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Open_Veins_8 OP t1_j06l1al wrote

In just one year, 270 stores have unionized across the country and many workers see this as a testament to the power of grassroots organizing.


drxdrg08 t1_j08izjg wrote

Like everything else, unions have upsides and downsides.

One of the largest downsides is that there are no checks and balances that prevent union request from damaging the business, all the way up to going out of business.

Metalworkers have all but been eliminated. That business is now in Asia and Russia.

Autoworkers allowed the Japanese to take a huge chunk of the market.

There are many examples where short term gains for the union lead to long term losses for the union and the business.


neverdowrong t1_j08mje4 wrote

A good union and a good company would recognize they have a mutual interest in making sure the company is as profitable and competitive as possible without sacrificing the quality of the product or the working conditions. Unfortunately, many companies are so greedy that they aren’t willing to compromise. And some unions are so focused on maintaining the status quo that they fail to recognize the value of an active, engaged rank-and-file membership that is contributing ideas that make the company and the union stronger.


drxdrg08 t1_j08qno1 wrote

> Unfortunately, many companies are so greedy that they aren’t willing to compromise.

The same can be said about unions. Greed is just human nature, and there are humans on the company side and the union side.

> A good union and a good company would recognize they have a mutual interest

Not going happen. Human nature is unchangeable, short of evolutionary changes, and that takes millions of years.

Where do unions work well? Germany? What are they doing differently? Well, they don't have company level unions for one. They are per industry.


Super_C_Complex t1_j0965lt wrote

> Autoworkers allowed the Japanese to take a huge chunk of the market

Except Japanese employees were more productive in the 70s and built a reputation for well priced quality. Now Japanese cars are made in the US.

> Metalworkers have all but been eliminated. That business is now in Asia and Russia

Counterpoint. Arc furnaces are more versatile, cheaper, and efficient than large blast furnaces and the demand for structural steel has diminished due to suburbanization. There's still significant metallurgy in the US is just smaller scale.


Spud_Rancher t1_j071e03 wrote

Hopefully the union puts progressive leadership in place.

I’ve been apart of good unions who want better labor rights for all and bad unions where it’s a seniority based fraternity.


Prudent-Fly-8299 t1_j077m9l wrote

Yeah the seniority aspects of some unions is so annoying


CltAltAcctDel t1_j07dq0n wrote

Seniority is the foundation of unions. It plays some factor in nearly every workplace decision. Pay, promotion, leave, job bid etc have seniority as one of the factors


Prudent-Fly-8299 t1_j07dyr3 wrote

Oh I get it- it’s just annoying at times when you bid on something you’re qualified to do only to be out bid by someone who’s less qualified but more seniority


topspin9 t1_j07n2rn wrote

I never had the opportunity to work in a union . As a teen I worked in support of the Farmworkers strike in the Rio Grand ,Viva LA Helga.

Now all I do is sing the Union 🎵 song . I wanna join the C I O , cause everyone I see I owe.


Dredly t1_j06mgkq wrote

Haven't they been closing all the stores that unionize?


kifn2 t1_j06oghg wrote

Some of them. They closed the Seattle store that unionized, then reopened it across the street but made it operated by a grocery store. Many of the other stores they closed were in the organizing process. Theoretically, it should be harder for them to do this after the store is actually unionized since a union could bring more resources to fight the closure than an unorganized workforce.


BigMoose9000 t1_j07yvi9 wrote

Yes. They wait a year-ish so that they can blame it on something else but they're not letting any of them operate long term.


Torbelson t1_j06sb73 wrote

Yes. This one will closed shortly.


Junior_Maintenance_4 t1_j06t7zo wrote

Which Whitehall store?


axeville t1_j06vb95 wrote

If they were smart they would identify which ones are unionized and let consumer preferences dictate. I use the app often and would filter to the union shops bc I support American unions and businesses. Likewise I use union grocery stores bc food is the same cost but people are supported.


QuillVance t1_j07a3t8 wrote

You are using the corporate app, and I doubt corporate wants the consumers to accidentally show preference for the thorn in their side.


Lucaraidh t1_j073goh wrote

Nice! Love seeing the working class continuing to stand up to big corporations like Starbucks. Hope they stay open though.


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_j06xnov wrote

I still find it hard to believe people pay +$7 for a cup of coffee. I make a pot of Lucas Coffee for .64. Yes when I add a creamer it brings the cost to about $2 per pot.


Zenith2017 t1_j07kw4s wrote

I agree that Starbucks is way overpriced for the quality, but it's worth saying that that sort of price is for a big ol espresso drink with a bunch of shit in it. A drip coffee is overpriced still but not $7 by any means


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_j07lu31 wrote

I've never been impressed and only had their coffee at a casino so I'm sure it was over priced there.


Zenith2017 t1_j07mbdd wrote

They burn the shit out of the beans. Makes for a very consistent product nationally but I'm not a fan


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_j07mqo0 wrote

D&D used to make a good cup until they started diluting it. It's just so much easier to have a fresh brewed pot sitting in the kitchen when I get there in the morning..timers work great.


Zenith2017 t1_j07myci wrote

I have to limit myself to two cups max or I'm bouncing off the walls anxious, so I do french press now. Pretty nice and easy though I do miss the convenience of a timed brew


alohabruh732 t1_j06ojfw wrote

I believe a majority of this country thinks this is a joke.


PencilTucky t1_j06wedz wrote

How’s that ruling class leather taste?


81isastanleycupchamp t1_j07aw60 wrote

Says the guy that pays $8 for a cup of coffee…


SuggestAPhotoProject t1_j07d50a wrote

I’m no fan of Starbucks, but a Grande coffee is only $2.65.


PencilTucky t1_j07g7gw wrote

If the person who makes it earns a living wage as a result, that’s a win in my book.


Guazzabuglio t1_j07q1q8 wrote

Seriously. We take coffee for granted and it's criminally underpriced. It should cost way more. It's only able to be grown in a small part of the world, the farmers are underpaid, the processors are underpaid, and the people brewing it are underpaid.


Agent-Pierce- t1_j06q8qz wrote

You would be incorrect. Hard working human beings collectively working together to improve their lives and by extension society is generally seen with some level of admiration or indifference.


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_j06xbtc wrote

If all the stores close that go union, who's lives were made better?


chaqalaqalaqa t1_j074kj7 wrote

If they close all the stores, the company will cease to exist. The workers generate the wealth, they should be the ones receiving the rewards.


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_j075d3w wrote

The company sells their coffee beans in Costco. If people like the flavor they won't cease to exist. If they do go out of business, all those workers that have been receiving stock options will be hurt also.

The workers have been compensated. I'm not sure how much high price the company can charge for coffee or other items.


chaqalaqalaqa t1_j077kxy wrote

They don’t need to raise the prices, they just need to cut their profits a bit. They made over 20 billion in profits (not revenue, but profit) in 2021. It wouldn’t cost much of that to raise wages.