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andrewhy t1_j1h2coz wrote

There was a post about it earlier. Apparently it resulted in a wreck and the turnpike is closed.


Dispatcher12 t1_j1ho6xk wrote

Wrong way drivers happen at night with alarming regularity.. Stay alert if you drive late. (Source :am night shift 911 dispatcher with a big piece of Route 15 in my coverage area)


Finrodsrod t1_j1i8oym wrote

But how on the Turnpike? Aren't opposing sides barriered off (they are on the Philly end anyway). I don't get west too often and forget if that's the case out near Pittsburgh. I guess I can check google maps.


Sadistic_Snow_Monkey t1_j1i8z8l wrote

There are barriers between the opposing directions the whole way (I'm pretty sure), except for the Tuscarora tunnel currently, since the east bound side is under repair.

It's pretty hard to go the opposite way on the turnpike. I don't know how this truck managed to do it without realizing he was going the wrong way.


zerooze t1_j1igmhy wrote

They probably entered the turnpike via the off ramp instead of the on ramp. I almost did that once driving late at night. Luckily I realized my mistake before I got on the highway.


SnooRevelations9889 t1_j1jxedp wrote

Yes, and now that you don't stop to pick up a ticket anymore, there are fewer clues you are going the wrong way.

Sure, you still have to miss a lot of things. But we can expect this to happen more often until they come up with new safety systems to make up for all the people and things they removed from the process.


Cheesy_anal t1_j1hp2xp wrote

From someone that was there.

Tractor trailer went head on into a car and killed two people.


dream_bean_94 t1_j1hqcvq wrote

That is absolutely horrifying. My heart breaks for their families. Today is probably going to be the worst day of their lives.


HugeAppearance13 t1_j1jf5sp wrote

If you were physically there, please reach out to a therapist if you haven't already. Even being a bystander to something like that can be traumatic.


RipTide275 t1_j1hs3yc wrote

That’s a terrible tragedy. It does seem like it would be real difficult to head the wrong way on the turnpike. You would almost have to do it intentionally.


Block_Outside OP t1_j1hsc2z wrote

Based off how fast they were driving it seemed intentional. I’m assuming they got on at exit 286 and there’s no way you’re accidentally getting on the wrong side. It’s so sad and I feel awful for the families


GiGaBYTEme90 t1_j1h78f8 wrote

I tried telling to the guy he was going the wrong way. He just flipped me off and yelled how the hell do I know where he's going


Amazing_Rutabaga4049 t1_j1hb0xc wrote

You are so edgy and cool!


GiGaBYTEme90 t1_j1hgbxi wrote

If you don't get the reference just say so


Amazing_Rutabaga4049 t1_j1i1nsa wrote

How was I supposed to get a shitty reference when people fucking died?


bxmxc_vegas t1_j1is6ha wrote

Everything on the internet is a joke dummy. Chill out.


[deleted] t1_j1i7nal wrote



Amazing_Rutabaga4049 t1_j1ijp2f wrote

I am new just bought a house here and hoping its not close to your classless ass


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euronate t1_j1ilyqz wrote

The article you linked is from December 4th.


PM_ME_WUTEVER t1_j1in0m2 wrote

ope, my bad. was looking at the date to the article above it in google results. i also replied to the wrong comment. i'm a mess.


AnnVealEgg t1_j1hlnnp wrote

Omg how terrifying. I’m glad you’re ok!


LilDutchy t1_j1hsi9e wrote

That’s awful. Happened to me on 476 about ten years ago. I was in an e-150 work van and he was in a mini cooper and wearing a blue shirt. Nothing like seeing headlights coming at you at 2am.


titanofidiocy t1_j1iq1kk wrote

Happened to me twice. Not trying to one up you or anything. First time was a kid in a station wagon driving down the breakdown lane on a divided highway in the middle of the day, looked scared shiftless. Second time at night on another divided highway.

Those lights look funny... Oh shit... Woosh. Blew past at the speed limit + in the lane I had just vacated.


hashtagbob60 t1_j1i4b5v wrote

Had that happen with a car going the wrong way on I-95 during a late night dense fog; never forget it. He just came right past like he was on a two lane road. Horrific


AbigailLilac t1_j1i9bkg wrote

On the turnpike? Nearly the whole thing is divided by concrete barriers! How do you go the wrong way like that for so long without noticing? How do you even wander over to the wrong side?


zerooze t1_j1igush wrote

They get on the wrong side when they enter. They don't cross over once they are on.


ackmon t1_j1hl53g wrote


Incrarulez t1_j1htysg wrote


Its apparently still active.

Active Travel Advisories Highway Detour I-76 between Morgantown and Reading Morgantown WB to Reading- Take State Route 10 South (1 mile) to State Route 23 West (8 miles) to US Route 322 West (8 miles) to Route 222 North (5 miles). Re-enter the Pennsylvania Turnpike at the Reading Interchange (286)..


Equivalent-Rush6703 t1_j1i3qrr wrote

You must have been right buy us. We were there as well at almost the same sight and same time. We pulled over at mile marker 287.5 We had to swerve off the road. I am so glad we weren't in the passing lane.


AFirefighter11 t1_j1ifyqj wrote

Happened to me getting off 202N at 401. The car came up past us while we were getting off the off-ramp. I flashed him, then called 9-1-1. Didn't see any dispatches for accidents over the next hour or so. Figuring he realized his mistake and turned around.


pgh_ski t1_j1iv83w wrote

Man this is so horrible. 3 weeks ago, a dear friend of mine was killed going the wrong way on the Turnpike. They still don't know how it happened. It's sad and scary.


Lawrence0022 t1_j1jh14s wrote

I was on w Chester pike at around 1 am and I saw a black box truck coming towards me (I buy and sell box trucks I’ve never seen a black one before) and it went in between me and another car and I have no idea what happened to it after. I assume no crash happened or I would’ve heard about it since I was about a mile from my house. It was right before the royal farms and Lawrence rd Example: |me|boxtruck|other car|


Gilmoregirlin t1_j1inbrm wrote

A few years ago a friend’s family was visiting the DC area from South Africa. The man who was driving had never been to the US, never driven on this side of the road, and never driven in snow. In SA they drive on the other side of the road. He left Dulles and the road were completely snow covered and it was snowing like nuts. He ended up merging onto an exit. Thank God a VA state trooper was right behind him and pulled him over. He was actually very kind, no ticket and let him on his way. I have a friend from AU and when we travel there she always drives . I think on main highways it’s fine as you can easily follow traffic presuming there is some, but if the road is abandoned and snow covered, or you are on a side road, it’s easy to make the mistake.

that being said someone with a CDL would not be in this situation.


Murky-Echidna-3519 t1_j1izw1j wrote

I’ve always wondered about this if you are sober. If you have any road experience It just has to feel wrong.


tr3vw t1_j1jjic0 wrote

Tractor trailers on then turnpike are the absolute worst. They completely disregard the lanes they are supposed to stay in and do well over the speed limit. The turnpike In a lot of areas is not just a straight road you can barrel down (hence the name). Im great full for truckers, but some of them are absolutely dangerous.


BurntOrange101 t1_j1hufew wrote

Awful…. And you know it could have been prevented or at least caught earlier if we still had real people working the turnpike… but noooo we have to exclusively use EZ Pass/toll by plate now.


106473 t1_j1hwz7n wrote

It's pretty easy to tell when you're driving on the left side of the f****** road


BurntOrange101 t1_j1hyakg wrote

Ok? Where did I say that the driver isn’t at fault?

Oh… I didn’t.

The point is that if we still had paid workers on the turnpike, then if something like this occurred , PSP would be notified a lot more quickly (like when they get on at an exit and there’s a toll right there?!?) vs waiting for the first Good Samaritan with a cellphone who notices a truck flying past the wrong way… which in turn could have potentially prevented the death of those who were hit seeing as the turnpike has an emergency alert system which could have been used to alert drivers to pull off to the shoulder or to wait at a rest stop rather than to continue driving into the path of a tractor trailers coming head on..


CodeMonkey789 t1_j1i4amu wrote

This was on a non toll road reportedly. If anything, technology should be employed to catch things like this. PA is decades behind in infrastructure

Edit: Possibly misread a comment where someone was talking about non-toll roads


Trancefuzion t1_j1i7bic wrote

The entire US is decades behind on infrastructure. This isn't just a PA thing.


CodeMonkey789 t1_j1i8299 wrote

That’s true but this is a PA sub. We also specifically vote for conservative politicians so the state is to blame as well.


106473 t1_j1ic2pf wrote

Philly's been Democrat running for a long time and the infrastructure there is pretty bad too it's not a partisan position


CodeMonkey789 t1_j1ifirv wrote

The bulk of Democrats who win here are conservative. I didn’t specify political party on purpose. It’s a neoliberal politics/right wing America -in general problem. So yes it’s bipartisan because our politicians have no incentive to invest in longterm solutions.

Plus, doesn’t the city need state/federal funding to handle infrastructure?


106473 t1_j1igdvu wrote

I agree with that. As for the County's they are usually supposed to take care of their own infrastructure (see how roads can be paved in some county's regularly and others not). Major projects probably need additional resources, but should be by the town/city first before that.


beeps-n-boops t1_j1iuxtq wrote

> This was on a non toll road reportedly.

It was on the turnpike, which is most definitely NOT a non-toll road.


BurntOrange101 t1_j1iqr5r wrote

The title literally says it was on the turnpike…… so which part of the turnpike is free now?… 🤔


zerooze t1_j1ihabu wrote

You're right. Don't know why you are getting down voted.


BurntOrange101 t1_j1ir97w wrote

I think people believe I’m taking fault away from the driver or something. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Which I’m not…


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BurntOrange101 t1_j1hxbxy wrote

Apply for a job that was eliminated?……. I’m saying if we hadn’t eliminated toll booth workers as a job, this would have been far less likely to happen.. I am not saying that the driver isn’t at fault… and I’m certainly not saying they should have stood outside to attempt to stop it… but if there were toll booth workers, it wouldn’t have been seen as soon as the driver got on, and PSP could have been alerted way sooner.