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Dispatcher12 t1_j1qwkh6 wrote

If I had a choice among those I'd choose WCU just because there's so much more going on there. I went to a school near Ship and while it was nice to be close to DC and such, it didn't compare to being able to hop on the train and go to Philly. I lived in Downingtown for 10 years and there's a lot I miss in that area.


0gv0n t1_j1qvvn2 wrote

Millersville and Shippensburg are EXTREMELY rural. Shippensburg is even worse than Millersville. I'd pick West Chester just for the area, but that's just a preference. BTW, I went to Millersville, but I grew up in rural PA, so it seemed natural at the time.


newworldman1070 t1_j1qxbyg wrote

You and I must have a very different definition of rural, or you’ve never been to Mansfield or Clarion.


blinkdmb t1_j1r90i7 wrote

The more rural the place the more affordable the housing. West Chester is expensive.


ACoinGuy t1_j1rtkz0 wrote

How is Millersville rural? it is a few miles from Lancaster.


newworldman1070 t1_j1s9k8x wrote

Reddit thinks that anything outside center city Philadelphia or Pittsburgh is rural.


blinkdmb t1_j1r8w79 wrote

I went to and loved Ship. Went for my bachelors and enjoyed how quiet it is. I am from the Burbs of Philly so it was a nice change of pace. My SIL went to and loved WCU.


spicynuggies t1_j1sdiqq wrote

Oh please.

Shippensburg is like 30 minutes from Harrisburg and its suburbs and Millersville is like 10 mins outside Lancaster

Wait til you hear about Bloomsburg, Indiana, Mansfield, Clarion, and Lock Haven.


eightwednesday t1_j1rk2ey wrote

Of the three listed, I think West Chester is the best known (it is also the largest) but I’m not sure it’d be considered more academically reputable than the others. Go with the one you think will best accommodate your lifestyle and goals. Questions I’d ask include: Is one geographically closer to where you’ll be working after graduation? Does one have a “better” schedule of class meeting times? Will one be cheaper than the others? Good luck!


Itslehooksboyo t1_j1r1ku2 wrote

I went with West Chester for my MPH. Be forewarned, getting ahold of housing is a pain in the neck. Nice area though, and seems decently safe


dojijosu t1_j1rpv27 wrote

When I went to / worked at WCU I lived in Media. Not a bad commute and at the time there were lots of options for apartments.


OneTrueDweet t1_j1rml47 wrote

Ship has the best hoodies.

“Ship Happens” is such a great slogan


jprallster t1_j1rre9e wrote

Ship, West Chester, and Millersville all have a good reputation, so I'd really base it on which location is better for you.

Millersville and West Chester definitely have more to do nearby than Ship, but Ship has WAY more stores and businesses than it did when I was there for undergrad (20+ years ago - I'm old). I enjoyed my time at Ship; just keep in mind that it doesn't have the shopping and restaurant options that the other 2 schools have.


JiveTurkey927 t1_j1rs3pt wrote

Ship has the best MBA program of the 3. The downside is that it happens to be in Shippensburg. I went to Millersville for Undergrad and grew up/currently live near Shippensburg. Let me know if you have any questions.

If you decide to go to shippensburg I would consider getting an apartment in Carlisle. It’s about 20 minutes away but is a walkable bustling town, unlike shippensburg.


tollersis t1_j1rserr wrote

Definitely West Chester, although the area is a bit more expensive and harder to find housing. West Chester’s MBA and online MBA programs are quickly growing and highly reputable.

West Chester is the only one that is significantly growing, unlike most which as getting smaller and smaller. Shippensburg and Millersville are both relatively static I think.

West Chester has the closest proximity to some big places, like wc and Philly and it’s suburbs. Millersville isn’t too bad either, with Lancaster decently close and a long drive to Harrisburg or York.

Is the job you have lined up near any of these areas or would you want to get a job in those areas? Getting connections in the area you’re working in could be helpful as well.


RipTide275 t1_j1rd4vt wrote

If you’re focused strictly on academic reputation. Ship is the best of the 3 you mentioned.


tollersis t1_j1rskhm wrote

I don’t agree with this, WCU is commonly known as the largest, most growing, and most reputable with generally more offerings.


RipTide275 t1_j1rvpjv wrote

I respectfully disagree. I like both schools and sent kids to both. Again strictly academics, check the accreditations, Ship is more prestigious.


calebnf t1_j1r53j4 wrote

I went to Kutztown for the first two years, it’s quite rural. 30+ min to Reading or Allentown. I transferred to WCU and liked the area better. And yeah I think it’s a bit more reputable than most other PASSHE schools.


cordy_crocs t1_j1rz37m wrote

Calu for life!! 🔴⚫️


Muscadine76 t1_j1sgey9 wrote

West Chester is considered the “flagship” campus so probably the most recognized widely even if other schools have stronger programs in some areas. Otherwise some of the schools that tend towards the larger side (at least pre-merger) like Indiana and Kutztown are probably the most prestigious. Unfortunately with the 2 mergers of schools (PennWest from Clarion, Edinboro, and California; Commonwealth from Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Mansfield) there will be some loss of name recognition at least in the short term.


KindKill267 t1_j1sgw8p wrote

Shippensburg. I got my MBA at ship. I thought it was a good program. They almost had a doctorate program business also but COVID killed it.


Eisernes t1_j1s1kr6 wrote

All the same. I’d pick Millersville just because Lancaster county is one of the most beautiful places on earth.


spicynuggies t1_j1sd8o9 wrote

Bloomsburg for Nursing and if you wanna get wasted every other night

West Chester overall for academics and especially networking


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_j1taev8 wrote

Why not ask your future employer what their preferences might be, taking into account what directions in which they are planning to use you.


queenoftheidiots t1_j1tc94u wrote

The only one I know isn’t any good is California in Western, PA. Of course a lot of their issues. Came under Arementi who didn’t seem to care if you got an education, he just wanted the money.