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tehmlem t1_j144gi8 wrote

You live in PA and you've never had to drive on a no lane road?


compulov t1_j1587nk wrote

I can easily believe that there are no lanes open ahead.

Snark aside, a few weeks ago my wife and I were on the turnpike and got really confused when we passed multiple signs saying the right lane was closed ahead and it was actually the left lane closed. So uh, it's not just PennDOT that can't tell right from left.


Traveler1987 t1_j15jb1k wrote

The state police is actually supposed to enforce standards around this stuff. It’s a public safety AND employee safety concern.


electricpollution t1_j14xa75 wrote

My thoughts exactly. The sign “no winter maintenance” also comes to mind


TheManInTheSocks t1_j151xib wrote

Meeeeeerge to the right! Meeeeeerge to the left! Criss cross! Criss cross!


ididacannonball t1_j15uos1 wrote

Gives you Fort Pitt bridge vibes


STLLC2019 t1_j1661qd wrote

Nah, looks like more than a football field's worth of space to make up your mind.


dakotathedinokid t1_j188qjf wrote

I actively try hard to avoid this bridge but when I had the chance to have my gf cross this bridge, I had to make her do it to really experience Pittsburgh


ididacannonball t1_j18tatc wrote

It's a great experience for everyone but the driver.


dakotathedinokid t1_j18wzts wrote

Luckily for her it wasn't too busy, my first time going it was almost stand still Bec of how many cars. Gave me more time but it was hard to get anyone to let me lol


No-Setting9690 t1_j13z93d wrote

Seems about right. Only took decades for the road to nowhere to go somewhere.


CarbonGod t1_j14ah9c wrote

I miss that road. Was on it once, maybe twice. And suddenly a few months later, it went somewhere. I was slightly confused.


No-Setting9690 t1_j14b3ie wrote

I still like to reference it as the road to nowhere. Really confuses people from other states, haha.


Phorfaber t1_j14z1h7 wrote

My parents used to refer to it as the road to nowhere when I was a kid and it always confused me. "Why would they build a road to nowhere?"

It wasn't until I was much older (and taking it almost every day) that it finally clicked and I understood that it wasn't still a road to nowhere.


Broke_Bearded_Guy t1_j16doio wrote

Doesn't matter where it goes in a few months it'll be back under construction again


JoshS1 t1_j1493t6 wrote

Can't imagine how unhappy you guys would be in an actual dysfunctional state like Texas... Grew up there, and PenDOT and everything else is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to competence.

Or even worse, some of the state's that are essentially 3rd world countries like Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma they are even worse than Texas. I've been to 40 of the 50 states, lived in 5, and PA is definitely within my top 10 most "got their shit together" states.


Excelius t1_j14clkz wrote

You can go to the subreddit for pretty much any state/city and you'll find people complaining about the same things.

Including the jokes/memes about the state flower being the orange traffic cone. Pretty much every northern state with a freeze/thaw cycle bitches about the potholes.


sashslingingslasher t1_j14ppav wrote

Turns out car infrastructure is functionally impossible to maintain. If only there was a simple solution.


egJohn t1_j14z5v0 wrote

no money to be made with simple solutions.


jralll234 t1_j16i293 wrote

People would just be bitching about broken seats on busses and rail lines closed for maintenance.


sashslingingslasher t1_j18p0g0 wrote

People are always going to bitch, and money will always get misappropriated, but if we know there is a better way, we should still do it.


Present-Day19 t1_j149ugu wrote

True. Realized this when I went to Penn DMV after living in TX and NJ


Ryguy55 t1_j14imcl wrote

Ha, as someone who grew up in NJ, when it came time to get my PA license I took a half day off work and brought my laptop. Imagine my surprise when I was in and out in 25 minutes and the lady helping me wasn't treating me like I just bitch slapped her child and took a dump on her dining room table.


Ultium t1_j14l22z wrote

Big surprise to me too about the state. The DMV experience was shockingly smooth and people weren’t dickheads.


robin_terrae t1_j16luce wrote

Seriously. I thought it was going to take forever, but nope. In and out in a half hour. Jersey was never like that.


Naugle17 t1_j14m1ti wrote

Been to Arkansas; my experience is definitely better with their infastructure than PA


DonBoy30 t1_j14vusp wrote

I remember my first year being a local truck driver in PA after I made it through my first winter. Spring had sprung, and it was my first shift where the air was cool, the sun was exceptionally warm, and humidity was low. We all know those are the magical days of spring. I role down the highway with high esteem, knowing I survived the winter season, and had nothing but sunshine to look forward to.

But then I saw it. I saw the orange sign. I thought it would instruct me better, but it left me even more confused. I know I wasn't the only one, because NJ plate after NJ plate were weaving and speeding, slamming on their brakes without regard for anyone, desperately trying to understand which lane to be in, and what speed to go. I immediately realized I had left winter behind, but now I have entered PennDot season.

You see, it's a yearly tradition, the betrayal by PennDot. They kept my wheels spinning all winter long, just keep them from turning all summer long.


westinghousesghost t1_j15cadw wrote

Twice this fall, they announced (via those overhead digital signboards) that the wrong lane was closed after an accident (Pittsburgh area). Caused a major traffic cluster when everyone shifted lanes and had to shift back further down the road.


IJellyWackerI t1_j14a4yz wrote

Last week was driving - big LED sign said right lane closed ahead and then swapped to left lane like 2 miles down the road.


hooch t1_j1471dg wrote



beerguy74 t1_j14872j wrote

Road closed ahead!


CarbonGod t1_j14aown wrote

How many times I see a sign like that.....and 1: ain't. 2: after freaking out and whipping out my GPS, it's only a stupid sideroad that is closed.


TightButterscotch645 t1_j15d8te wrote

Just the other day on 476 they had signs saying right lane closed and then with no signage or cones they’re all set up in the left lane like WTF


vampyire t1_j15libd wrote

I moved away from PA years ago, People out here (Washington) don't believe the stories I tell them about PENDOT...


Redbadger22 t1_j162ug7 wrote

You missed the guy measuring the distance between the cones before placing them, now that's attention to detail!


Ginkpirate t1_j1458xe wrote

Penndot is mostly overpaid guys who keep cleaning the same roads that stay clean. Like over and over and over and over for the whole year. I like how I see some of the guys leave for work at 9 and come home for 230 lmao got a lot done huh


screwycurves t1_j157aot wrote

I don’t think that truck will make it through.


DubC_Bassist t1_j15jf2z wrote

It still amazes me that with the quality of Pennsylvania’s roads, we still allow ourselves to call this a first world country.


Oraanu22 t1_j15veib wrote

Not gonna lie, it took me a couple minutes to figure out what was wrong with this photo


Dark_Prism t1_j1599q1 wrote

As funny as this image looks and as easy as it is to rag on PD for all the weird or dumb things that happen, this might be valid. I've driven through construction zones where they split the left and right lanes because of some work that needs to be done in the middle. This probably isn't one of those, but it's a possibility.


innrautha t1_j15ps8q wrote

Those are normally marked with "Lane Shift Ahead" and "Stay in Lane" signs.


[deleted] t1_j15pecj wrote

Our new governor should fire all PennDOT leaders and replace with professionals


jralll234 t1_j16j6q8 wrote

99% of complaints about PenDOT are actually contractors, but most people see an orange sign and just scream at PennDOT.


Libsoccer20 t1_j15wxum wrote

Roads.. Where we're going... We won't need roads.


NewAlexandria t1_j163fky wrote

keeping those tags on your windshield for the old-skool creds


WookieeSteakIsChewie OP t1_j163m0t wrote

What're you talking about? You still need the inspection and emissions tags..


NewAlexandria t1_j167vjo wrote

well i'll leave up my L. I forgot and thought it was all the tags, not just the plate


sirfuzzitoes t1_j16appv wrote

Naturally, a heavy truck is also not maintaining its lane.


Lopsided_Cup6991 t1_j16fjw4 wrote

Yeah those big trucks are annoying aren't they


sirfuzzitoes t1_j16o6ti wrote

Only when they can't maintain speed or lane, like any other driver. Being a construction vehicle, this truck is necessary. Just a gripe of mine.


Broke_Bearded_Guy t1_j16diya wrote

I enjoy split highways where it says Left lane closed and yet the cop is parked on the right shoulder. Instead of being on the left shoulder where the cones are.


Embarrassed_Bee6349 t1_j17qzwp wrote

Maybe they mean “there’s no lane ahead, so fuck your commute home. Also, we’re on an extended coffee break.”


Joe18067 t1_j182rcp wrote

It may look strange but if the crew had one lane closed and they were switching to the other lane and you took that picture while the crews were switching the signs it makes sense. (Crews are not allowed to cross the road to change the signs)


TheSammalynn t1_j18fog4 wrote

It's a paradox! THERE IS NO ANSWER!


TLR1791 t1_j18gmhe wrote

Damn. Learn to drive, doofus.


currentsitguy t1_j19i1c1 wrote

Just drove into a construction site on a rural 2 lane road near Elwood City yesterday that was marked "Center Lane Closed".


StinkyWizz t1_j17aqoo wrote

You literally have no clue what they’re doing sometimes. And judging by our road conditions, they don’t know their ass from their elbow.


ezclap1233 t1_j18i0tm wrote


Penndot workers are the most useless wage guzzling waste of tax dollars PA has ever known.