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fat_ballerina71 t1_j1yr2ve wrote

Considering how many people voted for Dr. Oz, this is a valid campaign, I wish her much success!


stahleo t1_j1yyxw0 wrote

I think the people who need to have their head examined are the ones that voted for the guy without a functioning brain.

EDIT: This sub is so easily triggered.


themollusk t1_j1yzig2 wrote

The person you replied to again talked about voting for Dr. Oz.


martymoran t1_j1z214p wrote



stahleo t1_j200dxa wrote

Even worse - Fetterwoman


martymoran t1_j20wv3u wrote

oh wow what a clever pun! i guess the implication is that a woman is somehow worse or provides less value to society than men?


8Draw t1_j2fl5wa wrote

GQP clowns gilding eachothers' wildly unpopular posts is a nice analogy for what they're trying to do to their actual votes, lately.


stahleo t1_j2fnnzp wrote

"Wildly unpopular" on a PA subreddit.

Damn dude, you're right. This sub is entirely representative of the state.



amor_fatty t1_j20s495 wrote

Lol, as someone who has been kicked around the mental health industry for over 25 years and spent tens of thousands of dollars; the last thing mental health needs is “awareness”. It needs higher qualified professionals: not people who are looking to solve their own mental health issues.


Much-Faith897 t1_j1zaosc wrote

This is so important. I feel that people don’t understand how serious this is.


BasvoyD t1_j1zjqr3 wrote

It's very painful to lose a siblings


webauteur t1_j1zkioh wrote

I am aware that most people are crazy. People are so irrational now that a leading intellectual had to write a book defending rationality. He was vilified for that.


alexcastylicious t1_j214gpk wrote

No shot I use to go to school with her. That’s awesome. Glad to see her doing well. She was always a genius.


axeville t1_j1zv9fo wrote

Beauty pageants aren't that good for mental health either. She has an eyelash slightly off. /s


fusionfarm t1_j1ycgrh wrote

People are already aware, do something else.


xxdropdeadlexi t1_j1yqowi wrote

Maybe raise awareness that it's impossible for anyone that isn't upper middle class to see a mental health professional.


nooonotthisagain t1_j1ye8ya wrote

What if she were to --- hear me out --- offer thoughts and prayers to those struggling with mental illness?


IThinkImDumb t1_j1yz770 wrote

Pennsylvania has one of the highest rates of opioid addiction. Especially being Miss Philadelphia before, I think she picked a great cause


tempestveil t1_j1yrty3 wrote

why does this have so many upvotes....


obavijest t1_j21qkif wrote

This entire comment section is bots...look at the style of writing in each poster's comment history