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thesonofdarwin t1_j0h48sj wrote

The handbrake does not turn off the DRLs, unfortunately. The only way they actually fully turn off is if it's bright enough for the sensor to be satisfied. But I've moved out to the NW now and that rarely happens! I can't really park in front of glass front stores/restaurants anymore and let my car running without being an AH since they're always on and bright enough to be annoying.

Here's a video showing OFF (with dimmer DRL no taillights) and AUTO (with brighter headlights and also tail lights).


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thesonofdarwin t1_j0h9edz wrote

No problem with the video. I needed to start the car anyway to make sure the cold hasn't killed my battery before an appointment since I haven't driven in a few weeks.

I 100% agree, there needs to be standardization. I'm not surprised people drive with no tail lights because the only way to know they aren't on is to get out and walk back and look, or if it's dark enough check your rearview mirror for reflections on the car behind you. There's an indicator for headlights on the dash, but that still doesn't indicate anything related to tail lights. It should just be 1:1. Are any front lights on? If yes, tail lights should be on.

Since it's always cloudy and rainy out in my new home, this is pretty much a daily thread in our subreddit. But it's more people driving with no head lights at all even though they drive cars that support automatic.