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ackmon t1_izyk06a wrote

It helps if you understand addiction.

In no way am I justifying it, condoning it or anything like it. I'm as disgusted as you. Absolutely no excuse But addiction is at the root of it. Just like an alcoholic that knows it has destroyed his life but keeps on drinking.

A pedophile continues despite understanding just how wrong it is.


CocoaMotive t1_izyrjdh wrote

Aren't pedophiles notorious for believeing they're doing nothing wrong though and that's why it's so hard to rehab them because they don't think it's wrong in the first place?

I've never heard of it described as an addiction before. I knew it was being considered as an orientation in some circles but not an addiction. Porn addiction is absolutely at epidemic levels now though.


ackmon t1_izytyij wrote

Pedophilia is very complex and there are different forms and causes, etc. Some understand very well how wrong it is.. and there are some who may not.

Some people who fit the definition of a pedophilia may never act on it. (Many would argue they are not pedophiles I'm sure). Acting on it can become a compulsion which then becomes an addiction. Which seems to be the case in the original post.

I'm not taking more time to explain. There's lots of information at anyone's fingertips using Google.
Here's a fine article on the subject.



Mor_Tearach t1_izz65s6 wrote

Boy I don't know? I mean pedos thinking there's nothing wrong? There was a pedophile PA ( with a school superintendent playing a helpful role, also Pennsylvania- that guy wasn't accused although no idea why. He sure tried really hard to feed a kid to his pedophile buddy ) who literally plotted to get access to my kid. It was insane and more, we reported the buddy helper. To absolutely no response.

The sheer effort this pedo put in while trying to cover his tracks makes me think he certainly knew it was wrong. He's in prison the last I heard. Thankfully someone finally believed a victim.


No-Setting9690 t1_j01pga4 wrote

This has been happening way too much recently in PA. Seems like every day or so another school teacher/admin is arrested on something underaged.


Mor_Tearach t1_j02xmiq wrote

It's sincerely worrying. Had this like 5 year being-a-giant-pain in the ass running conflict with the Dept of Ed and anyone else tangentially responsible for our schools. And yes, we were GIANT pains. It seemed surreal there were simply 100% dead ends on complaints.

Get this. Finally some talking head there told me " If you don't like the way these complaints are handled, then legislate ". SURE? Pretty sure we have elected legislatures, how in hell is it our job?

Absolutely guarantee if anyone in government at the time uses the PA Reddit I just gave them a headache. And yes, it's me. Hi.


No-Setting9690 t1_j031hq9 wrote

I'm see this more and more in anything that is done. Whether gov't, private companies, neighbors. No one cares. No one wants to do what's right.


Mor_Tearach t1_j06abcj wrote

It seems that way doesn't it? Before this fiasco it simply never occurred to me this stuff would not be a matter of " Look! A crime! Look! There's the criminal collecting his hefty tax dollar funded salary and oh by the way, you have the proof ". Like to add this guy also had a connection and not a slight one with one of the most heinous child abuse murders in Harrisburg history.

It took a LOT of people both looking the other way and huddling behind a myriad obfuscating ' correct procedure ' dodges to pull off what occurred. I.e. nobody cares as you said.

Can't wait to see how many alarms were pulled on this guy before he was finally investigated. IF that part makes the news.


gslavik t1_izz0rr7 wrote

There is a VICE video on loli hentai in Japan. They interview a dude who draws it who thinks it's not wrong. They also interview a dude who was caught sexually molesting kids. The former said it wasn't wrong and was an outlet for the latter. The latter said that the comics caused him to act on his tendency.

Here's the video:


LordJunon t1_j00955e wrote

I tried to watch that video and I couldn't finish it because it was that stomach churning.


twin-shadows t1_j00kj7k wrote

I have been trying to say anime girls are drawn to look way young sometimes like under 18 and it can’t just be overlooked. Yet it is and so many people make the art themselves.


HeyZuesHChrist t1_izzb1nc wrote

I’m sure there is a spectrum for reasons here. Sometimes I’m sure it’s that they don’t think it’s wrong.

Sometimes they do know it’s wrong but compulsions can be overwhelming. Just like with serial killers. They often times simply cannot help themselves. The same goes for addicts. They just can’t stop themselves.


dreexel_dragoon t1_j01dr3p wrote

Rationalizing your addiction is a core piece of addiction, and addiction is absolutely a mental disorder.


Or0b0ur0s t1_izz9lqe wrote

Lotta serial killers, though not all, are like this as well. Dahmer was a classic example. He knew what he was doing, he was concerned about it, if not outright disgusted, but he knew it was wrong, was evil. But it ended up being a coping mechanism for his particular untreated mental illness, to which he became completely addicted. He knew he'd get caught eventually, but he couldn't stop.


kifn2 t1_izymgrp wrote

I get that it could be similar to addiction in that he has a compulsion to do it that he can't resist, but I don't know if it's the same. An addict has physical withdrawals if they don't get their fix. Addiction withdrawals can be very debilitating. It seems to me that pedophiles don't have the self-control to stifle their compulsions. I do plenty of things that I know are bad for me, but I can and do also can stop myself.


ackmon t1_izyo1pa wrote

Addiction can be physical or mental or a combination of both. Either way it is chemical based whether it's in our brain or the whole body. Both can be debilitating. But not always.
Example: I'm addicted to caffeine in the morning. It's mental but I get headaches if I don't drink my coffee.

It's not debilitating and is quite enjoyable to me. Why stop? As I said in my original reply... It helps to have an good understanding of how addiction works.

It's not simple and is most often quite quite complex as in pedophilia.


Critical_Band5649 t1_izyzpy3 wrote

You can addicted to behaviors, or more specifically the good feeling those behaviors cause. Gambling is an addiction 2 million people in the US struggle with and there is no physical withdrawal.


mopsyd t1_j02z93g wrote

I would argue that any compulsory repetition will become habit forming eventually, because life wants to find harmony with its environment, and in any context of life aside from modern humans, whatever you encounter routinely is a factor that needs to be adapted to in order to survive. I do not think that dopamine is required for this to occur. Cognitive dissonance, bias, and reflex alone suggest your neurons really want to use what they know already instead of unlearning and re-learning, which is why rehabilitation of any poor conduct is difficult. If you learned self-destructive or outwardly harmful patterns, that is what your brain knows how to apply and it wants to work with what it has just like any other brain.


TheWorldInMySilence t1_izz17es wrote

Yeah. Just like the addiction to kill people. Understanding it's an addiction helps. /s


ackmon t1_izz81kk wrote

Certainly is important to understand why people do awful things isn't it? We can prevent others from doing the same thing.


wagsman t1_izzkgri wrote

Yeah, knowing how serial killers tick makes it easier to catch them


IamSauerKraut t1_j00f2ct wrote

Pedophilia is an addiction? Looking at naked kids is an addiction?? Watching little kids be sexually abused is an addiction? What a weak-assed bunch of nonsense.

Mr. Titz is a sick motherbleeper. Stick his stupid arse into the Big House in Camp Hill.


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ackmon t1_izz8jfe wrote

That's true. I'm not sure who said it is.

However, both are addictions. They have that in common.


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ackmon t1_izzme5b wrote

Always some negative jerk.

You have zero idea what you're talking about. My statement you posted as your evidence does not refer to physical addiction. Merely addiction in general. Therefore you're wrong.

You have much to learn about addiction. And you obviously you did not read all my posts in this thread I will block you now.