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GraffitiTavern t1_j15e8q6 wrote

Wouldn't mind some extra info, are you saying you've never been to another state besides California? If so, I'd expect a culture shock.

Area has a lot of gorgeous nature, Appalachian Trail and like 3 state parks are directly west of Gettysburg under half an hour away. East of Gburg you get a lot more Dutch Country (yes horses and buggies are fairly common), west you get more of a mix of PA Dutch and Appalachian influence(good if you like bluegrass). North is the state capital, most urbanized part of South Central PA, although probably far smaller than you are used to(Harrisburg is about 50k people).

Politically, the region is pretty conservative, Franklin County especially so, Gettysburg is one of the more liberal(or at least less conservative) towns in the area.

Pennsylvania is like 8 different regions smooshed together, so a lot of interesting regional variation here. In Gburg, you will also be closer to DC and Baltimore than to any city in PA so good for trips to visit. Far less natural disasters than California, so that's a plus.

I'd recommend living just outside town so you can get some amenities and avoid the tourists in the summer. Also if you hear someone say 'dippy egg' that means fried egg.

You now are legally obligated to complain about NJ and MD for the rest of your life, welcome to PA :)