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ISmellMyWifesAss t1_j2f50u6 wrote

Like pork and sauerkraut. Never considered adding all that butter, however. Is that normal?


Funkybeatzzz OP t1_j2f5hyi wrote

Normal in my house for sure haha. I mostly add it since I’m using leaner cuts. If I used a pork butt instead of the loin I’d skip the butter…. maybe.


ImOnRedditMaaan t1_j2fd03h wrote

try brown sugar instead. add a little water and brown sugar when u go to crock pot it. youll love it!


Funkybeatzzz OP t1_j2fe05b wrote

I’ve done that in the past. I use sweet apples (Macintosh, honey crisp, Fuji, etc) now instead. Give it a shot sometime.


WellThisIsFun26 t1_j2fscbd wrote

You had me at butter! Best tradition ever! 🇩🇪 🇺🇸 Happy New Year!


aoeudhtns t1_j2fu14a wrote

When I use a butt, no matter how much I trim it, it's still an incredible amount of fat coming out.

In my household it was mashed potatoes as the required side.

This year I'm going to try cooking it with onions and adding some paprika, taking some inspiration from this.


ScottClam42 t1_j2fbu1v wrote

Yessir. Got a bone in pork shoulder and a couple quarts of sauerkraut going into the crock tonight. Cant forget the caraway seeds!


Hoodbilly420 t1_j2fmr8c wrote

This has been a thing with my family, my whole life. Pa Dutch life.


jesterwords t1_j2fk63t wrote

Every year my mother makes pork and sauerkraut on the 1st.


Funkybeatzzz OP t1_j2fkhd7 wrote

Yeah, pretty big PA tradition given the German ancestry.


ahtzib t1_j2f7lxk wrote

My grandfather makes corn beef and cabbage every year for good luck.


Funkybeatzzz OP t1_j2fbx3g wrote

Since I’ve been in Boston this had become a tradition on St Paddy’s Day and every three months after. One of the local groceries stores, Shaw’s, has corned beef specials in three month intervals staring March 17th.


angelinafuckingmarie t1_j2ffsrt wrote

Do you guys put a quarter under the plate with your birth year on it? I grew up in Philly in a super Italian family and didn’t start eating this until I moved to Berks County and they said the quarter is for good luck during the year?


Funkybeatzzz OP t1_j2fgj3z wrote

Never heard of that one. The pork and kraut is a German tradition and a crap load of Germans settled in PA. The quarter thing may be a local, New World tradition.


googlebearbanana t1_j2fmm49 wrote

Add some bacon to this and brown it a little more. Delish!


tmahoney2097 t1_j2foljs wrote

I’m trying to stop by with a plate 😂 looks tasty 👌🏻


randomnighmare t1_j2frnoj wrote

I was told growing up, this was a German tradition (that was from Germany) and not a Pennsylvanian one. But I can see how they can get confused. Oh, and you have to have both pork and sauerkraut for good luck for the new year.


TacoNomad t1_j2fspd7 wrote

It can be both. It's definitely a Pennsylvania tradition. PA has a lot of roots to Germany. Hence the pa Dutch culture.


[deleted] t1_j2fvwd0 wrote

Never eat chicken on new years day. A chicken has to scratch for food, pigs are fat.