Submitted by PACubsFan23 t3_zxxys1 in Pennsylvania

Please, for God’s sake & everyone else who drives around our beautiful State…please take down the Election 2022 signs. I thought there was a law that they had to be removed by a certain time after an election (public property), but I still see Oz, Mastriano, Fetterman, Shapiro signs all over the place…not to mention the local election people. Are there people holding out hope that they’ll eventually become winners if they lost?

Please, please, please…it’s bad enough we have to see all of the Trump/Pence crap still littering our neighborhoods (pssst…that was over 2 years ago).



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Nugget814 t1_j23br9p wrote

if they’re planted in public space, you can stop and pick them up, too. I’ve done that for all of the candidates that were posted in the median, R and D. Just like picking up any other litter. Be the change you want to see!


Luckytattoos t1_j23mwt7 wrote

But how’s Sean from Philly going to complain about Democrats still having sign on the side of the road, if he does something humanitarian like and removes the trash instead of complaining on Reddit? (Not OP, someone from a month ago trying to backhandedly say this is only a Democrat problem.)


Nugget814 t1_j23qdv1 wrote

I’d like to add that I’m a D, and taking down R signs was really joyful. Never had so much fun taking out the trash.


googleearth92 t1_j24fqj3 wrote

Same for me taking down D signs. Waste of space.


Zenith2017 t1_j29n69r wrote

Well, they are now that the elections are over! Thanks for contributing to the cleanup (and I mean that genuinely)


Dredly t1_j241tyv wrote

Should probably go without saying and clearly not relevant to the center median.. but please make sure its public land first, otherwise its theft


PACubsFan23 OP t1_j241kf9 wrote

I’ve been tempted, but I don’t want people I know to see me & think I voted for some of these people :-)


futurehistorianjames t1_j25dypk wrote

I would be careful though. Someone put razors on a sign so that if people tried to remove it they would cut themselves. Just make sure you wear some thick worker's gloves.


seriousfrylock t1_j23e1kf wrote

Whichever side you're on, if you still have a sign up, you're the problem.


genericpseudonym678 t1_j24fkh9 wrote

You underestimate how lazy I am and how annoying it is to get to the spot where I put my sign. Though, I suppose that means I’m part of a different problem. 🤔


AFD_0 t1_j234nhx wrote

Trump 2024 2028 2032

Pretty sure some of those signs are never coming down and the only solution is to put up some vintage Mondale '84 and Dole '96 signs.


arkol3404 t1_j23vb83 wrote

I say Perot ‘92 would be nice as well.


Dredly t1_j241h24 wrote

They literally just tape over the year on the signs by me now


xeio87 t1_j2328sv wrote

I get a good chuckle out of the Mastrino signs now.


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_j23vu1u wrote

Yeah, I almost don't mind having them left up. I have a neighbor with an incredibly large and obnoxious Mastriano sign and I was sad to see it go... every morning, I could wake up and see that trashy sign and be so happy that christo-fascist wasn't elected.


JesusOfBeer t1_j23y8ar wrote

Absolutely, while I was on the outskirts of Elizabethtown I saw a massive Trump 2020 sign converted to De Santis 2024 with the quote “Make PA Florida”.

Having those snowflakes leave their signage up is a great warning sign to identify individuals who might kill people for political reasons… safety first!


Ghstfce t1_j25o54a wrote

My neighbor across the street had a "lawn of losers" - Mastriano, Oz, Polinchok... I smiled watching him begrudgingly take them off his yard and put them by his trash cans a couple days later.


eternalrefuge86 t1_j2467g9 wrote

An acquaintance of mine had a Mastriano decal wrapping his truck. It was off the day after the election.


JJGeneral1 t1_j255p7k wrote

To be fair, he may have been paid to have that for a certain time. They do that.


eternalrefuge86 t1_j25mg9p wrote

I mean I can’t say it wasn’t but this guy is a Ravi far right wing conspiracy theorist on the level of Alex Jones. He also argues that the earth is flat and tries to use the Bible as his evidence with a straight face. That’s why I referred to him as an acquaintance and not friend.


SunOutrageous6098 t1_j24cibu wrote

I have a “Presidents are temporary - WuTang is forever” sign that I will trot out every 4 years.

I need a bigger one, honestly.


PACubsFan23 OP t1_j24er9i wrote

I’ve seen a couple of those around - love them!


No-Setting9690 t1_j23ukxq wrote

You're funny. I still see trump 2020 signs.


Kingzer15 t1_j251vwt wrote

I was in rural New York a few weeks ago and really felt the shame of our trash state after not seeing a single political sign there.


No-Setting9690 t1_j252h3l wrote

I hate it all. The political signs, the billboards, the commercials for medicine. The list goes on. It's all a waste of money and resources.


Altruistic-Rip4364 t1_j23mbk9 wrote

I agree. I think gun clubs could take them and use as target holders. Pick your candidate, take your shots


eviljelloman t1_j242wzz wrote

Yeah that’s not completely psychotic or anything…


Altruistic-Rip4364 t1_j243yef wrote

Lol. Not at all. Only if you’re hypersensitive to everything. Was said tongue in cheek.


BoopBoop20 t1_j23nci4 wrote

I’ve been picking up any that are on public land.

I did however leave a note in a mailbox pretending to be another FJB supporter telling the homeowner that they will be receiving fines starting Nov 28th. The next day, the mastriano signs were all off his lawn. It hurt my soul to write some of the things I did but it was for a good cause. Now, my drive is back to being beautiful and sign free.


Nugget814 t1_j23q7cn wrote

Nice work! Let the unblemished landscape on your drive soothe your soul, bit by bit.


RefrigeratorGold8291 t1_j23xa1x wrote

Opening someone else’s mailbox is a federal crime. You just admitted to being a felon on Reddit. GG.


BoopBoop20 t1_j23z81p wrote

Lol, if I vandalized, took their mail or opened their mail, yes I would’ve been an idiot for saying that online BUT, I did none of the sort. If it was a crime to simply place mail in a mailbox then all mail carriers and people alike would be considered criminals.

linked source just because I know you won’t just “take my word for it”


grv413 t1_j2449iv wrote

It actually is illegal to put anything that’s not US-Mail in someone’s mailbox.

(I only know this because I hand out political literature and literally our only rule is you cannot put anything in a persons mailbox). It has to be in between their doors, on their door handle, wedged in a crack in a door. That’s why people that come and try to sell you things have door tags instead of placing them in your mailbox.


Kabloosh75 t1_j2455a2 wrote

Great. Love technicalities. Still would prefer to not have trash being attached to my door.

All the fricken trees ruined by all this junk mail and flyers by political candidates is crazy. I don't know how much I've just tossed straight to the trash. Credit card companies are the worst though. So much junk mail.

There is just no easy way to get actual mail sorted so that you never have delivered to you.


BoopBoop20 t1_j246t3t wrote

Do you know how many times I’ve opted out of paper billing and just went paperless just to have said bills delivered to my mail box…after I have paid them?! It’s absurd the amount of waste that is passed around through the postal service. I wish people would start looking at the bigger picture and not just “well it’s only one bill or one flyer that I sent out”. It’s yours, plus theirs, plus that guys power washing business, plus that landscaper, plus the bills for the next’s ridiculous


BoopBoop20 t1_j245aid wrote

Good thing there was a stamp on it 😘

Lol jk, I honestly don’t care. I got the signs down, it would’ve been worse if I climbed their fence and took them down myself but I didn’t.

Stop being asshats.

Edit: also, could you not find anything newer than 2010 for your source? That’s 13 years old…


grv413 t1_j24dwk4 wrote

Agree the signs are annoying, was just trying to clarify the laws around putting things into a mailbox since the person above you was incorrect as well. I actually think since you put a stamp on it, what you did would be legal, but I'm not a postman. Here's the Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual itself:

Except under 3.2.11, the receptacles described in 3.1.1 may be used only for matter bearing postage. Other than as permitted by 3.2.10, or 3.2.11, no part of a mail receptacle may be used to deliver any matter not bearing postage, including items or matter placed upon, supported by, attached to, hung from, or inserted into a mail receptacle. Any mailable matter not bearing postage and found as described above is subject to the same postage as would be paid if it were carried by mail.


stahleo t1_j2401qy wrote

How infinitesimal and meaningless you and your life must be to derive joy out of deceiving your neighbor for your own privileged aesthetic enjoyment.

And then bragging about it online.


BoopBoop20 t1_j242p87 wrote

Guy-get a life. Seriously. Being an anonymous asshole online doesn’t suite you. Go outside, breathe the fresh air, say hello to another human that’s not behind a computer screen. I guarantee your life will be a bit better without all the negativity surrounding it.

Also, why do you give two shits what I’m doing here in PA while you’re in DE? Makes no sense. Buh bye now.


stahleo t1_j24g76t wrote

>Guy-get a life. Seriously. Being an anonymous asshole online doesn’t suite you.

You project stupidity. My literal name is in my handle, so no, I am not the "anonymous asshole" hiding behind the computer screen, Mr. "BoopBoop20" who admits to deceiving their neighbor for his own political gain.

>Go outside, breathe the fresh air, say hello to another human that’s not behind a computer screen. I guarantee your life will be a bit better without all the negativity surrounding it.

You're bragging about deceiving your neighbor because you don't like what's on THEIR PROPERTY. You literally couldn't withhold your own emotions for a selfish reason. Talk about negativity surrounding your life. I couldn't even fathom trying to dictate what is on someone else's property, whether I support it or not.

>Also, why do you give two shits what I’m doing here in PA while you’re in DE? Makes no sense. Buh bye now.

This point is my favorite.

I don't care about you, but I do care about the assholes that live in my beautiful state of Pennsylvania. If, by chance, you knew even one thing about our state, you would know the 5th LARGEST COUNTY is DELAWARE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA and, what a shocker, everyone who has flair is per THEIR COUNTY.

Does that make sense, or is your brain still marinating in a toilet?


BoopBoop20 t1_j24i1kx wrote

Yikes, I stopped reading after the first sentence. Sorry you went thru the whole trouble of writing something I will never read.

Buh bye now


stahleo t1_j24ixui wrote

Yep, you sure made a fool of yourself. Glad you stopped while you're behind. Be better.


BoopBoop20 t1_j24xy5d wrote

Actually, I’ve come to find that when a person writes that long of a response, they only want one thing-to be right.

That’s where you and I differ-I don’t care. Have a great day. I hope you win more online arguments 👍🏻


stahleo t1_j24yrzn wrote

You read every word of it, but I don't care. You bragged online about committing a juvenile act in the name of political righteousness. Enjoy your day and I hope you find internal restraint with your political beliefs.

P.S. - Nice flair ;)


BoopBoop20 t1_j255zwj wrote

Thanks! A redditor reached out and let me know where to access it and how to change it! Funny how some people can be nice and not jaded in this sub..right?


stahleo t1_j257mgt wrote

I also think it's embarassing being on Reddit for a decade and unsure of how to change flair, or that Delaware implied a state on this sub, but glad someone helped. However, I wouldn't expect remorse after bragging about deceiving your fellow neighbors, though. As you say, that's not "nice."


BoopBoop20 t1_j25a4g6 wrote

Like I said before.. you’re still just looking for that win.

Here ya go buddy, a participation medal 🏅 you did great, don’t let anyone tell you differently

Edit: I do understand that you need to go into someone’s profile to see the info you’re spouting about. I guess I really did get under yer skin there cowboy!


stahleo t1_j25dghw wrote

>Like I said before.. you’re still just looking for that win.

Win what? Have you seriously never been criticized before for your actions? This is the real world.

>Here ya go buddy, a participation medal 🏅 you did great, don’t let anyone tell you differently

Those are for liberals. I'm sure you have plenty.

>Edit: I do understand that you need to go into someone’s profile to see the info you’re spouting about. I guess I really did get under yer skin there cowboy!

At this point, you've dug such a deep hole that I'm willing to see how far you're willing to go. Leave you neighbors alone, bigot.


BoopBoop20 t1_j25ed8n wrote

Annnddddd there’s the unnecessary name calling.

Blocked and reported.


timg430008171976 t1_j23u9hs wrote

Great while your at it lets get some energy to none all these blm protesters on the street corners !! It’s a major distraction when people with common sense get pissed at these scumbags and slow down to yell At them and to tell them That ALL LIVES MATTER!! What confuses me is the lefts agenda with equal rights etc etc but when they get behind this sorta garbage it actually just does the opposite


CountessGreyUK t1_j23rm29 wrote

I wish we could tell this to the guy on the turnpike with all the trump and mastriano nonsense painted on two trailers.


bluewolf71 t1_j23w0kx wrote

A few miles away from me there is a bumper sticker - still affixed to a road sign - for Romney/Ryan ‘12.

At least the signs pushed into the ground are easily removed….seems like a good New Year’s project, take a spin around and pull out lingering signs now that the ground is not frozen solid.


badpeaches t1_j247fy1 wrote

#Since we're talking about VOTING, the next elections are the Municipal Primaries May 16, 2023.

Last day to register to vote is May 1, 2023.

Last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot: May 9, 2023.


polgara_buttercup t1_j24sij5 wrote

Remember that school board elections are critical! Pay attention to who’s running for those seats and what they want to do with your schools. Moms For Liberty have targeted schools in Mastriano’s district for take over.


badpeaches t1_j25kwi2 wrote

I don't have any kids, I sure there's other people my age that are probably in the same situation as me, never be able to afford kids or a house of our own. However, I hope people know that even if they don't have kids, the stuff they teach in schools affects society overall so they should be highly motivated to get out and vote.

Moms For Liberty are probably funded by people like the Koch brother. Does citizens united keep that donor information public? Anyway, I hope people get more active in voting moving forward. New year, new you, new problems that need to be addressed.


badpeaches t1_j24j1xo wrote

Thank you for adding! I hope you add a pinned post. I thought there was a special election but didn't see the schedule on my search results.

Clean up links


Last day to register to vote before the election..........................................January 23, 2023 (15 days before the special election. 25 P.S. § 3071(b))


Last day to register to vote before the election .................January 17, 2023 (15 days before the special election. 25 P.S. § 3071(b)) (Since January 16, is a legal holiday, the deadline moves to the next business day, which is January 17, 2023. 25 P.S. § 2603(e)).


akennelley t1_j23ssj3 wrote

Look buddy, I still see Trump/Pence 2016 signs out.

Lets start there and work backwards.


Jasole37 t1_j23o3hb wrote

You mean you think that the people who won't admit that Trump lost in 2020 should take down their signs?


Thoraxe474 t1_j23re2m wrote

When the Arctic wind was hitting last week, I saw those signs go spiraling through the air and getting embedded into things. Convinced me to go inside before I got hurt


WhenRobLoweRobsLowes t1_j23ukbz wrote

House in my neighborhood has the full suite still up, every GOP candidate from this year, plus a bonus "Trump 2020" sign that's been up since god knows when and a big "Back the Blue!" banner. I jog by it most days and just shake my head. I'm genuinely embarrassed for them.


Logan_Holmes t1_j242atq wrote

I haven’t seen any signs on public property in a while. On private property however, there’s a massive mastriano sign, along with a few smaller mastriano and barnette signs in a yard, along 322 between Hummselstown and Rutherford that I get to see on my way to Harrisburg each morning. That, along with the trump 2020 flags hanging on their fence gives me a chuckle


axeville t1_j24kqc7 wrote

Can we bring back the "I did that" stickers now that gas is $2.80/ gallon ish? 🤣

Bc we all know the Supreme Leader sets the price of fuel. (In Venezuela 🇻🇪)


Crawlerado t1_j23pj7h wrote

As soon as my neighbors remove their looser laundry


PGHNeil t1_j24fbs7 wrote

I was out in BFE somewhere in SWPA and some guy who was a closet Michaels customer made his own TRUMP sign out of wood letters and a steel beam. He painted it all bright orange and impaled the poor tree with it. The next time I’m in that area I fully expect that tree to have quit life and fall into his house.


GoodAcanthocephala95 t1_j253min wrote

If you have any success with 2022, can we extend it to 2016 and 2018. Please. A certain number of a particular group seem to want to relive the dream


futurehistorianjames t1_j25dt20 wrote

I use to work for Democrats in Bucks County. Signs out on the road are suppose to be removed within a week or two after the election. Personal yard signs.... They have a right to keep them up, but I do agree it gets old seeing signs from 2016 still in people's yards.


itsallfornaught2 t1_j263ym4 wrote

Right? I don't care who you support but just clean up your shit ffs.


Annahsbananas t1_j24aogn wrote

Shit...York Co still has Trump 2020 signs still up


NewAlexandria t1_j24fcyb wrote

it's a major battleground state. people are going to leave up signage to maintain momentum for what they think is correct politiking. Pretending and begging otherwise is disconnected from reality


PACubsFan23 OP t1_j24p5sl wrote

I would disagree. I don’t think anyone is persuaded by yard signs. I think it’s people low-key saying “look at me”! It is a battleground state, but leaving yard signs in isn’t a way to “keep momentum” when most of the signs I see are from the losing side. Just MO


NewAlexandria t1_j24sdbx wrote

more people are saying 'fuck off i'm not changing my stance'

"losing" is presumptive and limited way to frame it. Fetterman went pro-fracing. And other conservative-shifts of the liberal overton window in PA


PACubsFan23 OP t1_j24uf5q wrote

More people definitely are saying “fuck off” now than ever before, that’s for sure. Dems have seemed to be more willing to venture towards the center-right on issues than the other way around, which coupled with candidate choice, pulled moderate Repubs to vote D…so although I see your point, I’ll go back to my original post & reiterate that I don’t see the need to keep yard signs up all year around & beyond…just to “own” others (if that is their intention).


CuriousMaroon t1_j26jdaa wrote

Why complain specifically about Trump signs...?


PACubsFan23 OP t1_j26pw10 wrote

I’m complaining about all of them, regardless of the party. By my last comment…2020 was over 2 years ago, time to move on. I don’t see Biden/Harris or Obama/Biden signs, flags, etc all over the place or I’d complain about them, too.


Phillysean23 t1_j23jnzm wrote

Told you


[deleted] t1_j23mdvk wrote