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TheRealGeigers t1_j1zakoq wrote

What do you mean? This isnt even the "gatcha!" Moment you think it is.

So person A is a criminal and illegally has a knife and approaches person B with an illegal swotchblade. B, being the law abiding citizen, has no blade and gets mugged. Under the new law though, B can now legally carry a switchblade thus causing A to rethink their mugging as they just needed some quick cash for drugs and did not want to end up in a body bag.

Notice how in both scenarios the criminal always has the weapon? Its the same reason I will defend the second amendment. Criminals dont care about background checks and will have a gun no matter what, so better to legally allow your citizens to defend themselves.


CheckPlease54 t1_j1zbyo4 wrote

You don’t understand the second amendment.


TheRealGeigers t1_j1zhafj wrote

The right to bear arms in an attempt to make it so the govt cant ruthlessly control its population, no?

Same situation, the govt being the criminal and the general population being the law following citizen.

Edit: also nice strawman there, didnt even address the counter point I made you just picked something else to pivot the conversation.


CheckPlease54 t1_j1zjg3j wrote

No, that’s made up.

Your counterpoint is proven wrong in every country that limits weapons , another false talking point.


TheRealGeigers t1_j1zm2q1 wrote

I didnt realize there were no murders or crime in places that ban weapons!

Which country/city should I move to to secure my immediate safety?!


CheckPlease54 t1_j1zokto wrote

Strawman, because facts make your position look stupid.


TheRealGeigers t1_j1zq7bv wrote

So give me some sources, references, literally anything. All you keep saying is im wrong and thats it.

Any place that has a ban on a type of weapon has violence in a different form to circumvent it. In the UK people were throwing acid in peoples faces as a weapon cause guns and knives are generally a no-go but throwing acid in their face wasnt a big charge.

Also, just like the second amendment i dont think you know what strawman argument means.


CheckPlease54 t1_j1zqogx wrote

Ok, you just strawmanned the UK. Use numbers from the UK, and you lose…it’s that easy.

Are you saying laws changed behavior in the UK? I thought they were useless at that?

You also started off immediately being wrong about the second, and saying things not anywhere in the Constitution


TheRealGeigers t1_j1zsp6o wrote

Claims the right to bear arms to defend yourself, which would that not be the same principle for the knife?

Laws do change peoples behavior, the law abiding citizens but NOT criminals which is my point that you keep skirting.

GG EZ no re new team.