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Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_j06xnov wrote

I still find it hard to believe people pay +$7 for a cup of coffee. I make a pot of Lucas Coffee for .64. Yes when I add a creamer it brings the cost to about $2 per pot.


Zenith2017 t1_j07kw4s wrote

I agree that Starbucks is way overpriced for the quality, but it's worth saying that that sort of price is for a big ol espresso drink with a bunch of shit in it. A drip coffee is overpriced still but not $7 by any means


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_j07lu31 wrote

I've never been impressed and only had their coffee at a casino so I'm sure it was over priced there.


Zenith2017 t1_j07mbdd wrote

They burn the shit out of the beans. Makes for a very consistent product nationally but I'm not a fan


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_j07mqo0 wrote

D&D used to make a good cup until they started diluting it. It's just so much easier to have a fresh brewed pot sitting in the kitchen when I get there in the morning..timers work great.


Zenith2017 t1_j07myci wrote

I have to limit myself to two cups max or I'm bouncing off the walls anxious, so I do french press now. Pretty nice and easy though I do miss the convenience of a timed brew