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polgara_buttercup t1_j24sij5 wrote

Remember that school board elections are critical! Pay attention to who’s running for those seats and what they want to do with your schools. Moms For Liberty have targeted schools in Mastriano’s district for take over.


badpeaches t1_j25kwi2 wrote

I don't have any kids, I sure there's other people my age that are probably in the same situation as me, never be able to afford kids or a house of our own. However, I hope people know that even if they don't have kids, the stuff they teach in schools affects society overall so they should be highly motivated to get out and vote.

Moms For Liberty are probably funded by people like the Koch brother. Does citizens united keep that donor information public? Anyway, I hope people get more active in voting moving forward. New year, new you, new problems that need to be addressed.