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carrigan_quinn t1_j20h5s9 wrote

And if banks just left piles of money everywhere, you'd get your fuckin' scoop too, pal.


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carrigan_quinn t1_j20mn53 wrote

Why are you so purposefully obtuse?

Nobody is talking about breaking into PennDOT to steal shit, so comparing it to breaking into a bank is disingenuous on its face.

Sounds like you're upset Scranton is two and a half hours from the free salt in Chester County.


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snuffy_tentpeg OP t1_j20ytbv wrote

You found me out. I was gonna fill my Tacoma with stolen road salt and sell it at a massive profit in Buffalo.


carrigan_quinn t1_j20phxz wrote

I don't think OP meant legit piles, as in multiple feet tall.

They're referring to how some salt piles up under the salt dispenser when they idle the trucks in a parking spot. Think maybe six inches high at most.