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AFD_0 t1_j1fzm71 wrote

Not sure why someone got a warning for doxxing here, but they literally tell you the guy's full name and address in the article.


jillianpikora OP t1_j1givdt wrote

There are legal nuances to reporting. The intent is also a factor, doxxing requires malicious intent which this is not. Giving the suspects block is pretty standard in journalism. It is also not a complete address, that combined with intent deems this not to be doxxing, especially since the suspect is currently in prison. Actually, the info reporters have is far more detailed and we leave things out such as the child's name, his current condition, the boy's mom's name etc. Also, in this case, other outlets and the police shared the same info. publicly. Just and FYI, since you pointed it out. :-) I hope you are having a great Friday and thanks for your time reading this and the article.


AFD_0 t1_j1h3myd wrote

Good info, thanks! And wasn't really questioning whether it was right or wrong of the reporter to include such information in their article, but rather that someone here shouldn't be banned (or warned) for repeating the exact same information if found in the linked article.


kshucker t1_j1hlz0a wrote

All you have to do is pull up Google Maps and WhitePages and with the info that's in the article, you can find a lot out.


beeps-n-boops t1_j1qlbwu wrote

If it's already listed in the article, what was their purpose of re-posting it here?

Even if their intent wasn't nefarious it certainly give the impression that it was.


SamShephardsMustache t1_j1fmrpq wrote

I'm typically not a fan of the death penalty...


Low-Public-9948 t1_j1frrrc wrote

Looks like a piece of shit..but by law.. Zack was "unable to provide justification as to what substance the child came in contact with," - guilty until proven innocent?


SamShephardsMustache t1_j1ft0x6 wrote

I didn't say extra judiciously murder him


Medium-Cauliflower61 t1_j1ibzr7 wrote

Some states allow you to OD on fentenayl as a form of execution.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j1iqkun wrote



rivershimmer t1_j1mt8sv wrote

Not OP, but as of 2019, Nevada and Nebraska.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j1mtt8j wrote

Thanks very interesting.

Still not a fan of capital punishment but interesting way.


rivershimmer t1_j1mu4ub wrote

Welcome. I'm against it too, but until it's overturned, it should be done humanely. There's some horror stories about botched executions, so I'm thinking fent might be an improvement.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j1mu8m8 wrote

If your gonna do it, might as well do it humanely.


largeroastbeef t1_j1gjua2 wrote

I remember hearing of a case basically identical to this and honestly felt terrible to the mother. She was prescribed fentanyl patches which work for 3 days before the meds wear off then you throw away. Her child got into the trash and even tho the patches were basically empty it was enough to kill a child.

I understand being a drug user but a lot of high people don’t seem to treat there drugs the same way sober people treat bleach or any of the other dozens of things in a home that could kill an infant


Dr_Worm88 t1_j1iq734 wrote

Do you have a link to that story? I would like to read more.


[deleted] t1_j1fmt5x wrote



Sovereign2142 t1_j1ftz3f wrote

Doxxing on Reddit, regardless of who it is, is a banable offense. You have been warned.


One_Fox_6214 t1_j1je936 wrote

Lethal injection in a few have or may still use fentanyl as one of the injections as well as ketimene and other Anesthesic drugs.