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zorionek0 t1_j24i8at wrote

Shout out to Gio’s in Clearfield County, best gas station catfish I’ve ever had.

Curious too how many of these restaurants are “restaurants” versus a sheetz or similar


CrzyDave t1_j24jd2f wrote

Gas station catfish?! Is this real? If so your braver than me.


zorionek0 t1_j24jr9h wrote

It’s real, and it’s spectacular. Gios is a gas station, convenience store, and full on bbq joint


CrzyDave t1_j24o437 wrote

Well now I’m going to have to try it.


popisfizzy t1_j258wah wrote

I live in Altoona and will occasionally make treks all the way out to Gio's just for their food. It's fantastic


voonoo t1_j27bd05 wrote

Do you leave with a full tank and full tummy?


FaithlessnessCute204 t1_j25cvdh wrote

Not gonna lie I got thrown 4 a loop the first time I went there and it was legit a mobile gas station


SickeningPink t1_j26i8pd wrote

I’ve lived in PA for all 35 years of my life. Gas station restaurants kept me alive for two years in my alcoholic phase. Think of Gios as a barbecue joint that also has gas pumps.


vonHindenburg t1_j27687a wrote

If you're ever in Murrysville (east of Pittsburgh on 22), the Marathon station has some of the best gyros I've ever tasted.


Joran_Dax t1_j251lfp wrote

If this data includes bars, I guarantee that's where the lions share of our number comes from.

That said, we do have a few good restaurants. I really like Station 101 in DuBois.


ThwompThwomp t1_j24vtuy wrote

Growing up in the south, I lived on gas station cat fish! I had no idea places server it up here! Thanks so much for the tip!!


GundamWingZero-2 t1_j2675l7 wrote

Someone from work keeps trying get me to stop at Gio's, might give it shot next time I pass by.


Kellyk3059 t1_j26lp20 wrote

We went to gios on our way out to cedar point amusement park in Ohio. What a gem ❤️ glad to hear it’s still thriving. Look forward to taking my kids when we revisit the park soon.


1234ld t1_j26n2bx wrote

I’ve only ever seen great gas station food in the south (mostly TX) and didn’t know that it existed in PA!


pHScale t1_j2905pf wrote

Really? PA is home to Wawa and Sheetz, two of the best gas station food chains around!


tehmlem t1_j24hhc3 wrote

About 250 of Franklin county's restaurants are awful. Either shitty chains, misguided attempts at pizza, or diners serving frozen garbage with a side of poor food safety. Then there's Falafel Shack, shining jewel of the Cumberland Valley and pride of Chambersburg.


GraffitiTavern t1_j24kn7p wrote

Was surprised you all have more than Adams County considering all the tourism we have. Although I have always had a soft spot for Waynesburger


tehmlem t1_j24lcmq wrote

I think because there's no highway that goes there. Everyone has to get off the highway in a town 30 minutes out and it just seems natural to eat then. You're either getting off 81 in Chambersburg, 83 in York, or 70 in Hagerstown if you're not local.


GraffitiTavern t1_j24oz1s wrote

Good point, we have Rt 15, but still no interstate or anything. I wonder how many of those restaurants in Bedford County are just Breezewood


Ct-5736-Bladez t1_j25coix wrote

Waynesburger is pretty good and if you have a taste for sushi the place down the road, Sapporo, is good.


Avaisraging439 t1_j2500zq wrote

I can't find a single good place in Franklin tbh, my body can't handle fast food which is all we have, minus the "family" restaurants that are always ready to give you food poisoning.


Super_C_Complex t1_j266gt2 wrote


Don Chekos.

It's like. Sketch. But delicious. The nachos are banging and a great value.

As for the family restaurants, I won't disagree. I liked Chambersburg family diner before it was sold.

Fuck the orchards though.

Other than that. Inca kitchen is good. Bori delicious and denim are both good coffee shops. I'm not huge on Brussels vibe so I haven't been in much. The stube at liquid arts or whatever they're calling it now has decent food and okay beer.

The food here isn't all awful.


tehmlem t1_j269ozd wrote

That's why I left 12 slots for non-Falafel Shack establishments


Super_C_Complex t1_j26rmcf wrote

Haha fair enough.

But I'm honestly not disappointed with the food options around here.

I even appreciate Norland pub for the wings


WookieeSteakIsChewie OP t1_j24ei8h wrote

Center for Rural Pennsylvania is always putting interesting infographics like this on their Facebook page. Not super important info for most of us, but interesting!


PeoplecallmeBUCK t1_j24jflz wrote

It would be trivial to line these up and do it per capita, which would also be neat.... trivial for someone else who is inspired by my comment :)


RUDYGIULIANISASS t1_j24l1tk wrote

playing fast and loose with the word restaurant here


Allemaengel t1_j24j30e wrote

Cameron actually has 17? Didn't feel like that many when I was through there last year.


EventideLight t1_j256kjs wrote

I live in Cameron, here are the ones i can think of.

  • Sheetz (Get that out of the way first).
  • Pizza Palace
  • Cabin Kitchen (Currently closed).
  • Food King
  • Aroma Bakery and Cafe
  • Buttonwood
  • Charlie's Friendly Taven
  • Creekside Sports bar
  • Emporium Country Club
  • Bear Den
  • Driftwood Saloon
  • Willows
  • Sinnemahoning Tavern
  • Sinnemahoning Sportsman's Club

These are more bar bars or other "maybe" locations

  • Midtown
  • Moose Club
  • K of C
  • Lakeview (Gas station and cabin rental but also sell food stuff during the summer)
  • May Hallow Sportsman club
  • Some of the local churches and non profit places serve food and have "Restaurant" class food licenses due to regulations.

Edit: Adding more I forgot.

  • Fox's Pizza
  • Tubby's Tavern
  • Luigi's (Not sure if open anymore or not).
  • Olivetts (grocery store but they sell to go food, chicken, and subs)
  • Fuel On

choppingboardham t1_j25sgjd wrote

Mention Pizza Palace but forget Luigi's?


jbot14 t1_j28owpe wrote

What the heck is going on in that place? The political signs out front make that place look like the home source QAnon pizzagate conspiracy.


five_eight t1_j28viuk wrote

I'm thinking most of the places in blue and yellow on the map above have a poster of shirtless heavily muscled trump on a harley one-handing an M60 machine gun. And patrons who think it's a realistic depiction.


choppingboardham t1_j2ad7hw wrote

Not sure. I just have fond memories of that place in the 90s having a banging arcade.


BillyEnzin69 t1_j25rgh0 wrote

I love Pizza Palace and go out of my way to eat there a few times a year. I’m sad I won’t be back until sometime in late springs


wheresaldopa t1_j24zerv wrote

Makes me wonder what the criteria are to be considered a restaurant on this map. I only know of a couple of places in Emporium and maybe one or two along 120 near Driftwood and Sinnemahoning.


IsCakeDay t1_j25wxye wrote

The NAICS Code for the business, per the title of the infographic.


sweedishchef8286 t1_j258w20 wrote

Not sure.. but if it helps, pa health inspections lists 41 establishments. But they include schools and stores


russ257 t1_j24upfb wrote

I want to write a book now Called the 14 restaurants of Forest county.


Lyeta1_1 t1_j25xvzq wrote

Less a book, more like a glorified pamphlet.


BuddyA t1_j27jqjd wrote

I actually LOVE this idea. I want need the storylines to appear to be separate (also maybe adjacent), but then to converge in some weird way at the end. Coincidences and entanglements that once seemed impossible, are now somehow required for every/anything to make sense: the sum is truly greater than the parts:)


russ257 t1_j27l68d wrote

Kinda like the bridges of Madison county but way more PA


swissmtndog398 t1_j24i0ua wrote

I'm in Perry. Only one restaurant I'll go to up here.


discogeek t1_j24lst5 wrote

Yeah, out of the 572 here in Erie, probably 560 are shitholes. Chart doesn't really say much other than someone got a license to sell booze and/or food.


DoublePlusGood23 t1_j24vgw2 wrote

When I grew up in Sherman’s Dale there was a cozy cafe, diner and Chinese place near the grocery store.


swissmtndog398 t1_j25b2ax wrote

There's a big traffic circle there now. I believe the diner is still there. Fairly sure the others are gone.


DoublePlusGood23 t1_j25dzpt wrote

Yup pretty sure the Chinese place and cafe is long gone. I’ll have to stop at the diner next time Im in town.


geriatric_tatertot t1_j25h3w9 wrote

Diner is still there too. There's also the Shermans Creek Inn and a Barbecue place (actually 2!) in either direction on 34.


DoublePlusGood23 t1_j25hadz wrote

Kind of preferred the Creek before the new owners. But I’m a sucker for indoor smoking dives…


swissmtndog398 t1_j25i2yz wrote

I was in there about a month ago and it was still smoking.


DoublePlusGood23 t1_j25if5w wrote

Hm, I’m in the Harrisburg area a few times a year but mostly keep tabs on Sherman’s Dale from my friend down the road. Guess I misunderstood the renovations.


Grandpa_Utz t1_j277da9 wrote

the Chinese place and diner are definitely still there!


AorticEinstein t1_j28c0ed wrote

I grew up here in the late 90s/early 2000s. The grocery store was called BiLo (or something to that effect) and the diner was Twin Kiss, which later downsized into just an ice cream shop and moved down the street next to the gas station. A new diner moved in and ripped out the outdoor deck. There also used to be a mom & pop video rental store facing the road at the bottom of the hill, on the other side from the Chinese place.

Just looked at that little area again on Google Maps- how much has changed since then.


DoublePlusGood23 t1_j28u1q4 wrote

Haha yup the video rental store was a treat as a kid. They even had video games to rent.


dippin20s t1_j24og0t wrote

shout out mary beth’s in dushore contributing to sullivan county’s number


Terriblemanicure t1_j256n7l wrote

love Mary Beth’s bc it’s the only place to get anything in Dushore but if you’re in Sullivan county Big Mikes blows them out of the water on sandwiches


dippin20s t1_j25r5lt wrote

the endless mountains hold some gems just gotta look around


webauteur t1_j25hz06 wrote

The only restaurant I've eaten at in Sullivan County is The Sweet Shop in Eagles Mere. I should try Crestmont Inn some time.


Bigmada t1_j25jjiv wrote

I found myself in Dushore one time and stopped at Mary Beth's. Then I went back a few times with people I know.


MamaDoom t1_j26j4zx wrote

Love Mary Beth's but I'm still Extremely Salty about the Whistle Stop closing.


five_eight t1_j24kiyw wrote

Sullivan doesn't really have a 'regional cuisine', but there's 18 extremist militants there who will fight you about their hoagie.


courageous_liquid t1_j25abdb wrote

Good hoagie etiquette is important. I'd like to shake these people's hands.

Unless they do weird shit like put chipoltle on italian (looking at you sheetz, you fucking dunce).


Terriblemanicure t1_j25775f wrote

to be fair lions club parking lot chicken dinners should legally count as 1 Sullivan county restaurant


hunkyfunk12 t1_j25n597 wrote

god this map is horrendous. there should be like 5 more bins on a scale that makes more sense color-wise. and this is basically just a proxy for population. it would be way more interesting to see restaurants per capita, or some kind of heat map showing restaurant density.


DocTarr t1_j24rsp3 wrote

The first county I looked at was Forest. I think I've eaten at all 14.


Male_man15 t1_j24uia4 wrote

That's kinda skewed since it's almost all public land anyway


DocTarr t1_j24vd6h wrote

True. Also I'm realizing now that Titusville is Crawford county not Forest anyways, so I guess I haven't been to all 14!

In Tionesta there's the pizza/video rental place. The diner and the grocery store closed. I guess there's the Hills on 36. I can't think of any others in the area. Maybe a few bars count as restaurants.


SmasherOfAjumma t1_j258z29 wrote

Video rental? Like Blockbuster?


DocTarr t1_j259nw1 wrote

Combination pizza place and flea market, yeah. The most pennsyltucky place you ever saw.

The video rental portion is gone, last I was there was probably five years ago. But the pizza place is still there, complete with your traditional rural American knick-knacks for sale.


psychcaptain t1_j24y3ln wrote

Bradford squeaked by with yellow number. So close to blue.

Unlike Venango.


zeller99 t1_j27tqvi wrote

>Unlike Venango

Tell me about it. Almost everywhere I used to love to eat when I was younger is gone.

Feels bad man.


psychcaptain t1_j28iikh wrote

But at least the salaries are higher in Venango, according to a different posted map.


modigliani55 t1_j26vg7t wrote

When I moved to the Lehigh Valley, we made it a goal to eat at every restaurant in Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton. Still a ways to go. But making a dent


the_dorf t1_j28qv3p wrote

What ones exceeded your expectations?


modigliani55 t1_j291cu4 wrote

Shangwei szechuan, the vineyard, anatolian Kitchen in Bethlehem, Afghan Kabob and Cumin n Eat in Allentown are all standouts.

We were really into Braai Hut in Bethlehem, but that closed. It's cousin restaurant in Easton is solid though - Hoza

Bolete is the only fancy meal in these cities that we've had that blew us away


the_dorf t1_j2931uv wrote

Appreciate your response. Bolete is on my bucket list before my Allentonian roots are gone for good. Just blessed to have been to Asia, Kome, Spinnerstown Hotel, and BrewWorks (ten years ago time, not now).


shnutz69 t1_j24ptv4 wrote

I wish this was per 100k residents or something that shows density


SendAstronomy t1_j2586ke wrote

Half of Bedford county's are in Breezewood.

Eating at the best sub place along the entire turnpike right now, Subplicity.


Torpel_Knope t1_j25eql8 wrote

Montco may have 1903 restaurants, but a large percentage of them are identically mediocre pizza and sandwich shops.


PorkmanPoonani t1_j27laqk wrote

I think that’s an across the board American thing tbf. There’s probably just even more of them than usual in Montco


photoman2962 t1_j24o9eb wrote

How old is this map? There definitely isn't 17 restaurants in Cameron County anymore.


EventideLight t1_j2579rp wrote

I tend to agree there aren't 17 regular restaurants but the number hasn't really gone down. We lost the Cabin but we gained the creekside Sports Bar. I have a list above of all the locations I could think of, but it isn't a solid 17.


ohmygoditsdip t1_j24octr wrote

Ok folks of Luzerne County, which of those 713 restaurants is your favorite? Is it Booty’s Place? 🤭


PorkrollEggnCheeze t1_j259g55 wrote

Judging by the figure for Schuylkill county, I think they're counting Turkey Hills


Rickys_Pot_Addiction t1_j26tphw wrote

Now deduct all the OiP’s and Subways from Mifflin and Juniata county and you’d have a combined total of 3 restaurants for both counties.


WookieeSteakIsChewie OP t1_j27363z wrote

Ok but the OIP in Burnham is the best OIP in the state.


Rickys_Pot_Addiction t1_j275a6t wrote

Would definitely rate it as the most edible of all OiP’s in the area.


WookieeSteakIsChewie OP t1_j2760m0 wrote

I don't get to go there often, but when I'm in the area and I do...

Jalapeno Bottlecaps. Chef's kiss.


Rickys_Pot_Addiction t1_j276bca wrote

Never had them before. I’m home for Christmas so I might have to try them before heading back to Europe. Definitely need some OiP bread before I go back.


WookieeSteakIsChewie OP t1_j276fvb wrote

Oh man, they're amazing. Where do you live in Europe?


Rickys_Pot_Addiction t1_j276j8s wrote

Sweden. Outside Malmö. Which Southern Sweden is like “what if we took Lancaster and put it on the ocean?”


WookieeSteakIsChewie OP t1_j276z8s wrote

Ohh, that's awesome. If you were going to say Germany, I was going to say I might know who you are. I have family from Belleville, and I know someone from there who's currently living in Germany.


Rickys_Pot_Addiction t1_j277h4a wrote

Good for them. I’m glad they escaped the big valley. I intend for this to hopefully be the last time I ever set foot here.


WookieeSteakIsChewie OP t1_j28b4rh wrote

I actually enjoy visiting Big Valley. It's peaceful and simple. Though I'm sure I don't have the same issues with it that you might growing up there. Safe travels back to Europe!


TheCrassDragon t1_j24f62p wrote

Venango here, yeah that's about right 🤪


Mr_Fraunces t1_j24nzzk wrote

There are a couple of decent places in Franklin. Oil City could step up their game though.


TheCrassDragon t1_j24ojzi wrote

Pretty much, yeah. I'm in Franklin proper so it's not too bad. Between the Alehouse, Leonardo's, and King's over the way. I moved here over the summer though and miss my favorite Indian, Mexican, and Chinese places. Ciest la vie


tactics14 t1_j259dx6 wrote

Wait... You're telling me there are places where I can open a restaurant and only have 20 or so other restaurants to compete against? What? That's wild.


chuckie512 t1_j25cd9o wrote

The problem is your competing against them for the 20 residents that live there.


RJohn12 t1_j25ab6w wrote

feels kinda low.. I almost feel like I could go to EVERY restaurant in my county lmao. maybe I should try


hesafunnyone t1_j25rgzu wrote

TIL I’ve eaten at half the restaurants in Potter county. Maybe more.


woodcuttersDaughter t1_j25stzs wrote

Do the restaurants at the turnpike plazas count as 1 or individually?


SmallKindBubbles t1_j25yktx wrote

Allegheny county living up to their foodie city name. 🥰


dojijosu t1_j27crt9 wrote

1110 in Delco? It feels like there are that many just in Media.


Otter592 t1_j24o1gg wrote

They really need some more color categories. Not a great infographic


eternalrefuge86 t1_j25mmkj wrote

Ugh. One of my biggest gripes about moving from New York to one of the blue counties in the middle is the lack of good takeout


gslavik t1_j274xng wrote

What did you expect when you moved from a block with population of 10k to a town of that same population?


Jen16226 t1_j28nts2 wrote

Same. And then I feel like a tick about to burst when I go home to visit.


RivkaSchwartz t1_j2635ab wrote

Half of the restaurants here are Italian lmao


AtBat3 t1_j264obv wrote

Delco really is loaded aren’t they


Revolutionary-Swim28 t1_j26nuq5 wrote

93 in Venango? Damn and I thought I tried them all. I am very interested now.


anr22 t1_j26o3ma wrote

potter county having 31 restaurants while being about the same size as allegheny county is craaaazy


newworldman1070 t1_j26wexc wrote

Potter is over 300 square miles bigger than Allegheny county.


anr22 t1_j26xi56 wrote

oh wow! i was just going off the picture


zipcad t1_j26yy7g wrote

Someone review all 17 restaurants of Cameron County


vonHindenburg t1_j2773wj wrote

Fayettenam and Somerset don't have many, but they do have a few truly excellent places, thanks to the tourism from Laurel Mountains, skiing, Ohiopyle, and Nemacolin.

If you're ever driving 40, check out the Summit Inn, east of Uniontown.


StretchyLemon t1_j290lqc wrote

Lmao I immediately looked at forest. What a depressing place.


GoofWisdom t1_j25cy6r wrote

Very cool data thank you!


Marcy595 t1_j25lq44 wrote

One of the restaurants in Warren county is called the plaza and it has some of the best pies you'll ever have


hedgerow_hank t1_j25qc2c wrote

I would like to point out that Carbon County has only two restaurants... the really shitty one and the other not so bad one.


MayorOfCentralia t1_j25rh1z wrote

Moved from luzerne to centre county..... the food here is pretty bad. Asian stuff is usually ok but pizza is just about a total loss


davisshaver t1_j26r1lc wrote

219 restaurants in Lebanon County. Funck’s doesn’t own them all yet!


Icyyflame t1_j27q94k wrote

Where is Harrisburg?


Phl_worldwide t1_j283kx6 wrote

I will always stump for our food in PA. The land of plenty


rialucia t1_j28mo3p wrote

Holy shit, Beaver County surprises me.


MeredithSparkles t1_j293xk1 wrote

This explains so much! I think I've eaten at all 19 in Fulton Co as that's where my family is. The Burnt Cabins Grist Mill is my favorite! They make the most excellent hogies!!!!!!!


dpatches92 t1_j24q8fj wrote

I call bs lol....I live in lycoming County and I know there's atleast 100 restaurants just in the town I live in lol


purplespoo t1_j299474 wrote

I agree… there’s gotta be more than 100 in Lycoming.


chuckie512 t1_j25c5ic wrote

Relevant xkcd


WookieeSteakIsChewie OP t1_j25cgqu wrote

Yes, we know people live in cities. The purpose of the map is to show data of the rural areas across the state, not focus on the cities. Hence "The Center for Rural Pennsylvania."


chuckie512 t1_j25cvz0 wrote

It's not really showing any real information other than population density.

A statistic like restaurants per Capita, mean travel time to restaurant, restaurant meals served per Capita, etc. Would all actually convey information.


queenoftheidiots t1_j26pk8k wrote

I feel like there should be another category like over 500. Over 250 makes it look like the counties with major cities and have much higher numbers are in the same category as counties that don’t have close to what the big cities have. I’d also like to see the population density in the counties. Also chains vs non chain.


Themayorofawesome t1_j26qrih wrote

I’m finding it hard to believe there are 146 in Indiana County. Blairsville has four and Homer City has two, there must be a shitload of Fox’s Pizzas I’m not thinking of lol


WookieeSteakIsChewie OP t1_j2732j6 wrote

Where are you getting only 4 in blairsville? I can think of more than that along 22 through there alone.


poopy_toaster t1_j27g0ry wrote

Danville carrying a TON in Montour county. Lots of good restaurants there from the simple to the fine dining


jkhamme t1_j27ncuk wrote

Whoo hoo - Montgomery county is in 3rd place:)


pHScale t1_j290gwj wrote

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like a jump from 250 to 3800 might warrant breaking up the bins a bit.


BrightPage t1_j24p4pt wrote

Sure as hell doesn't feel like it


BlackberryMobile2394 t1_j25t2u4 wrote

Well, I REFUSE to travel to Philly, but I’ve been to Pittsburgh, and the food there is absolutely fantastic.


chuckie512 t1_j28dkif wrote

Sports rivalries aside, what's scaring you off the place that's subsidizing more than half of the state?


BlackberryMobile2394 t1_j29t8oe wrote

What does subsidizing have to do with any of this? That might be the best part of Philly. The people I’ve talked to that move out our way from Philly, refer to their move as “We finally got out of Philly” I’ve heard so many terrible things. Also I prefer the countryside, and would never live in a city anyhow.


chuckie512 t1_j2a17hb wrote

Pretty big difference between preferring to live in the countryside and "REFUSING" to visit the biggest city in the state lol.

They can't be that bad if they're funding your lifestyle.