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Twisted-Panties t1_j6iqmvi wrote

35k. You mean low 20k. Its bizarre to list a salary before taxes are taken out (gross). All salaries should be repeated/discussed after tax is extracted (net). Europeans got that one right.


NewAlexandria t1_j6j2r8y wrote

not really. There's many different tax scenarios for people.

Not even clear what you mean by 'after tax'.... there so many ways you get taxed or 'rebated' on taxes.


HeyZuesHChrist t1_j6muass wrote

Maybe this is part of the problem in America. You need six degrees in finance to understand our tax code. The IRS tells you to figure it the fuck our yourself every year and if you get it wrong they come after you.


NewAlexandria t1_j6nf6ch wrote

I'll be getting the downvotes from there — but most of the bell curve really doesn't need any special education beyond what could be taught in high school. Let alone that parents should already be doing this and thus teach it to their kids; and not even need time in school on it. Most peoples' tax scenario will follow their parents'

Which, i say all that bluntly because most people are able to, but over-mystify it and choose never to figure it out.


drxdrg08 t1_j6ow7tl wrote

> You need six degrees in finance to understand our tax code.

Not really. You need maybe 3 hours of uninterrupted time to learn 99% of what an individual tax filer will ever need to know to properly file taxes and understand how they work.

But you have know nothing kids spending all their free time on Reddit reading what other know nothing kids write. That why nobody knows shit about anything.


Twisted-Panties t1_j6jfqbj wrote

How obtuse. Net salary. Go google it kiddo.


NewAlexandria t1_j6k55i1 wrote

someone has taught you something wrong. Just FYI

but since reddit should be educational, instead of what i'm hearing. Here's google:

> The amount remaining after all withholdings are accounted for is net pay or take-home pay

You tell the IRS what are "all withholdings". You write a number in a box and that's how withholdings happen. Withholding affect your 'net'.

Now maybe you never did this. If you haven't, you should find out who has been telling the IRS what are your withholdings. You coudl be getting ripped


Steelplate7 t1_j6mkr9p wrote

There are other taxes besides Federal Income Tax. You also pay towards SS/Medicare, state and local taxes and in the case of a State Employee, retirement and Union Dues(if you choose to join).

You are only mentioning the one tax where you do have some actual control over(married/single and whether to count yourself as a dependent).


NewAlexandria t1_j6ngmmt wrote

You also have control over state exemptions, quarterfiling, etc


DavidLieberMintz t1_j6knq8i wrote

Please tell us how a company is supposed to advertise a job with a net salary before they even know the applicant's name, let alone tax situation? Do you work in time travel?


Steelplate7 t1_j6mkub0 wrote

They could estimate based on a single/no dependent W-4.


DavidLieberMintz t1_j6mvup6 wrote

And then what, update the job posting for every snowflake applicant who can't do math? You should know your own tax bracket and can estimate your net take home. It's not that hard. Don't be oBtUs3.


Steelplate7 t1_j6p0bzw wrote

Jesus…you are one angry asshole, aren’t you? All I am saying is that they could have ONE net pay estimate based on a single/no dependent W-4.

That would give them a much more accurate idea of their actual wage than just doing gross pay. Judging from the word “snowflake”, I can tell with 98.9% accuracy that you’re a hard core right winger who can’t critically think his/her way out of a paper bag.


DavidLieberMintz t1_j6p9iab wrote

Or, you could do the mental math that takes all of 15 seconds and not blame your employer for everything. Have even a little bit of self respect and learn to solve your own problems like goddamn.


jshaf007 t1_j6ir5zx wrote

it’s ok, the state will make up for it with welfare money /s


SamHandwich124 t1_j6j6med wrote

The truth of this is heartbreaking in the private sector and public sector. Hey let’s give a tax subsidy for this warehouse to creat jobs! Wait….those jobs don’t pay a living wage. Okay we’ll just provide welfare. So now we have a corporation paying no taxes and all of their employees draining the coffers at the same time. That’s totally gonna boost the economy and definitely won’t raise taxes on the average citizen!


SirShrimp t1_j6jha1z wrote

There's a reason Walmart is one of the biggest lobbyists for welfare, specifically food and housing.


SamHandwich124 t1_j6joaho wrote

Yeah it’s ridiculous. I’m all for welfare for people who need it, but we can’t have an economy that’s creating people that need it for the benefit of corporations. It’s suicide.


Acceptable_Land3333 t1_j6jz4r1 wrote

Very well said... it's like Wal-Mart is the master of all Jedi mind tricks of the circle of life of the household needs scam but, sadly our government is a part this elaborate scheme a thing. You pay your employees non-living wages, you suggest, applying for government assistance and just where do you think all those new government assistance food stamps will be spent?


jshaf007 t1_j6jaa7u wrote

I have mentioned this to people before and it breaks their mind.

Next thing people are pushing for is housing programs to help people buy houses because they can’t afford them, but then that makes more unfounded demand for the houses and drives up the price until regular people cannot afford a house without the subsidy.

(not saying that that is nessesarily the case right now in a lot of places, but most responsible people who are proactive and make long term plans but houses at some point)


SamHandwich124 t1_j6jm836 wrote

Thats the same thing with rent control. What happens when half of a landlord’s building is half occupied by geriatrics paying 300 a month? The other half of the apartments goes up exponentially. Welcome to NYC the most affordable place on the planet.


KindKill267 t1_j6j1zh1 wrote

I think people should see how much really comes out of their paychecks. Otherwise they have no idea of how much they really pay into the system.


felldestroyed t1_j6j3abk wrote

Uh, do you not receive a payroll stub?


KindKill267 t1_j6j5sjl wrote

Yeah but you're just focusing on after tax amount in my mind you're just writing off the other portion. It's out of sight out of mind. Even now most people don't have a concept other then when they randomly look at their pay stub.

You want the tax burden to lift from the workers to the corporations who lobby for the rules to avoid paying taxes, make the people see the full amount. Pay people their entire paycheck, no tax withholdings. Then make the stroke a check or transfer funds every month. The pressure for tax reform in this country might actually happen.

Then have people factor in what they spent that was taxed like sales tax, gas tax, etc. Add that in for their school and county tax and most people wouldn't imagine they're being taxed at such a high rate.


jshaf007 t1_j6j3vl0 wrote

I get a payroll sheet of paper that itemizes it. It can be maddening how much is taken out. Basically a new honda civic each year. And we don’t even get a public healthcare option!


Finrodsrod t1_j6kylvk wrote

Also remember rich dudes like the former president pay around 0 to 700 bucks!


jshaf007 t1_j6l3s1x wrote

that’s the problem, i am easy pickins for the irs


cabinetsnotnow t1_j6kijzt wrote

I hate having to guess how much I'll actually be making after taxes. I think one reason employers don't list net salary is because net looks way too sad and even less people would apply for those jobs.