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OneTrueDweet t1_j01ytq4 wrote

Hey that’s where I live!


BurgerTime20 t1_j02g31a wrote

Hey, I am the mod at r/ambler. Feel free to join the subreddit if you are interested!


SmasherOfAjumma t1_j028p68 wrote

How do you like living in Ambler?


OneTrueDweet t1_j0294kl wrote

Born and raised here. I’ve lived in 3 other states, and several other towns within PA, but I kept coming back here, so this is where I settled.

Great school district, a beautiful walkable downtown, and convenient mass transit for quick trips to the city.


19107 t1_j03eigc wrote

I have lived in Ambler for a few years. I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2020 and came back. I now live one block from where I originally was. Same street. Just your basic $40K one block move with a one year detour. You’ve seen it a million times.


PatAss98 t1_j03g7fm wrote

Same here. I love how it's nice and walkable in the downtown part of Ambler. I just wish Upper Dublin township and the other townships in the area surrounding Ambler were built or could be redeveloped to be denser and more walkable while still having lots of greenery since the lack of walkability in the surrounding area of Upper Dublin is making me want to move to another part of Montco that's more walkable


mostlikelytrash t1_j01yg3b wrote

I was just at Gypsy Blu. Fun little town. Doylestown has the same kinda vibe if that’s your thing.


insert_flattery_here t1_j01s4tf wrote

Beautiful, you should frame it and hang it at your home, or gift it. Beautiful photo.


Dr_WHOOO t1_j02nb14 wrote

My home town!

Most weirdly spot on Norman Rockwell painting mainstreet in Pennsylvania.

That theater even does an annual Big Lebowski fest


Agentx6021 t1_j01u7o6 wrote

Cool. My buddy is dying of cancer right now. He lives in Ambler.


in_Need_of_peace t1_j02set0 wrote

That sucks man, stay strong. I just lost my younger sister to cancer, it gets brutal towards the end.


Kempers t1_j02wv2k wrote

If you've never gone there, go. It's the real cinema experience.


trying-to-be-kind t1_j01w0si wrote

Fantastic photo - the lighting is perfect! You should post this to r/AccidentalRenaissance


Chaz_Cheeto t1_j01yl5g wrote

Nice! Ambler is a cute little area. I’ve passed through it countless times but I’ve never actually had the chance to walk around.


sprag80 t1_j022npz wrote

Gorgeous photo! My wife and I live in NW Philly and are well acquainted with the area. Beautiful.


SmasherOfAjumma t1_j028mis wrote

Nice! I have not been in that theater since the 80’s maybe.


AtBat3 t1_j02c7i0 wrote

Great shot of a really underrated town


snot3353 t1_j03k55s wrote

Hope you stopped at El Limon after


Sweetz27 t1_j03yqsz wrote

The lighting on this is stunning. What a gorgeous shot.


mtyvv t1_j03hs8f wrote

Going to have our names up on the sign for a few hours on our wedding day, looking forward to the pictures!


mountstuart t1_j048hu0 wrote

Can you tell us a bit more about your process? Digital or analog, gear?


irishbastard87 t1_j05jquf wrote

I live 7 minutes from there. Great theater