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Electr_O_Purist t1_j2ea9hj wrote

This whole phony impeachment is a hollow right wing publicity stunt.


[deleted] t1_j2ey9du wrote

Sounds familiar to some events a few years ago


Electr_O_Purist t1_j2eyla6 wrote

No, it really doesn’t. The whole thread explains why that’s a sillyass comment.


Or0b0ur0s t1_j2fufyc wrote

1998 was more than a few years ago, really.


RiLiSaysHi t1_j2f645p wrote

Really? How? (Psst I'm giving you an out for this stupid comment.)


JudasChair t1_j2eameq wrote

Hmm sounds familiar.


Electr_O_Purist t1_j2ebc7p wrote

How? Impeachments are for people using their office to commit crimes, for example, bribing foreign leaders with military support in exchange for political favors, or instigating violence in support of something like a fake electors plot to overthrow the election you lost. These are just random examples.

Did Krasner commit a crime, or do you just not approve of his platform?


dclxvi616 t1_j2ecztr wrote

Impeachments are entirely outside of both the civil system of law and the criminal system of law. They're uniquely a political proceeding.


felldestroyed t1_j2fgsy0 wrote

Federal impeachment is not the same as PA impeachment, as the PA constitution states that the conduct must be "misbehavior in office" that has "improper or corrupt motive".


dclxvi616 t1_j2fh6u2 wrote

Federal impeachment limits the grounds of impeachment to "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors", but that still doesn't make it a criminal proceeding.


TrashApocalypse t1_j2euhew wrote

It’s almost like you don’t understand that our politics actually determine how we live in a society.

Just like how a government should be run by citizens of a country, who work in the best interest of the citizens of that country. “Politics” is just the word we use to describe our own governance.

So when someone gets impeached, it’s almost as if society as a whole is saying, “hey, that shit you did right there, not cool dude” of course, that’s only assuming that our political leaders actually reflect the values of its citizens.


dclxvi616 t1_j2eut68 wrote

>It’s almost like you don’t understand that our politics actually determine how we live in a society.

On what basis are you making this judgment? In case it was unclear, all I've really said is that impeachments are not criminal proceedings.


hedgerow_hank t1_j2ec73g wrote

Ah! Another know nothing right wing mouthpiece.


jaythebearded t1_j2ecxpe wrote

How does what they're saying make them a know nothing right winger?

Edit: I'm starting to feel like some people are vastly misreading electr's comments as being dismissive of the 2 trump impeachments, but it's literally the opposite they're saying those were legitimate impeachments unlike this krasner impeachment.


hedgerow_hank t1_j2eeuo0 wrote

Because the right winger is applying one false set of circumstances to another non-complicit person entirely. Kind of falls under the "shill" category.

Will you be needing help with what the word "complicit" means also?


jaythebearded t1_j2egbls wrote

I still don't get it honestly, what false circumstances are you saying electr_o_purist is applying?


hedgerow_hank t1_j2egkdz wrote

Might I suggest reading the article and quit plying me with idiotic questions that are easily answered if only you read the article?



jaythebearded t1_j2eh8u1 wrote

I did read the article and I still fail to see how what they've said in this comment chain makes them a right winger.

> Impeachments are for people using their office to commit crimes, for example, bribing foreign leaders with military support in exchange for political favors, or instigating violence in support of something like a fake electors plot to overthrow the election you lost


> This whole phony impeachment is a hollow right wing publicity stunt.

This doesn't sound like a right winger to me. I'm trying to understand what you're saying, there's no need to be rude.


hedgerow_hank t1_j2f3fi6 wrote

So you read it and don't understand it. Perhaps your mom can explain it to you because everything you've said so far indicates that you have little to no comprehension regardless how well you read.


jaythebearded t1_j2f4tuu wrote

I comprehend the article and electr's comments just fine, what I don't understand is why you think electr is right wing when their comments indicate they are not.

Electr said

> Impeachments are for people using their office to commit crimes, for example, bribing foreign leaders with military support in exchange for political favors, or instigating violence in support of something like a fake electors plot to overthrow the election you lost

And you claim that

> the right winger is applying one false set of circumstances to another non-complicit person entirely.

What exactly are you trying to say is a false set of circumstances?


Finrodsrod t1_j2fan0z wrote

He's sealioning you. Don't bother answering the troll


jaythebearded t1_j2ferli wrote

I'm literally not, look at electr's comments across this thread, he doesn't at all come across as a right winger. Can you explain how the electr saying

> Impeachments are for people using their office to commit crimes, for example, bribing foreign leaders with military support in exchange for political favors, or instigating violence in support of something like a fake electors plot to overthrow the election you lost

Leads to a response of

> the right winger is applying one false set of circumstances to another non-complicit person entirely.

I haven't sealioned at all, I've been asking about one thing this entire time, how they think the user electr is a right winger. Beyond that, I've refrained from any insulting comments despite them being repeatedly rude


Odd_Shirt_3556 t1_j2fcejn wrote

So Trumps first impeachment was an attempt to remove a sitting president?


Electr_O_Purist t1_j2ffhj6 wrote

It was an attempt to hold a criminal accountable for abusing his office.


DutyRoutine t1_j2esjzu wrote

Well there was that time when Krasner requested a sentence reduction for a man giving a life sentence for the brutal murder of a husband and wife. At the hearing, they blatantly lied to the judge saying that the victims now grown child was notified about the hearing and had no problem with it. Total bullshit, never notified, never agreed to it. Somehow stories such as this isn't worth the Philadelphia Inquirer's time.


Electr_O_Purist t1_j2ew6oc wrote

Downvoting this with an explanation: people who make vague references like this do it with intention: to control the narrative. We only have as much information as you give us, so we can’t see it from any perspective but yours. Your job is done though, you’ve already spread your view. We could asks for links and have a conversation about whether what you’re saying is accurate or even fits here, but it’s all under your original framing, which is the part you want to promote anyway. In other words, you’re trolling and it shows.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2f28ec wrote

Or you know instead you could look it up, since it actually happened.

Federal judge: Philly DA Larry Krasner’s office misled court while trying to free a man from death row

And this wasn't the only time he got reprimanded by judges for bad conduct.


Electr_O_Purist t1_j2f2u1d wrote

Oh, would you look at that. The sentence reduction was from the death penalty to life without parole. Wow, what a monster!


AbsentEmpire t1_j2f406k wrote

The issue is that he lied in court, which is why he was reprimanded by the judge, the issue that the other user was alluding to.


Electr_O_Purist t1_j2f4ey1 wrote

K, shouldn’t have done that. Didn’t help the case. Isn’t an abuse of the office.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2f4vql wrote

Expect he has a track record of getting slapped down by judges for lying or just straight up trying to rewrite laws.


Electr_O_Purist t1_j2fc4nm wrote

You don’t have much experience with the judicial system, do you?


Electr_O_Purist t1_j2f40mq wrote

Alright, so I read it. I mean, I’m not going to defend it, but, under no possible reading of this is it an impeachable offense. People who worked for Krasner suggested to a court that a victim said something they didn’t…yeah, lawyers are manipulative, scummy people. Welcome to adulthood. It’s not a crime that abuses the office. The judge rejected the claim anyway, Pennsylvania doesn’t really put people on death row to death. In fact, most people on death row get their sentences reduced to life.


Electr_O_Purist t1_j2f2lwe wrote

Hey, thanks for posting this inquirer article (in response to your post about how the inquirer can’t be bothered to cover). Off to a good start! Now I’m gonna read it.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2f42tl wrote

Different user, I'd didn't say they didn't cover it.


Finrodsrod t1_j2fada7 wrote

No there's a damn difference when the President of the US deliberately halts already Congress approved funding as an abuse of his power, or incites a riot to stay in power. Those things justify an impeachment and Senate hearing.


jaythebearded t1_j2fghwi wrote

Wait do you think electr's comment is saying those don't justify impeachments? Electr clearly says those are what impeachment is for, meaning they are justified.


Finrodsrod t1_j2fvtku wrote

No judaachair is alluding to Trumps impeachments.


jaythebearded t1_j2fw19p wrote

Oh I see my mistake among all the sub comments I thought you were replying to electr, my bad.

So your comment is in agreement with electr, then why are you calling me a troll for not understanding why someone would think electr is right wing based off their comments?


ChrisTheHurricane t1_j2elacj wrote

Takes me back to 1998. I was 12 then, but even middle schoolers were talking about that one.


Or0b0ur0s t1_j2fubgo wrote

You remember the Clinton administration, I see.


30686 t1_j2efmaf wrote

So much for stunt impeachments. The rural Republicans behind this do not give, and never have given, a flying f%^k about Philadelphia or its residents.


Odd_Shirt_3556 t1_j2fhtvd wrote

I’m pretty sure that rural democrats and republicans don’t give a flying f#^k about Philadelphia. Having grown up in rural Pennsylvania, just about everyone hated Philadelphia regardless of race, religion, or political party. I don’t think it has changed. If anything the contempt has grown. The most recent excited chatter on how Philadelphia is just an embarrassment to Pennsylvania was when Mexico used video of Kensington in an anti drug commercial in Mexico.


106473 t1_j2fkhcz wrote

Yup. People pointing fingers but the people who dig their hole have to get themselves out of it now.


AlbrechtSchoenheiser t1_j2eypbw wrote

This is the correct answer, but not enough people are saying it. Especially not enough people in the media are saying it.


hedgerow_hank t1_j2ec2gf wrote

Whenever the right wing pulls shit like this - it's suspicious at best and more than likely criminal. Making up shit about the DA because he's a democrat is pretty fucking lame.


[deleted] t1_j2ed6p4 wrote



EarthRester t1_j2efewi wrote

>Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court on Friday said none of the articles of impeachment filed against Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner by the Republican-led legislature meet the required legal standard of “misbehavior in office” — handing Krasner an apparent victory in the legislative effort to remove him.

It's the very first paragraph. Put in some damn effort before insisting the world needs your opinions.


Daemonic_One t1_j2edwks wrote

For starters, that they have brought charges that amount to any kind of malfeasance of office, according to the Commonwealth Court.


Libsoccer20 t1_j2euze7 wrote

PA GOP must really want to lose more elections.


Booplympics t1_j2f56le wrote

Considering their base doesn’t come from Philly I doubt this effects their electoral odds in any way.


Libsoccer20 t1_j2f5r2r wrote

Once people realize how much money in taxes that is being spent on BS stuff like will sway independents...whom there are more of.


MartianActual t1_j2evgy3 wrote

Every time they do these stunts another right leaning Independent moves further to the center or left. It makes absolutely no sense from a political strategy point of view in a state where Indies are needed to win state wide elections.


stblawyer t1_j2ffuwn wrote

As someone that spent most of his life a republican, this was repugnant. An overwhelming majority just reelected him. The state government going against the vote of the people in a backdoor attempt to overturn an election is against everything that party used to stand for. "Small government" my ass.


sx70forlifexx t1_j2fb5bh wrote

Lol just proving once again republikkkans are useless morons


shanks16 t1_j2fwg85 wrote

Worst DA ever.


LowNo5584 t1_j2ebm9v wrote

"In the order Friday, the court rejected the latter two arguments from Krasner, saying impeachment proceedings could occur across different legislative sessions, and that the legislature could impeach the city’s district attorney."

They'll try again. Maybe not this session, but the next. Or until enough Philadelphians get fed up with the stupid SOB to vote his worthless ass out of office.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2ert7j wrote

When a serious contender decides to run he'll be gone.

He only won his first time by being in a crowded primary and getting a lot of donors from outside the state. The second time was because Vega wasn't a great candidate, and even then his percentage of the electorate was abysmal. Yet again he was entirely dependent on donors from outside the state, and that time he violated several campaign finance laws.


Allemaengel t1_j2e97an wrote

It sucks that the dumbass Republicans abused the impeachment process like this.

It also sucks that Krasner keeps being busy 'doing something close to nothing'.


JesusOfBeer t1_j2eb6vo wrote

I believe you meant “It also sucks that PPD keeps busy doing literally nothing to improve their abysmal arrest records and inability to collect evidence in a legal manner”


djb25 t1_j2eptf9 wrote

In their defense, they can’t do their jobs if they have to do them legally.


Allemaengel t1_j2ebtf8 wrote

In actuality I accidentally omitted them.

And yeah, definitely them too.


snuffy_tentpeg t1_j2e8mpa wrote

No further need to go into that hellscape.


RipTide275 t1_j2e57x8 wrote

500 more murders coming up in 23. Great


aust_b t1_j2e5qnj wrote

Even though I do not like krasners policies, violent crime is up considerably nationwide. Pair that with a lousy police union no shit the stats are bad in Philly. This was a political stunt by the GOP because they are mad Philly has so much sway with large elections.


OccasionallyImmortal t1_j2fgjuu wrote

> violent crime is up considerably nationwide

Mainly in cities avoiding prosecutions. It's the same problem with similar causes. There's widespread incompetence. There's no reason Philly needs to participate.


RipTide275 t1_j2e7xq5 wrote

He’s not the only issue of course but he is a terrible DA and unfortunately will not be held accountable table. He has blood on his hands


aust_b t1_j2e8ax8 wrote

His policies are good on paper, just terrible execution.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2esa3u wrote

To see a competent reformist DA look no further than Jack Stollsteimer in Delco, who unlike Krasner has actually accomplished the goal of reducing homicides and shootings, while diverting people out of the criminal justice system.

Chester has been a profound success at focused deterrence. Meanwhile in Philly were setting new records for violent crime.


No-Professional-1884 t1_j2e5n16 wrote

Oh boo hoo. Repubs learn they can’t just impeach because their feelings are hurt that their Emperor Mango Unchained is a conman spy and is going to jail.

Bunch of snowflakes.


RipTide275 t1_j2e88q1 wrote

Ain’t politics dummy. People die because he sucks at his job. Yep you owned the GOP. Awesome. Go tell the families of the 500+ mostly poor POC that you owned them


turbodsm t1_j2e8v1q wrote

It's always politics. Tell Harrisburg Republicans to fund social programs in Philly better instead of worrying about abortion access, non existent voter fraud and trans athletes.


sirfuzzitoes t1_j2eak3l wrote

No no no. That ain't politics. Those are my beliefs! /s


RipTide275 t1_j2erbtu wrote

How about a novel idea. Prosecute criminals and get them off the streets.


turbodsm t1_j2esw7k wrote

That's not novel at all.

But in your situation, they get convicted and serve time. They come out poorer than when they went in. They weren't rehabilitated. There's no support structure for them after release. They go back to what they need to do to survive. The cycle continues. But that's the point isn't it? That's the whole school to prison pipeline. That's the whole reason for for profit prisons. That's why cops make so much money. Because crime pays.


[deleted] t1_j2ey2rs wrote



turbodsm t1_j2f09dt wrote

You're just spiteful for some reason. You're opposing a solution proven to work. But it hurts your feelings because criminals deserve no respect apparently.


Odd_Shirt_3556 t1_j2flkml wrote

So where in your paradigm does personal responsibility, education, and abiding by the law fall in your undertaking of more social programs? Not being spiteful, honestly curious how we can spend more when so much seems wasted now. There are 501 school districts in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia comes in # 17 in spending per pupil. ($13283 per student) It ranks #450 in standardized tests. By any measure, that is a problem. There are an enormous amount of districts doing more successfully with far less money.
I get your statement that prisoner recidivism is a problem. It is.. but again the educational opportunities there are usually ignored or unused. I’m not necessarily against spending money, but throwing money at a situation with no results is not going to help. What we have done doesn’t seem to be working.


turbodsm t1_j2fuj71 wrote

I think it's hard to judge the actions of others through your own personal lens.

  1. Police funding is up 33% since 2015. Or almost 200 million even while the size of the dept has been reduced. (More vacancies)
  2. 0 libraries are open on the weekend in Philly. So should we keep throwing money at police?

I think a drastic approach is needed. Remove blight in neighborhoods, build new schools and playgrounds, build entire new neighborhoods with local labor. Start a jobs program and teach new skills.

Unfortunately, you and I understand personal responsibility and how to live with others. We recognize long term consequences for our actions but these high schools kids do not. It truly needs to be a war time effort to right this ship. Like IEP in schools, the same system needs to be created.

My basis for this extreme help is realizing you just can't live in this world without money. Hunger makes people desperate. You and I might channel that energy differently but there's a whole range of different intelligence out there. That's why mental illness is found in higher rates in prison populations versus the whole population.


[deleted] t1_j2f0zpk wrote



turbodsm t1_j2f1atj wrote

Sounds like you need a system designed to exploit certain demographics in order for your business to survive.


Libsoccer20 t1_j2evziu wrote

Tell me you weren't here in the late 80s and 90s without telling me you weren't here.


RipTide275 t1_j2exh3t wrote

Lived in Phill for the past 55 years. What’s your point lib?


Libsoccer20 t1_j2ezyzq wrote

Ahh.. Delco most likely... Not biased at all. 80-90s were worse in Philly. 500 a year.

Going to be a hard end to your life in Pa with millennials and gen z taking over and trending liberal as they age.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2f1fpr wrote

They were not, love it when people post stupid comments that are easily verified.

Philly had one year 1990 where homicides hit 500, thoughout the 80s they average below 400. The 90s were worse but still below 500 homicides a year averaging just over 400 a year with 1990 being the worst year and overall decreasing heading into the 2000s.

2020, 2021, and 2022 have been all time highs for homicide in the city's history, shootings have also continued to increase every year.

Turns out being soft of guns is a bad idea.


Libsoccer20 t1_j2f3cf6 wrote

Thanks for proving me right 😂 late 80s into early 90s were just as bad if not worse depending on the crime. Hip hop music helped bring a lot of this stuff to the front and the communities cleaned themselves up.. with the current rise of police brutality...again.. Plus economics.... brought it on again.

While you're at it check the statistics on the rise of crime after the last pandemic.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2fawqk wrote

> 80-90s were worse in Philly. 500 a year.

Thanks proving you don't know how to do math. There was only 1 year in that time period where homicides hit 500.

In the 80s it averaged 351

In the 90s it averaged 411

in the 2000s it averaged 340

in the 10s it averaged 304

in the 3 years of 20s its averaged 525

If we just want to look at Krasners term in office 2018-present its averaged 457 a year. Other crime stats are also up at by dramatic amounts, such as car jacking, and retail theft, worse than those average rates in the 90s.


geriatric_tatertot t1_j2fk22u wrote

How about the Philly PD ends its soft strike and actually starts making arrests in these violent crimes. You can’t prosecute people if no arrests are being made. Philly cops have been butthurt since Krasner got elected the first go around. They need to get over it and get back to work or the whole department should be reorganized like they did in Camden.


RipTide275 t1_j2fmybq wrote

GFY tatertot. They could be better but Dem policies have destroyed the cops


a-german-muffin t1_j2forab wrote

LOL, poor PPD, having to deal with a 33% budget increase under the Kenney administration and no major department-wide reforms, although a few particularly heinous cops got prosecuted and the controller’s office pointed out that the department’s still using fucking teletype machines to distribute critical daily info.


avo_cado t1_j2ebmdj wrote

The DA doesn’t have a role in preventing crime


IamChantus t1_j2f1rai wrote

That's 244 less than the per 10,000 rate for the entire country says it probably should be. 4.94 murders per 10,000 residents is 744. Meaning Philadelphia's murder rate is lower than the national average in a per Capita sense.

A town near you, Bensalem has a murder rate of 6.6 per 10,000 residents in 2022. Well above that of national average as well as Philly's rate.

So, you're either willingly ignoring the data that shows Krasner is doing a better job than your feelings (as well as your own local DA) tell you at least for this metric, or you're just yet another blinded fool being led around by the nose by whichever idiot in the box is your flavor of the week.

Seriously dude, look things up, it's not that hard to do basic maths.


RipTide275 t1_j2fsv5x wrote

All you downvotes should go apologize to the families of the people killed


IamChantus t1_j2fta6s wrote

Coincidentally, the cops stopped doing their jobs (slow down, blue flu, ect) when Krasner started looking into bad arrests and prosecutions. Though, I guess many of them weren't doing their jobs right to begin with since, in the name of justice and the rule of law, he was forced to release folks who's rights were trampled on.

Oh boo hoo. The shit apple cops are mad at the guy telling them they fucked up and must do better. What's worse is other cops becoming shit heels themselves by not helping to clean up their own ranks.

Kind of guessing you're one of those filthy cops, possibly just grimey. Or at least close with a filthy or grimey one since they can do no wrong according to your post history. So, if you're a cop, you at least cover for dirty ones making you also a dirty cop.


RipTide275 t1_j2ftwcm wrote

Yeah you’re cool, you hate the police. Let’s see who you call when you’re in trouble


IamChantus t1_j2fvzl9 wrote

Damn, nailed it.

Oh, I'll definitely be around for when they show up hours later to file a report.

Seriously though. I don't subscribe to the whole ACAB thing. I do believe the good ones must begin to hold the bad ones accountable though. There are good ones. Though hey're mostly the rookies that haven't had to let their senior officers get away with something yet. As soon as they allow their buddies to get away with something they'd be a hard ass against anyone else for, they become a bad cop.

They're people and have their flaw like anyone else. Because of their job, they must be held to at least the same standards they try and hold the rest of people to.

Many are full on pussies. Especially the small town ones. They're generally the worst. Haha! Forr instance, the punks who just want to bully others because the badge somehow gives them the right to. Most of those would get trashed if they took their badge off. Chicken shit losers. Then there's the whole Uvalde group. Each one every day until the one where they kiss their service weapon family goodbye for the last time should be reminded of their cowardice.


RipTide275 t1_j2fwqky wrote

What do you do for a living ?


IamChantus t1_j2fxer2 wrote

Make fun of little dick energy cops part time. /s

Thinking of going back to school to be a domestic violence councilor. I'll probably make more headway getting the bad cops of the streets than the "good" cops do.


susinpgh t1_j2fxe2f wrote

I have had some great conversations with bike cops, here in Pittsburgh. I've met my share of assholes, as well as reasonable cops. I think you're right, the good cops need to hold the bad cops accountable.


IamChantus t1_j2frva5 wrote

Awwww. Widdle q-naut blocked me because his arguments don't hold water.

STFU moron.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2e7d1p wrote

Cool, so rampant crime will continue unabated in the city because Krasner thinks going after illegal weapons possession is tantamount to the war on drugs.


turbodsm t1_j2e9bi9 wrote

It couldn't be the lack of police because they were abusing the disability program right?

Or the civil jobs the uniforms were filling?

Or their attitude "We run the city?"

Nah it couldn't be leadership telling the unis to quiet quit to spite themselves?


JesusOfBeer t1_j2eaocf wrote

Yeah definitely couldn’t be the FOP & COP coddling the troops while encouraging them to do nothing so they can get pay bumps and special perks… and it most definitely has nothing to do with poverty and the inability to access the economy in a meaningful way


AbsentEmpire t1_j2eqdjs wrote

The cops suck, but that doesn't change the fact the under Krasner the DAO became a dysfunctional mess that stopped going after illegal weapons arrests, and continues to fuck up court cases by being repeatedly unprepared for them, resulting in violent offenders being released back on to the street where they go on to kill innocent people.

Philly gun arrests are on a record pace, but convictions drop under DA Krasner

More than 70 lawyers hired by Philly DA Larry Krasner have left. Some say the office is in disarray.

Suspect Was Released on Reduced Bail 2 Weeks Before Temple Grad's Murder


DavidLieberMintz t1_j2fmgsi wrote

From the article you linked:

>....more cases being tossed out by judges because witnesses didn’t show up in court.

So if the cops don't show up to court, how can the DA not drop the case? The police are trying to make the DA look bad instead do doing the actual fucking jobs. Bootlickers like you can't even read the articles you link, you just assume it proves your incorrect viewpoint.


Electronic_Chard_270 t1_j2e98kt wrote

You folks are hilarious. It’s all Larry’s fault! Crime everywhere! You’re a joke.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2eq46p wrote

I love how Krasners biggest supporters are suburbanites who don't live here.

His failure to go after guns has directly fuelled the record setting amounts of homicide and shootings, not to mention his decision to not go after shoplifting, which has directly led to a dramatic increase retail theft.

Philly gun arrests are on a record pace, but convictions drop under DA Krasner

More than 70 lawyers hired by Philly DA Larry Krasner have left. Some say the office is in disarray.


Electronic_Chard_270 t1_j2errdf wrote

Lived in South Philly for 15 years, but go off! Literally all of your posts are about crime. Sounds like you’re scared of the big city.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2ezuws wrote

What a fucking joke of a comment all my post are not about crime, an easily verified fact. I've also lived in Philly my entire life, double the time you've spent in South Philly, and not in the nice neighborhoods you're likely in.

But thanks for proving my prior comment about Krasners incompetent management of the DAO and failure to go after guns correct by trying to make a lame personal attack rather than addressing the actual facts, how very Trumpian of you.


Electronic_Chard_270 t1_j2f1n2h wrote

I’m sorry, only half of your posts. I’m so sorry I haven’t lived here longer than you, sounds like you’ve had such a tough life living in terrible neighborhoods. You should love your city more.

Note how nobody likes your comments. You’re one of the assholes that hates any sort of change in your city and thinks anyone who wasn’t born here should leave.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2f310g wrote

I don't give a shit that a circle jerk of mostly 20 something suburbanites don't like my factually verifiable comments.

And in other posts ragging on Philly I do defend the city, and frequently demand better for it. Which also doesn't change that my easily verified post history in the sub is primarily not about crime, but that would be an inconvenient fact for your lame personal attack.

Doesn't change the facts that Krasner, along with Kenney have been a fucking disaster. Blindly supporting a fuck up like Krasner because Harrisburg doesn't like him doesn't make him any less of a fuck up.


Slight_Cat_3146 t1_j2flxkr wrote

I'm third gen Philadelphian, my adult kids live here, as do I. Krasner isn't incompetent, cops are entitled infants who can't stand oversight and have been on a soft strike for years. Incidentally, the crime stats have been dropping for decades, although the gun violence rate is a serious problem that police have never historically been capable of solving or deterring. Fortunately we do have a lot of data supporting funding public education, healthcare, housing being the way to reduce crimes committed by working class people.

Also why don't those whining about Krasner ever post about wage theft and white collar crime and corporate bail outs, and paying for abusive cops on taxpayers dime? Let's take those fines out of police pension funds and let them start policing their own behaviors.


AgentDaxis t1_j2eeqe1 wrote

Can't prosecute someone if they're not arrested.

When will the cops start making arrests?