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ZaddyAtty t1_j1okon8 wrote

/r/wholesome Good job Meek


bleepblopbl0rp t1_j1que0z wrote

Bail is such a fucked up concept. Just another way we punish people for being poor


CBScott7 t1_j1qxuwk wrote

This is true, but don't poor people commit more crime per capita?


MrMcFly131 OP t1_j1rw510 wrote

The conditions poor people live in are the cause for the crimes they commit. On top of that, rich people or even just middle class people can have the same charges but not have to wait in jail because they can pay.


CBScott7 t1_j1rwiot wrote

So then I am correct. I am also relatively poor and don't commit crime.


Zenith2017 t1_j29s55g wrote

Consider it like this. Wage theft is the largest form of theft in the country by a country mile. But, it's not considered a crime. It's only a civil infraction unless you can prove a fraud charge which is extremely challenging and costly. In other words, an employer can take hundreds of K or even millions out of their peoples' pockets and not be in serious trouble for it.

Going up to a person, a store, an ATM, whatever and taking any amount of money is a serious criminal infraction, on the other hand. Even with no weapon and no threat of force, it's treated that seriously. And I think you and I would probably agree that that's good! We should prosecute theft and robbery severely. But why, then, don't we treat wage theft even close to the same standard? The impact is certainly much wider and more severe.

It's one example among many of how the same behaviors from a poor community are prosecuted much more deeply than those from wealthy communities and businesses.


[deleted] t1_j1qzqp2 wrote



CBScott7 t1_j1qzz1w wrote

Not a bait comment. I never said rich people didn't commit crimes.


Ajaws24142822 t1_j1qlqha wrote

I just hope they’re in jail for like, weed or something and not some shit like domestic abuse


wrxvapegod t1_j1pv0b2 wrote

Then back to rapping about murder and selling drugs


Tblick1 t1_j1quv53 wrote

Looks like you and him are even. You aren’t rapping about murder and selling drugs so I guess in your eyes that’s (good). But then you’re not going back to helping 20 people. Shame


Super_C_Complex t1_j1octkf wrote

I thought he was in jail.

His case went up on appeal and I cited it a few times. Didn't know he was released.


bushwhack227 t1_j1ot1bq wrote

You evidently were not following his case too closely


Super_C_Complex t1_j1pcih5 wrote

I was not honestly.

I thought his sentence was something fairly lengthy and his appeal denied.

Given the fact I handle almost exclusively drug distribution and domestic violence cases now, I had no reason to.


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1owx3p wrote

He pays for 20 women purely for publicity... Nice.

I'm sure those fathers in jail don't need to see their sons for Christmas. Like he claimed he relates to...

Blatant appeal to emotions, like come on dude.


NDubbaYa t1_j1ptyfq wrote

Thing about Reddit is that you never have to ask for red pillers. They cannot resist the urge to whine about women.


yzdaskullmonkey t1_j1oy0m9 wrote

Username checks out 👍


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1oyp5p wrote

Nah dude it's just a clear cut publicity stunt. He chose women because it'd call more sympathy than doing it for just inmates in general. My bet he is dropping a new album.

( Which he's allegedly doing in January. Called it)


yzdaskullmonkey t1_j1oytzo wrote

Yo scrooge it's the holidays, just don't be a cynic for a couple days. Thanks for the downvote. Still love ya, and merry Christmas.


scruffygem t1_j1oyz6l wrote

Well what the fuck have you done for anybody


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1oz7d8 wrote

Plenty scruffy, I don't need to prove myself to someone and certainly don't do it for attention. Like Meek Mills.


scruffygem t1_j1p2jv6 wrote

I liked how you addressed me as Scruffy it was confrontational but also familiar. Like we’re two guys in Star Wars that don’t like each other very much


Basique_b t1_j1q0few wrote

"Plenty" can't name 1 thing


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1q2az0 wrote

Ive volunteered for food bank collection charities for 4 years, rescued stray kittens thrown outside of cars(mind you one time event) , regularly in donate blood (only stopped because of medication). Oh, and though not human, I've been looking into volunteering with Last Chance animal rescue but my schedule is inconsistent, so I've been hesitant since I can only go occasionally maybe once a month.

But you've prove you point. Good job.


Basique_b t1_j1q4o66 wrote

God job you're still a dick.


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1q7174 wrote

I'm flattered that you think so.

It's not even like I'm saying what he's doing is a bad thing. Just pointing out it's a publicity stunt to promote himself makes it seems pretentious.

It's essentially like those tiktokers who do charity for clout and views.


Tblick1 t1_j1qu6fd wrote

Now who’s trying to prove their good deeds to the public? Hypocrite. Do good things for you and others, not so you can tell us.


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1qzli5 wrote

No shit. Which is why I didn't want to say it because it's a predictable response. That's why I originally refused the most copy pasted. Yet here you are attempting to find a flaw as well and calling me a hypocrite for it.

If I didn't respond, you'd respond with what this guy said " can't even list one thing".

If I did you'd respond how you did. What a joke critical thinking isn't your strong suit.


Tblick1 t1_j1qzxun wrote

But ya did anyway. Now you’re just like Meek only with an ass attitude.


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1r1d1h wrote

No shit. See? It's exactly why I pointed out he did it for his own promotion. Your response is the exact reason why he only chose women instead of inmates in general despite the fact that he said he related to the experience. Because if someone pointed it out the exact conversation we are having is the only outcome.

He's inciting the publics general feelings of protection that intantilizes women, based on internalized misogynistic practices to promote his album in a way that can't be critiqued.


Tblick1 t1_j1r1xdu wrote

You are not informed well. This time it was women. Other times it’s been men, other times it’s been both. You are weird for hating on this story, and even weirder going so hard to defend it. Be good out there little man.


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1r2fzp wrote

Cool. Then inform me. Show me where he did this act for only men.

Show me where he did it for both. Or infact anyone did.

I'm just pointing out it's a designed publicity stunt, and it's frankly entertaining to see people try to say it isn't.


Tblick1 t1_j1r4xl5 wrote

I’m not showing you anything. Could care less to inform you. Just pointing out that you sound like a hypocritical bum who cares not to inform himself but cares deeply enough to call someone out for helping people.


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1r5k1y wrote

It's because you can't find it. Nah I'm calling out someone exploiting people to promote their brand and new album.

Meek Mills does charity which is respectable. Doing it in a blatant way to promote an album isn't. It's a tacky PR stunt along the lines of tiktokers who do this shit for clout.


Tblick1 t1_j1r6dps wrote

I’m not even searching for it, you either know or you don’t, you don’t and choose not to inform yourself.

You can call it tacky all you want. At least he’s not lying about helping people like you are.


Robo-boogie t1_j1p506o wrote

Who pissed in your cheerios.

If you think you can do better, why not bail out 20 fathers?


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1p5n5t wrote

Capitalists who use people's poverty to promote their brand. Pretty sure I made that clear.


DoctorSteve t1_j1pbrhz wrote

If you're calling Meek Mills a member of a band, you're racism is very clearly showing.


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_j1pbxl0 wrote

Brand not band. He is his own brand. He makes money of his own image, which he sells merch, tickets, and sales with.

Also mate your*


DoctorSteve t1_j1rfew3 wrote

I don't care what a racist has to say.


IkBenZamasu t1_j1xw7gv wrote

Whether Meek Mills is racist or not, or if he is a member of the band or not; a guy who spews Turkophobia 24/7 should have no place to say anything about racism.

Not even a history of genocide can save your hypocrisy here.

If you cry about racism, do not show contempt and hatred against other nations. If you dislike an ethnicity, then you should shut up about racism~ since it will bite your back if so.


DoctorSteve t1_j1z2d85 wrote

It's so nice that one of the brigaders decided to look at my post history! What are you doing, writing down notes on where I live to come kill me?


Dontyoudaretouchme t1_j1q3bq8 wrote

Because like these “mothers “ They are in jail for a reason and should stay there


thalience t1_j1qdaor wrote

> They are in jail for a reason

That reason is that they don't have enough money to pay bail.

Your scrooge-like insistence that the poor deserve it has been noted, but I don't think any ghosts are coming to redeem your worthless ass


poundsub88 t1_j1qcpvk wrote

Innocent til proven guilty is apparently a disturbing concept for you


internetcommunist t1_j1qicg0 wrote

You realize bail is before they get convicted or not?


Diarygirl t1_j1s9075 wrote

Didn't you know police never make any mistakes and arrest is the same as a conviction?


Dontyoudaretouchme t1_j1s30d7 wrote

Obviously , but you didn’t get put in that position without doing something wrong


Zenith2017 t1_j29shz9 wrote

Have you ever heard the phrase "innocent until proven guilty"?