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Inner-Figure5047 t1_j0conyl wrote

Mason Morey. Prior to his arrest he was bragging about raping his step daughters 9&11 years old to an under cover cop.


TacoNomad t1_j0dgs31 wrote

And wasn't arrested?


NoWarrantShutUp t1_j0dnxq6 wrote

At that point they probably just had him saying that.. in order to really nail this guy they most likely needed much more, hence meeting him at the hotel. I know it’s not right but without enough evidence it’s just too big of a risk, instead they chose to wait and catch him red handed thus borderline guaranteeing putting this scumbag behind bars. Now if they had pictures along with it I would say that’s a different story.


James0nJuiceb0x t1_j0dq70x wrote

> At that point they probably just had him saying that..

They did. He disclosed it to the same undercover that was part of setting up the sting.

It was all part of the operation.


TapewormNinja t1_j0dhhvr wrote

“You won’t believe it, Chief! I was just hanging out in a bar, having a quiet drink, and this guy comes up and starts telling me about raping kids. He just spends his whole day raping away at ‘em!”

“So you arrested him right? The self confessed rapist?”

“Aww man, I knew I forgot to do something today.”


-TheFarce- t1_j0dpqdv wrote

> Morey met the undercover officer on the social media app Wickr using the name DARKRAVEN329 and quickly began asking about his daughter, who does not really exist, an officer explains in the complaint. He then asked the officer if he had sex with his fictitious daughter, graphically described sexual acts he did with or in front of his own children, and what he wanted to do to the officer's daughter, as well as ask for photos of the fake child.


mrboozer t1_j0djmmz wrote

It's in the article FFS.


TacoNomad t1_j0dk78f wrote

I mean, I thought he was talking about a different incident. No need to get all pissy.


Er3bus13 t1_j0dxim1 wrote

This is pa here yellow is in our flag.


delusions- t1_j0g9us0 wrote

> I thought he was talking about a different incident

You'd know he wasn't if you read the fucking article


TacoNomad t1_j0ganiw wrote

Sorry for not clicking every link I come across. Thanks for your opinion. It's really fucking important for you to repeat the other comments here. Certainly you read the fucking comments? And still felt the need to be a turd.


delusions- t1_j0gycbv wrote

Your ignorance is not my failing, it's yours.


TacoNomad t1_j0h223l wrote

Awwww. Poor thing. Feeling so good about this?

3 comments deep into the telling me to read the article. So clearly you know that Im already aware it's in the article. You just need to repeat it. Must make you feel really important.

I feel for you bro. You need something to feel good about. I'm OK with being the recipient of your anger.


delusions- t1_j0h9d5u wrote

Projecting much? Trying to talk down to me to feel bigger, with "Bro" and "poor thing"? Lol.


TacoNomad t1_j0hd300 wrote

Brothers are equal. I didn't call you son. Which would be a term of inferiority.

You came out aggressive at me telling me to read the fucking article. Because you were being super kind and helpful? It's not even like my original comment, to someone else, was negative either.

And when I pointed out that others had already suggested this and it was an unnecessary comment, you responded calling me ignorant.

Yet you don't see how you're being shitty.

Are those the behaviors of a kind person? I didn't come for you. You came for me, aggressively. I responded in kind. And you came back even more aggressive.

What else should I assume? You needed an ego boost behind your keyboard. And I accept that it'll make you feel better to keep acting in this foolish manner. Either look in the mirror and see how you fucking started it, or accept that I'm going to keep calling it like I see. Ego boost initiated!


Tr0gd0r17 t1_j0g0zd9 wrote

A person can’t be charged with a crime solely for admitting to it without any other substantiating evidence. The fancy Latin term for it is corpus delicti. For example bragging that you killed someone just to look dangerous and tough. I’ve been a defense attorney for years and never had someone brag about or admit to touching a kid outside of an interrogation for no reason so that probably makes this one pretty obvious. It will definitely cause them to investigate further and hopefully at that point they can really figure out what’s going on. I hope I’m wrong and this fucker was just saying crazy shit for no reason and never actually touched the kids. But given this situation it doesn’t look good. I really hope those little ones are ok. But if they look into it I’d bet the evidence is there.


TacoNomad t1_j0g8kzh wrote

It's still probable cause to detain and search, no? Isn't it 48 hours to charge someone once detained? Based on everything we know about pedophiles, and the circumstances of the arrest, it's unlikely that he was lying.


Iceman9161 t1_j0gbbcf wrote

Bragging to a “friend” is shaky evidence, even if the friend was an undercover cop. Confessions given in a much more official setting have been thrown out before. They knew he was a criminal, they just needed to keep an eye on him long enough to nail him


TacoNomad t1_j0gbpdw wrote

Yeah and they could detain him while looking for more evidence. Admitting to raping a child has got to be probable cause?

I just don't believe we live in a society that this doesn't warrant further attention.

Obviously in this case, it's part of the investigation. But generally speaking, I can't believe that this would be one of those "nothing we can do" scenarios. When cops are out here killing people for less. That's all. I'm cynical about law enforcement of sexual predators.


BurghPuppies t1_j0empwy wrote

Not shocked. He’s a stepfather to those girls plus a 15 year old, which tells me he’s married to a woman significantly older than him (age 31 - 37, maybe?). Why would a 26 y.o. Male marry an older woman with two pre-teen daughters??? I guess we see.


pnvrgnnltUdwn t1_j0g1j00 wrote

That’s not really that big of an age gap


BurghPuppies t1_j0gv202 wrote

It’s not a huge age gap. But it’s noteworthy if a 26 y.o. Man marries a 37 y.o. Woman with three little girls. Definitely seems to fit with the rest of the story.


bitterbeerfaces t1_j0d2xpn wrote

He is only 26 and the step father to a 15 year old? That's some fuzzy math. How old is his wife, 40?


Equivalent_Wing_6450 t1_j0dky4t wrote

not uncommon for predators like these to purposefully get into relationships with single parents of kids in their age range. way too common actually


-TheFarce- t1_j0dpb9j wrote

> not uncommon for predators like these to purposefully get into relationships with single parents of kids in their age range.

Seriously. He was likely more interested in the 9 and 11 year old, considering what he said to the undercover.


James0nJuiceb0x t1_j0dqfee wrote

> That's some fuzzy math.

Does it matte how "fuzzy" it is for non-biological kids?

Dude is clearly a creep and predator. Wouldn't be wrong to assume he specifically targeted a vulnerable single mom with kids in his age range.


Patiod t1_j0dkyx7 wrote

It's Pennsyltucky; his partner probably had kids at 15


Mor_Tearach t1_j0dr770 wrote

Side issue, it's very very odd and a little scary. Around where I live there's this THING where teen mothers just aren't discouraged, amazing number of 30 something grandmothers psyched as hell their daughter is pregnant. You understand absolutely supporting your kid if it becomes necessary, this is way different. We're very rural, kids either leave or stay here and have babies.

Another reason to have ditched FB 10 years ago.


MartialBob t1_j0eaib1 wrote

I've seen it happen. When I was 24 I was hanging out with a bunch of old highschool friends at our local bar and one of them brought his girlfriend. She was in her 40's. Then they started making out at the table. It was weird.


danappropriate t1_j0creff wrote

Of course, he's from Lebanon. My hometown never comes up short in the degenerate monster category. Glad I escaped that cesspool.


rovinchick t1_j0d2tyu wrote

There are degenerate monsters everywhere. You really never escape it.


Sea-Biscotti t1_j0cub8t wrote

What a fucking disgusting waste of air


No-Setting9690 t1_j0cr2ns wrote

I'd be fine with going all Judge Dredd on these individuals. Way beyond red handed.


MomsSpecialFriend t1_j0d8d8a wrote

Scary he thinks it’s just a one in a million chance to meet a cop instead of a real pedophile on the dark web.


rivershimmer t1_j0dm6ud wrote

Sheesh, we were already saying it 25 years ago: Welcome to the Internet, where the men are men, the women are men, and the children are FBI agents.


ForbodingWinds t1_j0dknt8 wrote

I'm gonna take a guess that this guy was religious?


M3ntallyDiseas3d t1_j0emji8 wrote

Funny you should ask mi was wondering if he was a Jehovah’s Witness. I know the congregations in that area have covered up pedophiles.


BramDeccapod t1_j0d1rpx wrote

Please don’t forget to harvest his organs BEFORE tossing the remains in a wood chipper


TapewormNinja t1_j0dhqxd wrote

If I was on the transplant list, I would not want those organs. That’s a heart I’d turn down. All of him in the chipper. Feet first please.


BramDeccapod t1_j0do2ej wrote

I get the sentiment but I pass on the chance to save a dying kid person.

(an acquaintance scored a kidney not long ago, saved his life )


TerribleUserName411 t1_j0dxuqp wrote

Do you suppose his QAnon-inspired yard sign is still in front of his house? You know, because the left are a bunch of pedophile sex traffickers.


gslavik t1_j0es3kf wrote

So, he admitted to past crimes and I assume the intent to commit this new crime is also codified. Sounds like the DA should have all the evidence they need for a properly prosecuted case.


CQU617 t1_j0e8ucq wrote

Chessus Crackeds WTAF? Arrest this prick


CQU617 t1_j0e94ub wrote

Lock him up


DaCheat452 t1_j0dmcr0 wrote

Chris Hansen would like to have a word with you. Please, sit down.


scandrews187 t1_j0egqtb wrote

Not too many people are a bigger piece of shit than this monster


gyshall t1_j0eryb6 wrote



CraWLee t1_j0f1dvj wrote

Get em! Sick fuq


MyEvilTwinSkippy t1_j0f25vv wrote

Glad this guy was caught and I'm not trying to take away from the story, but...

Am I the only one who finds it weird that the police listed a cell phone as an incriminating object that the guy had with him? Are cell phones that unusual in Wilkes-Barre or something? Was he shoeless? because I don't see shoes listed as something he had with him.

Feels kinda like when police bust someone for drugs and list sandwich bags in their pantry or kitchen knives as paraphernalia or weapons.


aboutsider t1_j0h882e wrote

If I had to guess, I'd say that cell phone had child pornography on it. Or, the police believe it did.


beeps-n-boops t1_j0mjll6 wrote

Likely it was incriminating because it had the text conversations on it, proving that he was the right suspect, and that he did plan to do what they say he planned to do.


five_eight t1_j0pazo3 wrote

Lebanon County: home of the trumpiest trumpers.


Agent-Pierce- t1_j0cijg9 wrote

Disgusting. But also is the OPs post history, another person OBSESSED with crime and depraved stories. Creepy af


jillianpikora OP t1_j0cohfv wrote

I'm a reporter covering crime in Pennsylvania, it's my job. Not "obsessed" and I hate that these things happen. I work hard to track down the court docs. and police statements, conduct interviews etc. I also leave out some of the most disgusting details, not just in this case, but in all the crimes I cover, as people can use it as "inspiration" or to further harm victims. The things, some people can and will do are repulsive. I do my best to share these stories with the public so you can be aware of what's happening in our state, can protect yourselves, and speak out to make changes as you all see fit.


Mor_Tearach t1_j0ds310 wrote

Wow sorry you posted a story we should all BE AWARE OF and got jumped!

Pedophile in our area was finally nailed, red flags all the heck all over the place. Guy's KID finally had to turn him in- worse, he was a medical ' professional ', company he worked for became hostile to his ex- patients probably bc they were worried about getting sued.

The more you report, the more we're aware. Has to be done.


steeelez t1_j0eby0z wrote

As someone whose life was deeply impacted by serious investigative reporting, thank you


pocketbookashtray t1_j0d42jj wrote

So you’ve chosen a career of muck raking. Interesting life decision.


ForbodingWinds t1_j0dkluv wrote

Ah, so no one should report when something bad happens and just pretend everything is peachy keen? That's reasonable.


aboutsider t1_j0h7u4f wrote

And, you've chosen a vocation of trolling. Interesting life decision.


Agent-Pierce- t1_j0cxu35 wrote


Lol more like sadist with a depravity fetish. You should stop using reddit. We dont need the crime drama karma fishing.back to fakebook with this exploitation of suffering


CarbonGod t1_j0cz189 wrote

Gezzuz you even know HOW to google? Learn it for once, and stop being a soapbox conspiracy whiner.


browneyedgirlpie t1_j0d1840 wrote

Are you that much of an idiot that you can't see she wrote the article she posted? Yes, yes you are.


steelceasar t1_j0cz73k wrote

No one is making you read these posts. Maybe just skip them?


steeelez t1_j0ecwty wrote

And who the fuck are you? What are you even trying to achieve here? If you don’t want to receive information, don’t consume it from an information sharing platform. The rest of us are here because we want to find out what happened, even if it’s upsetting. And thank god there’s people out there, trying to find out, and making sure other people know. If you’re lucky enough that that doesn’t matter to you then I salute you, please be grateful for your lack of concern, but don’t then concern yourself with the activity of people who do need to know what’s going on. That’s a sickness in and of itself.


whereyouatdesmondo t1_j0eje6w wrote

All these posts of yours are enabling everyone here to meet another creepy weirdo. Keep it up.


tempmike t1_j0e52md wrote

See, I was curious about this last time... but then I looked at the byline of the articles.