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Open_Veins_8 OP t1_j0psidx wrote

This immigrant and women-led nonprofit was founded in 2017 following an ICE raid in Doylestown. #InternationalMigrantsDay


RipTide275 t1_j0qrxe7 wrote

ICE is law enforcement, why are they portrayed as villains. I don’t think helping illegal immigrants is a noble cause. Sorry


Agueybana t1_j0spzyh wrote

Great way to admit you didn't even read the article. ICE is never directly mentioned, only the passing description of this wonderful organization's founding.

And immigrant doesn't mean illegal. Though I think the truth is you just assume every immigrant is brown and here illegally. Don't even try pretending you aren't doing that.

As for what this group is doing, let's see.

> “A lot of our families from Ukraine, they’ll have a birth certificate and an immunization record, but it’s in Ukrainian, so they’ve got to put it English first.” While this is the case with every document written in another language, Roux adds that it is “particularly difficult with Ukrainian because the alphabet is not the same.”

That sure sounds like a noble cause to me.


RipTide275 t1_j0t3ecy wrote

Very evasive comment. ICE isn’t mentioned except in the first paragraph? Certainly a negative connotation that is why this group formed. Can you twist anymore? Many of the clients are Mexican and South American. Im sure most have entered the country illegally. Maybe they could expand their services to helping veterans and homeless US citizens get back on their feet. That would also be a noble cause.


tyrael459 t1_j0txknm wrote

People are people, man. There are tons of groups who help with the causes you mentioned. Caring for people isn’t mutually exclusive.

Open your damn heart.


ROTLA t1_j0vgvcr wrote

Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees are all able to legally be in this country as their case are processed.


RipTide275 t1_j0vrihh wrote

98% of the illegals entering the southern border never get asylum


ROTLA t1_j0w1a6f wrote

But they get to be processed.