Submitted by brk1 t3_zz2zwt in Pennsylvania

EDIT: Looks like it’s for real (suspect arrested in Pennsylvania for killings of 4 University of Idaho students; has ties to Monroe County and albrightsville)

There is a rumor floating around SM that an arrest has been made in PA, in connection to the Idaho student murders. Again, just a rumor, but wondering if anyone in this sub knows of a way to check through publicly available means? Arrest records and such?



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James0nJuiceb0x t1_j2969br wrote

If you have a name, you can try the UJS portal. It’s all public record.


Ipsissima_verba t1_j29p0h8 wrote

The portal shows that the suspect was arrested by PSP and has an extradition hearing January 3. He is being held in jail, pending extradition.


E_Pluribus_Omnom t1_j29agu5 wrote

You're in the town square with a megaphone "everyone, keep this quiet just in case I'm wrong, but here's the deal!"


bdschuler t1_j29rkfl wrote

EXACTLY! And I posted a joke and people freaked the fuck out. People are nuts these days with no sense of humor.


zakk412 t1_j2d6nfh wrote

The old “feigning responsibility for murdering strangers” gag! Classic.


No-Razzmatazz- t1_j2973w9 wrote

"I hate posting rumors" says the guy posting rumors.


brk1 OP t1_j298p7r wrote

The reason I’m asking is that someone here could share resources to credible information that could confirm or dispel the story.


[deleted] t1_j29clz8 wrote



TreeMac12 t1_j29i1lk wrote

> We don't have some extra source of knowledge that the rest of the internet lacks

Some people do.


brk1 OP t1_j29e5f3 wrote

See above: this has already been confirmed. Your comments are irrelevant at this point.


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brk1 OP t1_j29kteq wrote

Huh? What a weird comment. I never claimed I had anything to do with this.


Supernatural0311 t1_j29r38r wrote

The OP was literally looking for more someone with local credible information. Not to mention they ended up being correct.

Hey, at least you got to be a jerk on the internet today. That must be exhilarating for you.


No-Setting9690 t1_j29g9cg wrote

They are stating an arrest has been made, details are limited at moment.


brk1 OP t1_j29ke0k wrote

AP is reporting the suspects name and confirming the arrest is for Idaho murders.


Gothsicle t1_j296l7k wrote

I'm very interested in this case, are willing to give any more info on this rumor?


brk1 OP t1_j2996cw wrote

I don’t have any more info other than it is a rumor on social media. I have no inside knowledge and am not putting this forward as fact. a Lehigh valley media site posted this on twitter but then deleted it.


Gothsicle t1_j29deq0 wrote

looks like someone was arrested in Monroe County in connection with these murders.

Edit: Scranton


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j29ofej wrote

Thank you for posting.

Sadly, it won’t undo this heinous crime but I’m thankful the police have located and apprehended a suspect.


bexter82 t1_j29m1zj wrote

Just saw this on my local news as I’m from the area the arrest was made. Few details but heard there’s going to be a press conference at 1pm.


OozeAndOz t1_j29mchz wrote

Just saw an article saying there was an arrest in Monroe county that is related to the case but that's all I could find out.


artificialavocado t1_j29fn5e wrote

Looks like it wasn’t just a rumor. Doesn’t mean they are from here though just apprehended here. I-80 runs through Monroe very well could have been pulled over while traveling.


brk1 OP t1_j2a291e wrote

Reports seem to indicate he is from albrightsville.


QueenMabs_Makeup0126 t1_j2ak05v wrote

It’s true. The arrest happened a few doors away from where a friend of mine lives.


Ap3xHitman t1_j2bklcb wrote

Aint no rumor man they made an arrest earlier today


Allemaengel t1_j29ehnb wrote

I live in Monroe County. Haven't heard anything like that yet.


brk1 OP t1_j29k29c wrote

Check AP, it’s the top story.


Allemaengel t1_j29o4jp wrote

Yeah, arrested in Albrightsville. Less than 10 miles from me.


Odd_Shirt_3556 t1_j299qnj wrote

The cops and FBI in Idaho are under tremendous pressure to solve this. If an arrest was made, it would be everywhere.


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Sovereign2142 t1_j2dqkc6 wrote

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