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wu-lee t1_izhe7j0 wrote

Help yourself to some Commonwealth


jmdunkle t1_izj962n wrote

I prefer the Keystone Flag


JAK3CAL t1_izjg76v wrote

Wow that is so Much better


jmdunkle t1_izkkavx wrote

If you want to grab some Keystone Flag swag of your own, you could check out the kickstarter. There's only 3 days left!


apesofthestate t1_izjb5c2 wrote

This is my friends project!! Love seeing it in the wild


jmdunkle t1_izjd3fu wrote

I met Tara at the holiday parade this year! Love the design. We were riding bikes with Recycle Bicycle HBG and everyone was flying the Keystone Flag on their bikes


SamuelLCompassion t1_izkanao wrote

Thanks for posting this, I am now a supporter.


jmdunkle t1_izkhur4 wrote

You bet! I went ahead and pledged to the kickstarter as well. Looking forward to the patch especially!


BreadDonor t1_izk8sag wrote

oh wow that is so much better than our current flag! might actually get one


jmdunkle t1_izkj3fr wrote

Yep, you can pledge to the kickstarter here to get your hands on flags, stickers, pins, patches. Only 3 days left in the campaign too!


BreadDonor t1_izknx6m wrote

Just pledged, really hope this reaches the goal


Inert_Uncle_858 t1_izju7ic wrote

That's cool. It definitely follows the rules of good flag design. I like the coat of arms tho. Thinking about getting it as a tattoo on my right shoulder blade


TheTaraStark t1_izk87ev wrote

That's awesome! And yeah, that COA would look way better as a tattoo than a flag. Would love to see it if/when you go for it!


jmdunkle t1_izkjcb1 wrote

If you want to support the kickstarter, and get some Keystone Flag swag, please do. There's only 3 days left in the campaign!


NickLandis t1_izjxu8y wrote

I get the colors are derived from the coat of arms, but even there idk if the blue makes sense. Green and gold to symbolize forest and agriculture is spot on (or “wealth of human thought and action" & "rich natural resources” sure) but IMO black to symbolize coal and oil is much stronger in a landlocked state than blue to symbolize marine trade.

As much as I hate that coal and oil are still being burned in the modern day, the majority of our economy can trace its roots to them.


TheTaraStark t1_izk54bb wrote

I see where you're at, and have seen many folks suggest the same of this design. Counterpoint - our rivers, lakes, and waterways have a long and proud history predating iron and coal (especially when considering their significance to pre-colonial native tribes like the Lenape, Susquehannock, Erie, and others) and will have a much longer history outlasting those industries. That shade of blue was also altered from the COA to match the US flag, representing PA's pivotal role in national history (taking the role of the Eagle in our COA).

(Full disclosure, I'm the one who put this design together 5yrs ago! Glad to see it's still sparking good conversation. 🥰)


penndawg84 t1_izhev7v wrote

Thank you! William Penn and I have the same ancestors.


MPA_Dad t1_izh0l40 wrote

Thanks friend!


JBupp t1_izinsrs wrote



Connect-Expression-8 t1_izhsr7q wrote

Only once we get recreational marijuana and constitutional carry of a firearm and put Fetterman in an assisted living home where he belongs.


confusedhealthcare19 t1_izhxwjr wrote

Ya know Oz was very open about how he wanted marijuana to stay strictly medical?


Connect-Expression-8 t1_izi1qf9 wrote

The state house, senate and governor control that sort of thing. Not The U.S. Senate.


No_Russian_29 t1_izj0okm wrote

Wow I sure do wonder what Pennsylvania state senators think about marijuana legalization!


confusedhealthcare19 t1_izjixfe wrote

While that is true, the most logical solution to illegal marijuana is federal legalization or decriminalization. There's no reason it should be left up to states. If it is an issue important to you, you would be able to understand that.