ic wrote

What’s that mean?


jwinterm t1_izdz7ox wrote

There are two creeks that run through northern Delaware: one with a big state park named after it (white clay creek) and one with a school district named after it (red clay creek).


Patiod t1_izedwd8 wrote

Way back in prehistory I was calling my employer's marketing dept to have something shipped to the Dover Mall.

"I don't think Fed Ex ships to Dover" (like I said, pre-history)

"It's the state capitol, of course they ship there"

"State capitol? Of what?"

"Uh, Delaware?"

"What state is Delaware in?"


fallowcentury t1_izdzb39 wrote

I don't want the world credit card capitol. blyat.


djarvis77 t1_izeb7vy wrote

If Eastern PA annexed DE they would immediately stop being the US tax haven cuz of PA tax law.

In reality, DE and South Eastern PA (the Philly & Metro counties including Chester, Lancaster, Berks, Bucks, & Mont) have much much more in common with each other than they do with Western PA. It would actually be a decent match up. Leaving Western PA to do it's far right wing whatever.

Then Pittsburgh/SWPA could return to West Virginia like they were gonna do.

The Philly/DE combination could have their weed, abortion, gun laws, public transit and city life plus the beaches. Maybe even offset some of the high philly taxes with the no tax DE laws. West Virginia would probably elect better leadership and have a stronger economy. Pennsyltucky/WestNY would be able to have their low tax, no weed, mandatory gun, corporate controlled, maga dream land.

Really it would be a win for everyone.


Patiod t1_izee7jk wrote

This is the solution. Clearly.

And we'd have to relegate my alma mater Penn State to Pennsyltucky, but once I saw people wearing "Penn State cammo" to games, I had already resigned myself to that.


djarvis77 t1_izejgn9 wrote

The new Pennsyltucky WNY state school would probably be a two year trade school group. Probably for-profit "trump-u" type. Hell, idk if they would even want public grade-high school anymore. May just be all homeschool.


boredoflife96 t1_izf5rs0 wrote

Tell me you don't understand Pennsylvania without telling me you don't understand Pennsylvania.


CarbonGod t1_ize58jj wrote

As someone who works in Delaware, and enjoys getting things shipped to work, TAX FREE, and 50cent/gallon cheaper gas. Nah, I say we keep it.


Patiod t1_izeejuc wrote

And yet they don't do without decent government, like so many low-tax/no income tax states.

My friend's kid had a slight developmental delay and damn, did Delaware get on that, with an army of people doing assessments, speech therapy - the works. So low taxes AND relatively strong govt services, thanks to the credit card companies.


jmdunkle t1_izcq089 wrote

Delaware is all old people. They try to any part of PA, they're gonna get batteries whipped at them


dj_swearengen t1_izedlul wrote

Delaware is the Florida of the MidAtlantic, especially Sussex County


carrotheadginger t1_izcw348 wrote

Imagine telling people you live in Delaware… 💀


ratmoustache t1_izdvbsw wrote

I’ve never met anyone that said they were from DE, and I’ve been there several times.


Itsshrovetuesday t1_ize271u wrote

My wife is from Delaware. I lived there for 7 years before moving back to PA. It has a few perks like low property taxes, no sales tax, and beaches. But it has become to massively over populated in Northern DE, traffic is absolutely horrid practically all the time. The beaches have become even more touristy than I remember too.


rouxcifer4 t1_izee3gv wrote

I grew up in southern Delaware, moved to pa with family in 2012. It’s so sad going back now to visit friends, just every single patch of woods or field has been turned into a housing development. The traffic is also horrible.


Itsshrovetuesday t1_izeqkk0 wrote

Totally agree! It's insane how many stupid Ryan Homes developments have gone up since we moved back to PA. So many people in such a small area was a huge reason why we moved.


NSlocal t1_izfgyei wrote

I grew up in PA but lived all of my childhood summers in Lower Slower and I too get sad when I see all of the development. When is enough, enough?


rouxcifer4 t1_izfhmbc wrote

A lot of people I know who were born and raised there are also leaving and moving to Maryland or to the western side of Delaware due to the prices too. They aren’t building 200-250k homes, it’s all 450k+ McMansions. I look up homes for sale sometimes and I could never afford to live in the area I grew up in, and we were not rich lol


NSlocal t1_izfsvxi wrote

The development in Bridgeville where 404 and Rt 13 come together, I remember when that was just woods and fields. Who the hell even wants to live that far inland? It takes an hour to get to the beach in summer traffic from Bridgeville.


ratmoustache t1_ize2qlh wrote

I actually like Delaware. I believe everything you said to be true, I just mean it’s a small state and very seldom do I meet anyone originally from there. My man lives there now but he’s from Lanc


Itsshrovetuesday t1_izec9x0 wrote

Yeah it definitely feels rare to meet people who were born and raised there. I even worked in DE for over 10 years and most people I worked with were also transplants who moved there from some other state.


rouxcifer4 t1_izedyqy wrote

I’m from Delaware! When I tell people that they are always shocked and surprised like they forget it’s a state. “You’re from where??”


cn45 t1_ize0t4n wrote

I know several people from Delaware and I’ve never visited !


CarbonGod t1_ize5inx wrote

Lived there for quite a few years, and loved it. The people, the vibe, the access to everything. It was great! tax and gas in PA sucks nuts.


canarytoyourcoalmine t1_izfz3up wrote

Born and raised in PA, spent the last 15 years in the Chicago suburbs, and moved to southern DE in July…would take DE over PA any day 🤷🏻‍♀️


carrotheadginger t1_izg6zns wrote

GTFO 😤 Sike southern Delaware is chill af. I’d equate it to rural pa. Just lots of open farmland and a chill vibe. Except for the beaches


Dredly t1_izcmbth wrote

I would like to counter with... who?


you mean our river? what if it was bigger? I assume Easton would flood again...


ForeverSquirrelled42 t1_izcnth0 wrote

The state of Delaware. As far as Easton is concerned, it’ll never see an end to the floods. All it takes is one hard winter and the Free Bridge is getting pelted with houses and debris like usual.


PoorFraxinus t1_izcrefo wrote

I think their terms are agreeable


Nacho_Biznez t1_izcsjif wrote

I say we trade York for Wilmington and call it a day...


MaoZedongs t1_izcx1jr wrote

New Jerseyan here.

Use force if needed. Delaware has already spread to our side of the river and we can’t get rid of them.



CarbonGod t1_ize5mn9 wrote

No one wants Jersey.....If the person that made this map was from the states, they would have done it differently.


hardboiledgreg_92 t1_izcxs35 wrote

I live in the area that would be taken by Delaware and I love Pa but I love no sales tax more. I’m down for this to happen.


Hib3rnian t1_ize2z4r wrote

Seriously, shorter travel times to tax free shopping? Count me in! 👍


dj_swearengen t1_izedz7y wrote

There is a sales tax in Delaware. The retailer pays it, not the consumer. It’s called a gross receipts tax.


h3mip3nultim4te t1_izdqul1 wrote

Iirc PA previously owned all of Delaware and had at least an arguable claim to most of Maryland past Baltimore.


SomeOtherOrder t1_izct3b5 wrote

Delaware can just take Delco, we won’t miss it.


Dispatcher12 t1_izcweed wrote

Claymont, Boothwyn..they sorta blend seamlessly together already.


Pincerston t1_izctfet wrote

There are a hell of a lot of gun owners in the territory they’re trying to seize…


vicodin_ice_cream t1_ize9t8i wrote

I am in southern York county. Can confirm, fuck Maryland. But tax free shopping is tempting.

Edit: Hit post to quick


thisoldbroad t1_izd1c1p wrote

They can have Marcus Hook. They're used to drinking Dupont water, so it won't be much of a stretch.


SMOSER66 t1_izd1oc8 wrote

Jeez what's the hate for York? I live here.


1989throwa t1_izd2wze wrote

York County? Eh? But they better keep their grubby little paws off of Cumberland and Adams

But if we give them York County to be an exclave we should keep Dillsburg and a two and a half mile strip of land parallel to the Susquehanna


Laniraa t1_ize50gm wrote

Okay but theyre taking York, I think we can let them have it


Ham_Ahoy t1_izfndiv wrote

Rise up Pennamites! Take back our coastline from hated Delaware!


Ctfwest t1_izcwkf6 wrote

Naaa, they can have York.


letmethinkofagoodnam t1_izdkrtr wrote

Delaware is nothing more than a corporate tax haven


CarbonGod t1_ize5qaa wrote

and no sales tax, and nicer people, and cheaper gas, and stores that sell vodka AND beer in the same place!


Eisernes t1_izdrqww wrote

If Delaware got absorbed by Maryland, no one would even notice. It's the forgotten state. No one cares about Delaware. Does anyone even live in Delaware? I have been there for work and it seemed like everyone lived in New Jersey or Maryland and commuted.


ggoptimus t1_izdzozh wrote

There would be two less senators and Maryland share of Reps would increase. They would have to also make DC a state if Delaware was absorbed.


AskMoreQuestionsOk t1_ize1i9l wrote

That explains some of the bridge traffic. Delaware is mostly agricultural, except up in Wilmington and near the Base in Dover. I’ve heard of people commuting to NYC, which I think is crazy, but you can get something very affordable and still get into Philly in an hour. Which means you can have a cheaper cost of living and a higher paying salary if that’s what you want to do.


dj_swearengen t1_izeedl6 wrote

Farm land in Delaware is shrinking by the minute. Middletown used to be a nice little farm community, no more

And In Sussex, anything west of Rt 1 was agriculture, no more


CarbonGod t1_ize5st4 wrote

Lived there for 6 years, and I miss it. Sorry for your hate of a great state. The FIRST state.


Benanov t1_izeg7r9 wrote

I remember driving in Northern Delaware and finding one of those blue historic point of interest signs that said "This is the Highest Point in Delaware"

You know some states get mountains or interesting landmarks, Delware's is just...a hill on a street.


LakeSun t1_izcvum6 wrote

Well, the flood map of Delaware will surely get bigger, soon.


dreexel_dragoon t1_izd57er wrote

The only reasonable response would be to occupy and annex Wilmington


Platinum_Blonde t1_izdxoeq wrote

Honestly it wouldn’t be bad to have some DART buses up our way is all I take from this.


Legal-Ad7793 t1_izdy0gw wrote

The Wilmington circle has me cracking up.


SH01-DD t1_izdyth9 wrote

Well, if I could also have Delaware's income and property taxes too, I'm sold.


Gerty-Wyrsutu t1_ize394e wrote

What if Delaware was smaller? 😈


Irish_Blond_1964 t1_ize4660 wrote

Don’t worry the next king high tide will flood most of Delaware and take the inhabitants out to sea….if we are lucky.


CarbonGod t1_ize545e wrote

Yeah no, they can have York County.

They are pissed off they get Baltimore though.


danimalanimal2487 t1_ize6c6w wrote

Ohio will gladly send it's finest aliens to help defend Pennsylvania


-Vogie- t1_ize6zy7 wrote

They used to be the Alabama of "State size by square miles" chart.

I mean, they still are, but used to be, too


WolfKing542 t1_ize8oat wrote

From Delaware, we're gonna shove a corn cob up your ass, so watch your back...


Or0b0ur0s t1_ize8ruy wrote

Couldn't they come just a LITTLE further northeast? I wouldn't want to have to move to York...

I think you're all missing the upsides. No more PennDOT, for one. I'd be surprised if DE's tax structure was more regressive or unfair than ours, simply because that's such a high bar in the first place.

Their minimum wage is amost 50% higher than ours, an on track to be $15 by 2025 (not that this is in any way sufficient or remotely close to what it should be, but it's a hell of a lot closer than $7.25 and no plans to ever touch it again). This, naturally, raises all other wages in Delaware as well.

Local pride is one thing, but if I had the chance to live under a saner, fair-er, less-Republican state government, earn more and be taxed less (and have those taxes I do pay be used for something besides corruption once in a blue moon), I'd take it in a heartbeat.


Libsoccer20 t1_ize97vl wrote

Imma be honest .. They can have York.


kaighr t1_izeacc3 wrote

Hell nah they can have York 🤣🤣


allthingsparrot t1_izec9cd wrote

What if Delaware was smaller? Amirite, MD??


Lostscribe007 t1_izecrgj wrote

I know building walls is so 2016 but that's what I would do to stop the Delaware horde. They can take their tax free products and shove it!


glitch83 t1_izeiccy wrote

Wasn’t Delaware the first state? Maybe I’m kinda subby and picky- wouldn’t allow a lot of states to take territory but Delaware. 😏


IamSauerKraut t1_izelglr wrote

Delaware can keep Franklin County and far southern Adams and York, but we keep everything from Gettysburg north.


DazeDan t1_izeo2bo wrote

Better question: what if delaware didnt exist ?


C4bl3Fl4m3 t1_izeotb5 wrote

Call me a traitor but as a born & raised Pennamite who has lived my adult life in MD and VA... I've long thought the whole Delmarva peninsula should just be Delaware.

But, uh, keep your hands off the rest.


dockows412 t1_izes8tt wrote

Get back in your hole!


66Siege t1_izet6hh wrote

God forbid they give Jersey any ideas….South Park warned us about that shit


Away-Plant-8989 t1_izettec wrote

I think we should shake things up a bit and allow like a two week total war style warring states period. Maybe make some new states? Finally absorb Maryland


HighOnGrandCocaine t1_izevtyl wrote

Damn, you guy like to pour gasoline on the bonfire, I mean I'm pretty much responsible for this whole thing starting soo might as well.


hladzuk t1_izezk5u wrote

Give them delco and call it a day


duskhelm2595 t1_izf5i9l wrote

Well I'm originally from DE, so I feel torn about this.


hedgerow_hank t1_izfeqi1 wrote

Had you chance in 1787. Fucked it up then. No do-overs.


vogelsyn t1_izfk0hq wrote

1st state since PA was gonna own them 3 counties.

and that weird 12 mile circle.

I grew up in NJ, well.. actually it was delaware.

this plan will never work. can't have THAT MANY tax cuts n corp breaks for all those cities. and the highway tolls. York toO?? no damn way. save the white rose city. and the amish red rose city lancaster.


juddasjanni t1_izfywjt wrote

Anyways, PA you know Chadds Ford, Glen Mills and the brandywine valley belongs to Delaware…


ISwearImKarl t1_izfzl1d wrote

It's MD you should worry about.

I like to call it west Delaware. Stay out of the city, and DE is really nice.

Let's talk about how Marylanders are always driving across the border because that's where all the fun shit is.

Although, Delaware drivers are ass...


Themayorofawesome t1_izg0b12 wrote

This map is highly inaccurate, nowhere is Philly mentioned on it. If you take York you gotta take Philly too


VenomB t1_izg3g82 wrote

idk, their sales tax IS attractive..


MR422 t1_izgc1vs wrote

TFW you’re on both Pennsylvania and Delaware subreddits.


DancesWithCybermen t1_izghe4v wrote

But we're going to abolish your sales tax and slash your property taxes! 😃

And you'll be able to invest in black license plates.



Ct-5736-Bladez t1_izcxrw8 wrote

I don’t want to be apart of Delaware. They can have York though


RedStar9117 t1_izdili7 wrote

This map fills me with hatred


Alfa505 t1_ize4qez wrote

They can have Philly for free


JAK3CAL t1_izczuws wrote

Delaware? More like DelaWHERE


Shift-Subject t1_izd9m86 wrote

Fuck that. Give them Philly.


AskMoreQuestionsOk t1_ize1kej wrote

Why, they can’t even manage Wilmington,


CarbonGod t1_ize5yi1 wrote

cuz Philly doesn't have enough homeless boxes, they melted into Wilmington. Not their fault.