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newworldman1070 t1_j2ekyld wrote

People who hunt from camps are a very small minority. This isn’t 1960 anymore.


five_eight t1_j2eovst wrote

Good point. Head up to Lopez and take some pics before they all fall down. There's even an old pay phone so you could call home and check in.


newworldman1070 t1_j2eqpxq wrote

No need to. Live in potter. Drive past hundreds of camps a day.


worstatit t1_j2feh0u wrote

So, more than a handful?


newworldman1070 t1_j2fjyyu wrote

Yes. Many sit empty in deer season and have done so for 10 years or more. Far more people are in camps during the last few weeks of bow season and on the three big summer holiday weekends.

Deer camp has fallen out of favor for atv riding, bow season and short term vacation rentals.