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thebronzejohnson t1_izyeddr wrote

It’s always the ones you most suspect


[deleted] t1_izylcqq wrote



Accomplished_Bit7467 t1_izypy0k wrote

Yes that man is a MAGA toting republican… does Helen Keller run ur account?


Squashey t1_izz171a wrote

Why does it matter what cult group he follows?

When you see someone who creates this sort of physical appearance you know they are bad news. Like frogs in the wild that are bright colors, animals know are toxic.


sim37 t1_j02yp4i wrote

The pink beard was temporary for a breast cancer fundraising goal. The man usually sported his natural hair color.


thebronzejohnson t1_izyv5bg wrote

I’m talking about the fact that he dyes his beard


CraveBoon t1_izyxbsz wrote

Those pictures didn't scream left or right, just pedo lol


kifn2 t1_izz6su9 wrote

ok. totally misunderstood.


ahtzib t1_izytuov wrote

A grown man who dyes his facial hair pink is a weirdo creep? Color me surprised.


spiderghouls t1_j01jowh wrote

This might be the worst string of comments I've seen on Reddit in awhile. Dyed hair ≠ pedo.


Ganjaskate t1_izzkrx2 wrote

Lol why are you getting downvoted for this? The guy looks like a creep and low and behold…he’s a creep.


TheBigBadBrit89 t1_izyxzk8 wrote

You know he’s not dying his beard like that for other adults.


woodsywoodducks t1_izz46rg wrote

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, it’s wise to judge a book by its cover.