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mrsc1880 t1_j21qq0r wrote

I didn't eat pork and kraut on New Year's Day in 2020. I'm really sorry, guys. I didn't think things would get that bad.


kristimyers72 t1_j22nvyn wrote

So you are the reason we had such a crappy two years? ;)

I remember having New Year's dinner with my in-laws and their extended family years ago. The family members hosting the meal made seafood. My wonderful MIL quietly fretted about breaking tradition and having bad luck in the new year. The seafood was really good, though.


12thNJ t1_j21hz38 wrote

Watching the Mummers and smelling the pork and kraut in the crockpot is the only way to spend New Years day!


happyjazzycook t1_j21yq56 wrote

Not a kraut fan, but hoping that a big pot of hoppin' john will bring some luck after the epic crappy year I've had!


BEHodge t1_j23gmia wrote

That’s my tradition - ham, collards, hopping John. But I’m a southern transplant.


TOW2Bguy t1_j228alw wrote

Don't forget Pierogies as a side!


Steelplate7 t1_j239dfp wrote

I eat a can of ravioli and throw confetti on my bushes.


Delta632 t1_j230srk wrote

Now why do we have pork as the first meal of the new year? What’s the old world logic? Why should you avoid chicken?

I was always told that we have pork because the pig’s snout points forward into the future for good luck. While a chicken scratches backwards into the past.

Now you all have this useless knowledge as well, cheers to a Happy New Year!


five_eight OP t1_j231js9 wrote

I was just told today that Filipinos won't eat any chicken on New Years because it would make their money fly away. Heard it from a couple Palauans, though, so might be inaccurate.


DarthMutter8 t1_j21zgyq wrote

This reminds me that I forgot to pick up sauerkraut when I was last at the store. New Year's is closing in, so I think I'll do that tomorrow.


Old_Moment7914 t1_j22grbv wrote

I always have pork in freezer and Kraut in fridge , I am a hot dog and kielbasa fan and eat something pickled or fermented every day ,and I think legally possession of fresh sauerkraut as a food group is required . Although guilty confession my G/F prefers my Gumbo for new years so I’ll actually be ragin at Cajun. I do have to go easy on the peppers for her unfortunately . Blessings to all of you “state mates “ even if we are a commonwealth .


north-sun t1_j224e4a wrote

I picked up some after work today.

I actually had myself a a little scare though because I fell asleep almost immediately after getting home and had a dream I forgot the kraut, woke up in a panic to check and to my elation it was right there in the fridge.


BigDumbIdiot43 t1_j22fxfe wrote

I like to make mulled cider on New Years Day. Apple Cider, Bourbon, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, and Ginger. I swear I feel healthier after two glasses of that.


belgiumwaffles t1_j2306ia wrote

I hate both. Pork and sauerkraut is one tradition I always skip


googdude t1_j23h9tn wrote

I usually eat a few strings of sauerkraut symbolically but I also do not like sauerkraut. I consider myself an adventurous eater so it kind of annoys me that there's a common food that I don't like!


thezanartist t1_j222idi wrote

Just finished making my sauerkraut in time for the weekend!


kristimyers72 t1_j22npea wrote

I picked up a pork roast and sauerkraut a few days ago and I am ready for my New Year's meal! No one else in my house will eat it, but I am determined to have luck.


No_work_today_Satan t1_j233eh4 wrote

My family isn't originally from PA, at least not dutch (dad's from tx moms family is Irish). Pork and sauerkraut was one of those things I never knew about until I was dating someone in my twenties.

Always had eaten scrapple but that's as far as we went to being pa. I'm now married to a woman whose mom came from Mennonite/Amish origins. Her grandmother was my favorite person to talk to because she still spoke with a thick dutch accent. Still upset I'm the one that had to teach my wife how to cook and bake. Thats the best part of their community, the food.


4ortyTw0 t1_j240hav wrote

Can we stop with the title 50 character bs? I see plenty of posts that aren’t 50 characters…


Grashopha t1_j24tz9c wrote

This sub specifically requires the title to be 50 characters. It’s a setting that the mods have on. It’s annoying when I’m just trying to post a photograph lol.


4ortyTw0 t1_j262qic wrote

You can scroll down, there are plenty of other posts without a paragraph in the title.


Grashopha t1_j2645ca wrote

Maybe it has to do with the app or posting from the web? On the official app it says it requires a 50 character minimum and won’t let you post until you meet that limit. But I do see what you’re talking about with other post.


Historical-Recipe892 t1_j2498fx wrote

Look, I made double last year and it didn't do shit...other than give me the shits.


ConstantParade t1_j21s3np wrote

Kipferls out and Krauts on deck 👍🏻🎉


vakrka t1_j2425mi wrote

Hot dogs and kielbasa and saurekraut is my absolute favorite meal. I'll eat pork in there as well. Is it you have to eat it NY eve (after midnight) or as your first meal.of the year.


themollusk t1_j23pmsg wrote

You hit 50 characters before the end of the first sentence.


artificialavocado t1_j29g10y wrote

Is this just a PA thing? Feels like a very PA thing.


five_eight OP t1_j2andjv wrote

Kinda, but also a diffuse German thing, so not just PA.


CodeMonkey789 t1_j22ql67 wrote

I’m a bit lost here, but I’ll pass on eating a dead pig. They are more intelligent than dogs.


SauceOverflow t1_j22t3q5 wrote

and more delicious too.

edit: guess I should've also made it obvious that I'm kidding and being sarcastic


CodeMonkey789 t1_j24d1i1 wrote

Taking your “joke” seriously, vegan sausage/pork is probably the best tasting meat substitutes available. No need to kill animals these days.


newworldman1070 t1_j24t5p1 wrote

Think about the environmental impacts of have to make and transport meat alternatives, versus me walking out my front door and shooting a deer.


SauceOverflow t1_j25cn5v wrote

I do what I can, where I can to change my own habits. Deer however should be mowed down like the common lawn. They are nothing but a destructive pest that happens to taste delicious.


Illustrious_Air_1438 t1_j25k4r9 wrote

Sure, but that's only because the number of hunters is low compared to the general population. Everyone living off of hunted deer wouldn't be sustainable.


SauceOverflow t1_j25c9ex wrote

Can you suggest a good vegan kielbasa? Sausages are far easier to replicate within planting based ingredients, at least in my experience. Vegan breakfast sausage for instance is nearly identical to meat based.


CodeMonkey789 t1_j25ncew wrote

Tofurkey has a kielbasa specific item it looks like - never tried. Yet Beyond Sausage is probably extremely close and I have had and they’re identical to meat


Sovereign2142 t1_j21spv2 wrote

Your title was 143 characters long before your little quip about the character count minimum.


0_0here t1_j22433w wrote

This guy didn’t have his pork and kraut this year


five_eight OP t1_j21tn1f wrote

What's done is done, can't take it back now. No ragrets.


MoreConfused58 t1_j21yfcs wrote

I was grateful for the extra information. I was unaware of posting requirements. Lol.